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    Discord Username: king_musti#4956 Steam Username/IGN: King Musti Age: 13 Roleplay Character Name: Frank Daveys Interested Patrol Location: City   Reasons why we should pick you: I am very excited to submit my application for the Police Officer position. I believe that I have the requisite skills and abilities to perform the duties you’ve stipulated exceptionally well. I would like to join the Police Team; I will be a good fit to the team because I will help people and make sure everyone is ok in Losantos and make sure there is no banks getting rob and no one getting rob. Any additional talents/skills: I am good at combat and shooting and driving. Have you used TeamSpeak before: Yes. Have you ever used OBS or other screen recording software: I use it one time and that the first time I stream Can use it if needed. How do you react to stress: I stay calm and focus on what I need to do, I will get a bit shaky but that goes away pretty fast. Stress usually doesn’t just get better on its own. I may have to actively work on getting control if the stress. I always put myself in a better position to manage the stress and if my current efforts at stress management aren’t working, I always try something new. What are your availabilities like: after 4:00PM What is Metagaming? Using knowledge, you got from an OOC / Stream the using it in RP. What is Random Death Match: Is random death match and this is when you kill someone for no reason with no initial roleplay to display. What is NLR: New life rule is when if you get knocked unconscious and bleed out you don't remember how you died unless someone who was there tells you. Or if you get knocked unconscious and helped up by an EMS or officer you remember what happened. Number of Hours spent on the server: Over 150 Your Sponsor (Police) SCON Denzel Rain - L217, Charlie King.  
    Got the same bug, any known fixes?  
    Hello Fellow Gamers, I would like to take the time to discuss an event that happened which triggered the review/change of the NRL. Throughout this post I will bring up a few thoughts on it from both sides (cop and crim) and how I honestly believe we should move forward with this so we don't have people idle waiting while there buddies are still enjoying RP. First off the Rule as stated currently (1:30pm) on the Website:   The New Life Rule means that Once you die you cannot remember events around your death or take revenge on your killer. You must actively avoid the roleplay scenario that caused your death If you have been revived by EMS you will be able to remember what happened leading up to your death but cannot remember anything after. (Voices/Actions when knocked out) If you have bodycam footage this is forgotten upon respawn   Now I personally have no problem with 2/3 and honestly did not have a problem with 1 until a scenario went down that in any sane persons mind would call very unreasonable. Lets dig deeper, You must actively avoid the roleplay scenario that caused your death - To me this is fine but i feel we have to elaborate on this so its common sense to all which i will attempt to do with some dot points: If you are killed without any witnesses/informants your memory of what happened when revived in Hospital is gone. This includes Who did the killing, What and Where it was and what it was over. If you are killed and there are people around who have witnessed the killing/event once re-spawn at hospital you still have no memory of WHAT WHERE WHEN WHO but if someone reaches out and explains the situation who saw it first hand you then have an understanding of what went down but it isn't your knowledge so treat it like He say (people lie ) - This can be used in RP to continue a story line of why you where murdered (this isn't an RDM server so being killed shouldn't stop a story). End of the day if someone is stupid enough to kill someone in front of a bunch of people then they are asking for the story line to continue.   Now i will go into scenarios both cops and crims -  Crim: Wanting to end the story line with a killing - You abduct the person you are seeking to kill, take there phone so they can not call anyone/text (emphasis this to the victim so they understand this), take them out to a private place where no one is watching and conduct your good bye speech and shoot them into the river. Note if you are worried about them being picked up by ems and remembering you did it you can always attempt to shoot them in the head so they know they got shot but the rest is fuzzy (this all will depend on the caliber of RPer you are dealing with). Otherwise try think of ways to deter/stop ems if you actually are that worried. Wanting to continue beef with a killing - Drive up to victim even if he is with his friends, Pull your gun, give him his speech then shoot him dead and run away like a little girl.   Cop: As cops don't actively go out of there way to kill someone they are not super fussed with NRL concerning the crims there trying to take down. So lets go into something similar of what happened the other day: A cop has been killed on an active bank robbery. There are no ems (its to dangerous for them to come on scene) available to pick up the downed cop and the other police have there hands full trying not to die themselves. The full death counter is up and that cop is auto re spawned into hospital. Lets go over what that cop is thinking (in a sane world): Oh god what has happened i have seemed to woken up in hospital. I will contact dispatch to see if someone can give me a pick up. I have just respawned so i have no idea WHAT MY INJURIES WHERE cause i can not remember what happened. Dispatch is screaming for assistance at an active scene. A sane cop will reply he is 10-76 to help the boys in blue. The Cop that just respawned and now is on scene has NO idea what is happening and who is involved but assist as he can and is updated on the situation by the officers on duty who have not gone down. So to be blunt after hearing what complaints and how it was dealt with the other night, for the first time in a while actually made me frustrated and this is why. How can you expect someone who has high RP in the server to honestly tell dispatch "Sorry guys what your saying is making no sense I'm going to go back on patrol" If the direction of our RP is going to be this limited then content creators will suffer.
    To the Crims that felt hard done by with a police officer re-joining a scene after a full 15 min death timer need to relook at there own RP.   We need to make sure the rules/direction of the server are more for the people actually wanting to RP and not the 2% that are the default Andies - Sorry admins there for you to control.   Also I have uploaded the text of what your NRL is in game - they are not the same so what ever the outcome you need to streamline both rules.   Again this is just my opinion on the matter - I think with a more complex understanding of NRL and how/what GTA RP is all about I hope people will get a better understanding and we do not have the bollox situation that happened the other day.     Thanks, A Kind Gamer  
    Ok, so i have a ROG Strix GL703 Gaming Laptop. PGDN is #3 on my num pad. it will NOT open my trunks no matter what i do. Num lock on or off, FN key pressed at the same time...nothing...any ideas on how this can be worked around? 
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