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    Hello 🙂
    Hello you all.
    ======Suggestions Structure====== - Discord Name & ID:   1aRevolution#8469 - Short description of your suggestion:  Idea to make the structure > easier to find. - Suggestion Photo(s)/Video(s):  - Examples of already implemented code: (URL to FiveM Forum Releases/GTA 5 mods etc) - A detailed description of your suggestion:  Put the structure for each job Into each section it belongs to & change Discord links to *only* send them to this screen in the forums. https://obliviontek.com/forum/forum/11-applications/ As it seems to be a challenge to get back to this part to post it 😉 lol
    Or a button that takes them directly to where they need to post it maybe? On the structure page. ==============================
    Niko Molotov Fix payouts Hey I just have abit of a suggestion to improve some job payouts. during off peak hours there is not many if any police on to be able to make serious $$$ so doing jobs is necessary but doing the same job over and over can get boring. The butcher pays out roughly 50k for about 1.5 hrs to do but other jobs like the truck driving job payed me out not even a full 4k for about 30 minutes of work same goes with the pilot job. I am just asking to maybe go over the payouts and make them a little bit more worth it and fun to explore new jobs and possibly add more jobs to the list?  thanks 
    Hello Welcome to OblivionTek 🙂
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