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  5. fivem-store

    Intrested to know the best fivem scripts

    We are known to offer premium quality fivem scripts at the best competitive price to improve your server. Fivem-store.com provides the tested scripts, including esx scripts, qbus scripts, vrp scripts, fivem standalone scripts, nopixel scripts, etc. Keep in touch with us if you need more information.
  6. JacksonFX_

    Bank Loan

    Steam Name: smolsuccc Discord name: smolsuccc.ig#8982 Steam Name: Winchester_yaee Discord Name: John Smith #4620 Character name for loan: John Smith Pre - Existing customer: No Title: Mr.Phillips Gender: MALE Civil Status: Single  Nationality: American Date of Birth: 014/02/2003 Place of Birth: Florida, USA  Present Home Address: N/A Zip Code: Los Santos Phone Number: 105-9538 Joined OBTEKRP: December 2020  Type of Employment: Bus Driver Employment Status: Permanent Length of Service:1/8/2020 - PRESENT Position: DRIVER Employer Name: Los Santos Transportation Potential Collateral: An apartment Amount Requested: 6.5 mil ASAP to purchase property. Can pay back pretty fast
  7. John Smith


    Sorry Length of Service: September 2021 - present
  8. John Smith


    Steam Name: Winchester_yaee Discord Name: John Smith #4620 Character name for loan: John Smith Pre - Existing customer: No Mother’s Maiden Name: Namugare Title: Mr. Gender: MALE Civil Status: Single  Nationality: Latvian Date of Birth: 01/01/1992 Place of Birth: Rezekne, Latvia  Present Home Address: N/A Zip Code: Los Santos Phone Number: 488-8147 Joined OBTEKRP: September 2021  Type of Employment: Truck driver Employment Status: Permanent, regular. Applied for Paramedic (waiting for respond) Length of Service: 10/15/2020 - PRESENT Position: DRIVER Employer Name: Alpha Trucker Potential Collateral: Porsche Cayenne, Volvo truck, Scooter. Amount Requested: 1.5M ASAP to purchase property.
  9. Mechanic Applications If you are interested in becoming a mechanic, you will need to use the application format below. Please note: There is a requirement of having AT LEAST 15+ active hours on the server. Age requirement: 13 and up ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Read the following clauses and make sure you understand them, as you will need to summarise them in your own words in your application; Clause A. As a mechanic for the State of Los Santos, you will be responsible for ensuring that those needing our services are promptly serviced, so they are able to continue on with their day. As much, ensuring that every call is taken between active mechanic is in itself of utmost importance. To ensure this process runs smoothly, ALL mechanics are required to use /mech to announce the called they take (e.g: /mech Eileen en-route to call#[insert customer number]. Whichever mechanic is closer, or available to do the call, should promptly announce this in the radio dispatch before announcing it in skybox. Poaching of calls is also not tolerated. Clause B. Regarding vehicle usage, there is a VERY PARTICULAR list of vehicles which are permitted to be driven by mechanics to take calls once you reach the rank of Auto Mechanic II which are all purchasable from dealerships within city - they are as follows; -Ram steel bed (Can be purchased from PDM) -Volkswagen Golf GTI MK7 (Can be purchased from Royal Motors) -Mercedes G63 (Can be purchased from Kiwiana Motors) -Vapid Riata (Can be purchased from PDM) - BMW X7 (Can be purchased from Kiwiana Motors) As an Apprentice, you will be permitted to drive the Yosemite truck which is purchasable from PDM - you can however still choose to drive the fleet vehicle that matches your rank which are spawnable at Bennys Clause C. This is a non-criminal civilian character. NO criminal activity is permitted using the mechanic character whatsoever. Anyone found breaking this, or any above rules will be subject to termination from the team as we see fit. =========================Application Structure========================= - Mechanic RolePlay Name (must have first and last name): - Discord username (please include the identifier, e.g: #5673): - Steam username: - Real Life age: - Why do you think OblivionTek's Los Santos DOT should hire you as a dedicated mechanic? (Answer with a minimum of 70 words): - How would you rate your quality of roleplay and why?: - Have you ever used PlaysTV/OBS or other screen recording/clipping software?: - Name 2 examples of an emote you could use while repairing/hijacking a vehicle: - What is your availability like & what is your time zone?: - Number of hours spent on the server (you can ask an admin for your hours): - Summarise Clause A, B & C (in your own words): - What is NLR? (New-Life Rule) and why is it important to follow this?: - What is RDM & VDM? - Your sponsor (Optional - needs to be a certified mechanic business owner): ================================================================================================= Please note that your application may be rejected if: 1. Structure is not meticulously followed 2. Application is not filled out in detail & no genuine effort is present 3. Past history with kicks/bans etc 4. If you are too immature to deal with a mechanic position 5. Have not been an active member for the past 1-2 weeks 6. Messaging the heads of mechanic about your application. ================================================================================================= Application process The first process of your application is stamped as "UNDER REVIEW" by one of the head mechanics and we will request that you reach out to us via discord for a very short text-based interview. Secondly, if you are successful in your application, we will mark your application as approved and from there you will be added to the mechanic channel in discord where you can organise a ride along with one of the forepersons or head mechanics. If they deem you fit for a mechanic role, you will be hired afterwards and further on the job training will be conducted.
  10. Pablo Escobar

    Gxippy's Business loan.

