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    Oh and a bit of positive feedback, I actually love the vehicle handling on here, including bikes especially. Everyone that seems to hate it should go ride a 1000cc bike with no experience and go full throttle and see what happens, because I guaruntee you won't be on two wheels.

    Recently the best ways to make money seem to be: Trucking, fishing, and large robberies. Drug sales to locals are pretty much a waste of time and money, and finding people that want to spend a good amount of money on drugs in a video game can be pretty difficult. Myself and many others I have spoken to agree that a farming/processing drug system, with bumped up locals sale prices would be a good addition to the illegal economy. While keeping the laptop hacking system being more profitable than farming, it would still give a way for gangs to control an area, stop so many people loitering at main and give new players more varied, and better ways to make money (Buying drugs of the gangs that control these locations and selling them to locals). 
    Also just about everyone agrees that house robberies have been nerfed a bit too much, I'm 100% in agreement that they needed to be nerfed but atm they are significantly less profitable than trucking, and have a huge risk.
    (Also there's a weed plant growing script that could work really well on here too, it does cost a couple bucks but it's definitely worth it.)
    Fish also sell for literally next to nothing, got $300 for an inventory full. 
    Thanks for reading, I hope you can get something from the things I've seen work really well in my 2k hours in FiveM. 

    Thankyou for your feedback.

    Whilst we understand this isn't exactly "realistic", we made this update to make it harder to do criminal jobs on a motorcycle.
    Some bikes will get reworked to be a little bit better however, before this update the "meta" for any criminal activity was bikes as police cannot actively pit or try to stop them. In a realistic perspective, most robberies happen on cars/vans etc and not motorcycles (very very few)
    In this case, it would either be the "realistic...ish" handling or making a rule of not allowing any criminal activity on motorbikes. We do prefer to keep this handling as it challenges most people on the bikes when using them.
    If you got any suggestions of any specific bikes to take a look at we are happy to add it into our development stream to be looked at.
    I love this server but the motorcycle i purchased feels like crap. i have the bati 801 and i understand that if you floor a bike it will rise up like nothing how ever this isnt a motor cycle simulation game the keyboard and game pad arent a good substitutes for a throttle. when gta v came out on ps3 there was no first person view up untill then no one really could determine the true speed of vehicles in gta(WITH OUT MODS) because gta physics dont support realistic speeds with good handling.(Due to the map design this is how it was in gta IV)  i think a good balance in both increasing torque and hp without losing so much handling is better than the idea of the handling being more realistic. we want a game that plays well at the end of the day. PS i used to spend hours on gta iv installing car mods then editing the handling idk if the values are all the same but yeah lower that god damn driving force and top speed.   Amazing server tho over all would love to dedicate more than just time XD INSTALL MOTORCYCLE MODS TO
    There needs to be a way to break out of Hand Cuffs let alone walk around which is super un-realistic.

    A event happened just now where the cop and 2 others were down with one in cuffs. That cop being a Staff Member as well.

    They were down for well over 10 minutes as one of those downed people was a civilian and decided to take the light as there were no active EMS on duty.

    If this was REALISTIC that person in the cuffs would have been able to leave the scene and find a way or get someone to get the cuffs off him. Instead he was stuck there having to wait for which another cop came to pick up the other cop ( remember this is after 10 minutes of standing there ) just to be taken to PD. 

    That in itself is super un realistic.

    There needs to be something implemented which allows of Soft Cuffing and a way to break out of hand cuffs if you expect the level of Roleplay to develop.
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