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  3. CruelAlpha

    E46 import?

    //Closed Already following up via pm's
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  6. Mick3yMaddog

    SOUND !!

  7. Squigga

    E46 import?

    Hey, was just wondering if we could get a e46 imported into the city at some stage? https://www.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/bmw-m3-e46-2005 and potential to get a limited edition version in the city? https://www.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/bmw-m3-gtr-e46-nfs-mw-by-dtd-mrfive Lemme know what you think
  8. BlueVantra

    SOUND !!

    Hello What's your discord? I'll help you from there.
  9. Mick3yMaddog

    SOUND !!

    can I get some help please? my headset works perfect on my computer but in game I cant get sound effects but I can hear when people talk to me... could some people reply with how there in game sound setting are please
  10. CruelAlpha

    Question about business's

    Hello, Your first step would be to submit an in-depth proposal of your planned business, As a dealership is a fair amount of work to create & maintain for the development team there is a flat requirement of having a Boss Package. However, having a VIP package does not guarantee your selection to run a dealership.
  11. Earlier
  12. I know people in main were saying that their guns got taken off them and random stuff was attached to their back. Didn't hear anyone say anything about losing dirty money, but seems possible.
  13. when a hacker joined the server and I was killing the spawned in fbi an at least 120k money (around that much) was removed from my inventory I noticed it after I was revived, and couple of people lost some of guns and belongings n money. (I wasn't recording at the time so I couldn't get the evidence im sorry)
  14. I had 1700 packed chickens in my hired truck and im going to start doing that for now on thank you for the information
  15. Connor Cormac

    Gang related suggestion

    Discord Name : Zehaava#6006 Short Description of your suggestion: Gang owned drug fields. Suggestion Photos/Videos: None Examples of Already implemented code: None A detailed description of your suggestion: I suggest that the registered gangs should be able to monitor and tax a specific drag place. There should be a gang-hideout for each drug such as - Meth Processing, Weed Processing - and a member of a gang is able to go upto a part of the hideout and capture it. They then own that certain hideout, only 1 gang can own 1 hideout at a time. This process sends an alert to the previous gang that owned the hideout and displays it to the police. Then citizens will have to purchase permission to process their drugs at the hideouts so the gang is able to take a cut. Not only does it create more motive for gangs to have rivalry but it also reinforces the risk of drugs and the price it costs to process them. The collection fee of dirty cash will be stored in a safe that can be robbed with medium cops, and can only be collected by the gang that currently owns the hideout. In order to capture a hideout you must stay within a certain range of the capture zone for 10 mins until you capture it.
  16. Was wondering about some of the business's that are in the city, such as the gas stations, shops, dealerships, starting your own, etc. : How would someone get into having there own dealership?, who would I have to talk to to get the process started?. Reason why: A buddy and I recently had a good situation where we setup a location and price to sell my buddy's car, it went great , and after that we got thinking how it might be fun to sell cars to others more often and to run the dealership, and not a dealership that sells just high end/ supers, we would want to sell more of everything someone could be looking for. We don't know if all the dealer ships are being used at this time or if one is available? when we go to some of them even out of the city no one is there. Next question, : If the dealership idea didn't work out who/ what would we need to talk/fill out, to start our own bushiness as we do have a few ideas in mind. Any Information would be helpful and we cant wait to hear what we have to do to get the wheels moving . -Thanks for reading and helping -RiverRat
  17. TheSenator

    McLaren 675LT Performance

    - Discord Name & ID: TheCraft#5487 - Short description of your suggestion: Recommended review of McLaren 675LT performance to be more inline with reality and/or other cars in the city. - A detailed description of your suggestion I have run some time trials on the McLaren 675 and and have compared it to real-world statistics. At the moment the car is abysmal (especially considering the price tag). Please see comparison between real world and the 675LT. 0-100 Real Life (RL): 2.9s City: 5.89s (average over 3 trials) 0-200 RL: 7.9ss City: 31.2s (average over 3 trials) 0-300 RL (max speed 330): 23.5s City: 1min 10.33 (average over three trials) Top speed RL: 330/km/h City: 289-305 (downhill??) unable to reach max speed Gears RL: 7 speed City: 6 speed????? Braking: RL: 4.9 sec 202-0km City: 6.62sec (over 3 tests) Handling: Handling seems to be okay? It's very hard to tell when the car doesn't drive very well. Measures: https://www.motor1.com/news/136771/mclaren-720s-braking-capability/ http://accelerationtimes.com/models/mclaren-675lt Additional recommendations: The current skin is extremely poor and has 0 upgradability/customisability. You cannot put any upgrades on it at all and cosmetically it is super limited (can't even change the wheels). If possible, I think it would be amazing if we could update the 675LT to a newer/alternative pack such as this one. https://www.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/2016-mclaren-675lt-spider-automatic-convertible
  18. BlueVantra

