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    Steam Name: Koa
    Discord Name: koa#2496 Character name for loan: Wesley Perdue Pre Existing customer: No Mother’s Maiden Name: DiMaggio  Title: Mr Gender: Male Civil Status: Single   Nationality: Polynesian  Date of Birth: 9/20/1997 Place of Birth: Maui, Hawaii   Present Home Address: N/A Zip Code: Los Santos Phone Number: 9993186 (I think) Joined OBTEKRP: September 7th, 2021  Type of Employment:  Gardening Services by Perdue Inc Employment Status: Permanent Length of Service: 9/18/2021 Position: CEO Employer Name: Perdue Gardening Services Potential Collateral Assets: Lamborghini Sian, Mercedes E63, Hummer H1  Amount Requested:  3.5M to Kickstart the business
    I would like a loan of $2,500,000. This will kickstart my Gardening business by covering the expenses of promotion, equipment, and product. Perdue Gardening INC. is a gardening service that delivers plants to your location per request. We have many different types of plants, and many people say that they would appreciate our services. This loan will be paid back in under a week with interest.
    Steam Name: Kyle_Is_Cool
    Discord Name: cheeky_monkey#9769 Character name for loan: Peter Pure Pre Existing customer: No Mother’s Maiden Name:  sam Title: Mr Gender: Male Civil Status: Single   Nationality: White Date of Birth: 14/07/1989 Place of Birth:  North Carolina  Present Home Address: N/A Zip Code: Los Santos Phone Number: 288 9618 Joined OBTEKRP: 1/20/2021  Type of Employment:  Bus Driver Employment Status: Permanent Length of Service: 8/07/2021 Position:  Driver Employer Name:  LOS SANTOS PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION  Potential Collateral Assets: Supra MK5 Jeep Wangaler Moto Home  Amount Requested:  3.5M to get a house
    Absolutely. I think it would be beneficial but it also may be more work then it is worth to put there and then take right back out. Another option could be to hire some mechanics for the event to keep an eye on that specially. 
    Depends, it's not enforced at all from what I've seen, probably because staff are too busy focusing on the casino itself. Might just be easier because people don't listen.  
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