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    Hi Tafft, As you are aware we have moved the location of the main garage and plan to continue to move the locations to keep the city active and moving rather the hanging out in the garage locations. If you have any questions, I am sure you will anyway but please feel free to hit me up in the discord. Karate_Rach
    Hi Matthew, I believe this has been resolved for you. Karate_Rach
    Hi Pureee, I am currently investigating this however please note, bugs of this nature are very hard to replicate and the evidence supplied is usually not enough to see without a doubt exactly what has happened. Karate_Rach
    Hi Krimson, We do have an issue where apartment inventories do not sync and this is currently being investigated by the development team. Unfortunately we are unable to replicate your specific issue and the evidence supplied is not enough to see without a doubt exactly what has happened. If you have any additional information or questions please feel free to message me on discord (Karate_Rach#5228). Karate_Rach
    Hi Krimson, Apologies for the delay in getting back to you, I have raised this issue with the development team for investigation and resolution. Karate_Rach
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