    More hairstyles

    Hello Thank you for your suggestion I'll try these on my Dev server when I have the free time and get back to you.
  19. BlueVantra


    Hello Managing ranks between employees would most likely have to be an airline boss. If you wish to discuss this further contact me on discord.
  20. The first query I can help you with. What was the exact amount of chicken you had inside the truck? The second query is not something that we can assist you with. Each time you do your job you need to make sure your truck is locked, or else any random person can steal the content of your vehicle. Though it's frowned upon this is not against the city rules. What you also should do is get your OWN truck, without using the job truck so that in case your vehicle is lost you still can grab it out of the impound and get your items back. If you do decide to do this make sure it's a vehicle that makes sense to use at the job and not any type of offroader/car/bike that wouldn't make sense (eg: doing mining with a brawler)
  21. my discord is F L E R#5302 and my in game name is milo 1. so basically last night I was working at the chicken factory and my mate was outside putting his chickens in his truck he said to me '' your truck is gone'' so I went out side and my truck and my 1700 packed chickens and other stuff were gone, and the mod (karate ranch) keeps saying to get the work vehicles an look what happened smh. 2. so after I handle some stuff in Los Santos I went up to do my chicken job and cops came up to see what happened because there was a shooting so I continued my chicken work and then I went out side to put chickens in my truck and my 900 packed chickens weren't there its kind of annoying how u spend so much time into this and u get scuffed like I'm honestly about to quit the server because of this.
  22. xMrTracksuitx


    Hey I don't know if its in the works yet but what yall think about promotions in regular jobs? ex. im a pilot at and my rank says recruit now what if I stayed at my job for however long and did the work to get promoted eventually to a better rank and possibly be able to fly bigger planes maybe even passenger plane from one airport to another back and forth as a mission and make a bit more money when promoted?
  23. CruelAlpha


    Hello There Welcome to OblivionTek, Hope you enjoy your stay here!
  24. GeekSebyxxl


    Hi everyone! My name is Sebastjan, I am from Europe, Slovenia, 24years old. This community showed me that there are servers with friendly and non toxic members. So far in last 2 days I have seen more help than ever before on all of the visited servers! If you see me in-game, let me know and we can grab a cup of coffe 😄 Untill next time I pick you up, have fun and enjoy your holidays ! Cheers: Geek Sebyxxl (Geek or Seby for short 😛) Suuuugaar
  25. SRB deadman

    Few Questions and Suggestions

    Your personal vehicle will despawn but there are at times that they wont. Depending if anyone is near the area. To toggle engine on/off just simply type in chat /engine The fuel issue is random. If the fuel is low you can always return the vehicle and spawn another one. If you're doing Alpha, we suggest to do the job with a mule.
  26. CruelAlpha

    Hello All

    Hello Will! Welcome to OblivionTek! Hope you enjoy your stay here!
  27. Tiffany

    More hairstyles

    https://www.gta5-mods.com/player/long-haircut-for-mp-female https://www.gta5-mods.com/player/hair-styles-for-mpfemale-part-1 Hey so these hairstyles would be really cool to have in the city.
  28. Squeave

    Hello All

    Hello everyone my name is Will! I am 22 years old and live in the United States. I work Full Time as a IT Network Administrator and love playing games after hours. I have played Rainbow Six Siege Semi-Pro for Hyper eSports and decided to try GTA RP. In my spare time I like to work on my 2013 Golf R and Go-Kart Race. Make sure you /ooc me if you see me around and say Hi!
  29. First question is in regards to owned vehicles. Do they despawn? I parked my bike in a pretty inconspicuous location (locked) whilst at my job and I returned to find it gone after finishing my shift. Expanding on vehicles, when I go into the menu to try toggle engine on/off it instantly turns back on. Is there a trick to it? As for suggestions they were relating to the truck job. Starting with a full tank of fuel would be ideal as sometimes filling up takes away the point of doing a run. Especially if you start with a low tank (seems to be random) The Phantom should probably bring you more cash, too. Larger truck so it requires more effort and slightly more skill. The film studio drop is also inaccessable with the semi. Cheers!
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