    Steam Name: Gxippy Discord Name: Gxippy#0763 Character name for loan: Andrew Jones Pre Existing customer: No Mother’s Maiden Name: Moon Title: Mr. Gender: Male Civil Status: Single  Nationality: Caucasian/white  Date of Birth: 9/20/1997 Place of Birth: Los Angeles, California   Present Home Address: LA. Zip Code: Los Santos Phone Number: 5542022 Joined OBTEKRP: December 25 2020  Type of Employment: Fishermen/Bus driver Employment Status: N/A Length of Service: Since I flew into the city! Position: Owner/Founder Employer Name: Fishing Potential Collateral Assets: Rolls Royce Cullinan, Corvette C8, Lamborghini Gallardo, 2018 Camaro ZL1  Amount Requested: 3.5 Million to get shop started and running
  11. nemes1sz

    Baank Loan

    Posted September 9 Steam Name: Nemes1sz Discord Name: Ben Bugsy#0151 Character name for loan: Ben Bugsy Pre Existing customer: NO Mother’s Maiden Name: Scarlett miller Title: Mr. Gender: MALE Civil Status: Single Nationality: WHITE Date of Birth:(12/9/1986) Place of Birth: USA Present Home Address: N/A Zip Code: Los Santos Phone Number: 1237712 Joined OBTEKRP:01-01-2020 Type of Employment: Fishermen Employment Status: employed Length of Service: almost 2 years Position: Fishermen Employer Name: Catching the Big one Potential Collateral Assets: Rolls royce Lambo URUS Tesla Subi STI hummer Amount Requested: 12 mil many thanks 🙂
  12. zam2065

    Hi :D

    Hello welcome to OBTK, Take some time to read through and familiarize yourself with the rules here as well as the useful info in the discord.
  13. zam2065


    Welcome to OBTK, I hope you find the city enjoyable.
  14. zam2065


    Welcome to OBTK. I hope you find the city as enjoyable as many others have.
  15. UncleKoViin


    Howdy im UncleKoViin, i'm a artist and occasional streamer when i get enough courage to do that. My character is named Zakaria Schnee, or just Uncle Schnee for those who know this young man. Im still getting back into the groove of rping since i took a break and now just vibe out and hang with whoever comes to visit or just drop-by.
  16. Boney_Ravioli


    Hi, I'm looking forward to joining this community. I'm new to GTA RP and I'm quite interested in trying this out.
  17. Butch_Outback_Tranny

    HI. Everyone. Any helpful advice to get started would be greatly appreciated.

    Great. Thank you
  18. Hey mate welcome! Have a read of our guide here: https://bit.ly/3dp3Xse If you have any questions drop it in general chat!
  19. HI. Everyone. Im looking forward to taking part in the community. Any helpful advice to get started would be greatly appreciated. Peace n Love Butch
  20. Yo wtf is wrong with this community man fuckkng blaming me for alts your acting as if I'm the same person when am not the fuck I'm fucking new to city and my friend showed me the discord like tf this is some shit server get a life than blaming fellow innocent players tf

    1. BlueVantra


      You're Funny

    2. RollyRolly


      Nah I ain't funny bro your the one here who's all joke.


  21. Adam Alexander

    Hi :D

    Hello:) I have been playing GTA roleplay since SAMP (San Andreas Multiplayer) text-only servers. I used to be apart of a community called Majestic Gaming many many years back. They have dissolved many years back but on there i roleplayed as a criminal and also as a police officer, making ti to chief of police at one point on around a 100 person community. I am older than most who play this, i am 26, work full time and this is what i do when i am not managing my Rust community. Look forward to meeting a few of you in game and hopefully i can apply to PD soon. Thanks!
  22. MrNoodles

    Police Apllication

    Wrong section and format. Post here with the proper format https://obliviontek.com/forum/index.php?/forum/21-police-applications/
  23. LTU

    Police Apllication

    Greeting my name is Eimantas i came to this server looking for and action and when i complete one server i go to the next and today i wanted to try to become an officer and bring law and order to the city! I have seen what this City is all about and seen potential in myself so decided to lean towards the force just like i have in the past and hopefully this job will provide me with everything i consider fun if i do get accepted i will give it my all and my best I have good communication and teamwork skills and driving skills, I look foward to joining and working with the police force!
  24. helen1964


    hi ive been playing five m for a while this is the first server I've found where the people are good and nice, I hope I can get to know more of you guys.
  25. Smokin


  26. hi lol i'm new here

    a few irl things about me: 

     - my pronouns are they/he

    - my name is Nyx

    - i'm 17

    - i'm from MI ?

  27. Hiya Back on 24th of January My self and few others wrongful banded we were told when higher-ups came on they would lift the ban on us. We were told there was a Hacker/Modder in-game without our consent he or she put blacklisted guns into our inventory. The bans would be lifted mine still on lifted I did do Ban appeal I don't mean to bother you I just don't know who to turn to with something like this happens

  28. Joe Caputo

    MrNoodles - Introduction

    Good to have you here! Hope you enjoy the city my friend!
  29. The Really Sad Asian

    MrNoodles - Introduction

    Nice to know that there is another relatively new player on Obliviontek! I hope to see you on the bus routes and other events!
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