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    - Discord Name & ID: Dorpz#6969 - Short description of your suggestion: Restore the clothing items for male torso with the ID 99 and 100 - Suggestion Photo(s)/Video(s):  - Examples of already implemented code: (URL to FiveM Forum Releases/GTA 5 mods etc)    - A detailed description of your suggestion. So, put simply what I'm talking about is a specific suit in the basegame which has been replaced, it has been replaced with sheriff clothes which totally makes sense, but would it be possible to change the ID of the original suits to something else, maybe replace some useless junk like Christmas clothes. The ID 99 and 100 torso clothes pair with the shirt ID 69 perfectly as they're part of the original pack in GTA Online. There's also pants but I can't find the ID   Its just a really cool look and it is sad to see it gone when other slots with junk could have been used.
    Hello,  We already have a fair bit of custom hair, beards, shoes and some clothing items for females, We do intend on adding more in the future.
    I think  it would be good to have designer clothing in the city custom shoes and custom clothing like supreme,gucci ect also custom hair styles and stuff it would be nice to have those
    25 year veteran text rper, newb to voice rp. So happy to find a server that doesn't crap itself and scream 'ASK IC' when I just want to know some of the basic commands and controls. It takes me a couple characters and time to really get immersed in the game which won't be so bumpy; since you guys don't need to whitelist every single character like the Ark servers I started on. I have anxiety issues that complicate big group rp but I'm hoping to find a way to contribute to the game.   Podunk/Dick Doe
    It's Dorpz not Dropz 🤭 I get that all the time haha But thank you for the warm welcome and for all you do
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