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    //DENIED   Your application has been denied due to not enough effort on the application, age requirement, and invalid sponsorship.
    Discord - Taavi#4238 Steam IGN - Taavi. Age - 14 Years Old (15 in coming months) Role-Play Name - Kye Lack-Jack Parole Location - City, but can do anywhere Mobile Number - 794-1569 Reasons Why - I have watched Jimmy be cop and its inspired me to become one as well it looks quite fun, I think it would be a great job as it look fun by arresting criminals and sending them away and just chasing people down the street and bank robbery shootouts. Any Additional Skills - I have a decent shot, I am great driver Ever Used Team-speak - No, I have never used Team-speak but would like to try it one day Have you ever used OBS or other screen recording software - Yes, I have used OBS to stream and record my game-play to Twitch and YouTube If i become a cop i will stream again  How do you react to stress - I would get shaky and stressed myself but i focus on the job and do the work to get it done. When are your availability like - After school, weekends, holidays. Basically any day im always on the server What is Meta-gaming? - Is when someone uses someones real-life knowledge and say im streaming on twitch and someone is watching and also playing the game metagaming is when they use my streams knowledge to use that in game and cheat knowing everything. What is Random Death Match (RDM) -  when someone randomly kills a player for no reason whatsoever and if you do it your most likely to get banned. What is NLR ( New Life Rule ) - NLR is when someone kills you and you get revived you can't remember a single thing that happened In character but out of character you can but cannot use ooc knowledge  Do you understand that you will be forfeiting your right to role-play as a criminal (on all 4 characters))? - I do Understand i will be losing my right to be a criminal on all 4 characters,  Number of Hours spent on the server: (Base requirement 15+ Hours, have your best guess) - 115 hours spent on the server  Your Sponsor(Police)(Optional): {FCON-T201} Jimmy Lack-Jack      
    I also agree on this topic.
    Yeah i agree, i would like to see this happen as it does feel as if when im on Jimmy i have a large advantage over criminals. ( Which i aint complaining about 😉 ) 
    Discord Username: #6697 DON JANO - Steam Username/IGN: JROUN2 - Age: 21 - Roleplay Character Name Don Jano - Interested Patrol Location ANYWHERE - Reasons why we should pick you: I have been a police officer in a different city and my family background is all Police. I follow the law and enforce the law to keep a fun well being society. You can count on me to assist, have your back and be there. i work great in teams and can handle myself  alone. id love to be part of the police family. - Any additional talents/skills: My driving skills, and shooting skills are 100% -Have you used Teamspeak before: Yes with my last police force  -Have you ever used OBS or other screen recording software: No - How do you react to stress : I React very good with stress, i can control my feelings and emotions before reacting in a terrible way. i take a deep breathe and analyze the situation before i make any decision. - What are your availabilities like Anytime between 6:30pm- 3am (American time) - What is Metagaming? Metagaming is a term used in role-playing games, which describes a player's use of real-life knowledge concerning the state of the game to determine their character's actions, when said character has no relevant knowledge or awareness under the circumstances.
    - What is Random Death Match (RDM) when a person randomly kills another person for no reason. - What is NLR (New Life Rule) New Life Rules mean you cant go back to the same spot you died or take revenge from the person who killed you - Do you understand that you will be forfeiting your right to roleplay as a criminal (on all 4 characters))?  YES SIR - Number of Hours spent on the server: (Base requirement 15+ Hours, have your best guess) 24 Hours
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