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    This has been discussed a few times. Only issues we find is the majority of the scripts for these are not really good and we also dont want IRL name brands such as mcdonalds or KFC as that could bring a lawsuit. if you find some good ones feel free to post them and we can check them out
    Discord Name & ID: Riz#0793 - Short description of your suggestion: It came to my mind that you guys should add fast food places and give the roleplayers a chance to get a job in them for some extra money. Players should also be able to own a fast food restaurant or apply to become a fast food delivery driver for that type of restuarant and to do this you guys should add uber eats but call it something else like obtk eats. Should also add burgers and fries , ice cream etc to the menu aswell as canned drinks or bottled drinks. - Suggestion Photo(s)/Video(s): https://www.gta5-mods.com/misc/in-n-out-restaurant  https://www.gta5-mods.com/misc/mcdonalds-and-a-w https://www.gta5-mods.com/paintjobs/fast-food-delivery-on-van-from-paraguay-jose-rodriguez https://www.gta5-mods.com/paintjobs/fast-food-delivery-scooter-paraguay - Examples of already implemented code: (URL to FiveM Forum Releases/GTA 5 mods etc) :    
    - Discord Name & ID: ^Gray^#1612 - Short description of your suggestion: Add a knock out script.  - A detailed description of your suggestion - By adding a knock out script, it will encourage more fist / melee fights between cops and and gangs. This will ultimately stop the mass amount shootings in city, and add more punch ons. 
    ======Suggestions Structure====== - Discord Name & ID: ^Gray^#1612 - Short description of your suggestion: I'm here to suggest adding stunt jumps into city. With this addition it will add a variety of escape plans to use to escape cops. Iv'e seen in the other suggestions the problem with Rule 54 and how cops are using overpowered cars, and crims are forced to do shootouts.  - Suggestion Photo(s)/Video(s): GO TO TIME STAMP 1:35 for a jump I do often   - Examples of already implemented code: (URL to FiveM Forum Releases/GTA 5 mods etc) - A detailed description of your suggestion - With this rule, crims can use any car to do a stunt jump to escape police. With this, they can only do a stunt jump with the intent of landing it and escaping. They cannot just send it up and ramp to fly threw the air and crash and dismount.  ==============================
    Hello, Rizzy here. I'm writing to you on behalf of the obtk community to review Rule 54. Rule 54 is the reason why most people have left city, and to be honest, the city pop has plummeted ever since videos about obtk were posted on tikok and youtube; people simply do not care; they want things to be as exciting as they were before. Also, please meet with the administrators and solicit ideas from them, as they may have good ideas that could potentially increase the population of the city. I'd also like to address some of the admins who are sexually exposing themselves to members of the obtk discord who are unaware they are minors.  1. Please review rule 54 2. Think really hard before hiring new admins. 3. Take suggestions from the community and any admin who may have suggestions to add to. We love the city cruel and we want things changing please I want to RP more and not just sit at main doing absolutely nothing.
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