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  5. Sen Rex

    Bank Loan

    Steam Name: Rexkn Discord Name: Rexkn#0001 Character name for loan: Phil P Swift Pre Existing customer: No Mother’s Maiden Name: Sandra Title: Mr. Gender: Male Civil Status: Separated Nationality: American Date of Birth: 3/3/1961 Place of Birth: America Present Home Address: 583 Occupation Street Zip Code: 583 Phone Number: 440-2611 Joined OBTEKRP: August 2020 Type of Employment: LNF Employment Status: Permanent/Regular Length of Service: 15/8/2022 - Current Position: First Class Employer Name: Oscar Goodguy Potential Collateral Assets: x1 2017 Raptor, x1 McLaren 650s LibertyWalk, x1 Mercedes GLS, x1 Chevy Colorado ZR1, and x7 Houses Amount Requested: 25 Dollars to Purchase x1 Beef Pie
  6. Sskavi

    Bank Loan Application

    Nvm I got the money dont do the loan pls
  7. Steam name: Bread  Discord name: Sskavi#3983 Character name for loan: Mike Ehrmantraut Pre Existing customer: No  Mother’s Maiden Name: Allyssa Title: Mr Gender: Male Civil Status: Single Nationality: American Date of Birth: 01/27/2004  Place of Birth: Present Home Address: USA Zip Code: Los santos Phone Number: Joined OBTEKRP: I joined obtk a month or so cant remember Type of Employment : truck driver Employment Status: Part time Length of Service: since I joined the city Position: Truck driver  Employer Name: Mike Ehrmantraut  Potential Collateral Assets: I have alot of vehicles soo cant name them all lol Amount requested: 6 million to get upgrades for my BTC vehicle that im gonna buy HONESTLY IDK IF I DID THIS CORRECTLY BUT PLS I NEED THIS BY FRIDAY OR SO.
  8. xXSttoneyyXx

    Blian County Commissioner

    WOULD LOVE TO SEE IT BILLY! Bronco bill for Blaine County COM
  9. zam2065

    Blian County Commissioner

    Happy to have you Billy sounds like you have a great plan and am interested to see you run this course.
  10. Broncobilly

    Blian County Commissioner

    I am Bronco Billy, You will only know Me as that! I have No other names or "cousins" I am Just simply "Me" most of you know me or of me. If you don't you most likely will. I say that with only good intentions. That being said I have seen a serious need for Citizen Government "Internal" or even a functioning one at all! This can be Much more simple than it sounds so here me out.....My Proposal is to start a campaign for both "Mayor" and "Blain County Commissioner" I am throwing my hat in the ring NOW! for Commiss. This will be the Biggest and most definitely the most Important Adventure I have ever taken on! But I "Bronco Billy" am willing to do it with your help. So let me lay it out..... Basically we would have to have an "in City" Election for both Mayor and Commissioner and there should be an election once every (IRL) year even if there is no competition for the position. So the Election is a "No Brainer" but what is our Public office job you may ask? As "Blain County Commissioner" My job is to be a microphone for the people that has more clarity and amplification than the ordinary or New Citizen. I will also be wearing a very Large set of ears , that will have more precise effect on the Federal "State" government.(and will be listened to by fine tuned ears of the state) I won't be making "Laws" that's for the Feds! but I will give you a better voice in that. I will be making and enforcing "rules of ethics" upon My county as The Los Santos Mayor would do as well Usually with the full support of our Law enforcement Emergency Services and State Government! You see..."If you want the wheel to say true...you must have good spokes" we are the spokes and together "We" make the wheel! I Bronco Billy, Promise you that I can do this while running my multiple businesses because "I" have a "Team" that stretches from shore to shore! So what I'm really asking is.....Do "you" want to be on My Team? The City is in a state of change, revamp, and also extreme vulnerability. NOW! is the time to Build "serious" Internal Citizen government structure and I can only do it if you join my team! Which is really" Your Team" I have big ears and an even Bigger Mic.! please feel free to DM me on this subject and comment on this post so "your Voice" will be heard from my Huge! Mic.! Bronco Billy
  11. Jeff Clayton

    Bank Loan

    Steam Name: Dames Discord Name: Dames#1950 Character name for loan: Jeff Clayton Pre Existing customer: NO Mother’s Maiden Name: Kaitlyn Title: Mr. Gender: MALE Civil Status: Single  Nationality: WHITE Date of Birth: 05/25/2000 Place of Birth: New York  Present Home Address: N/A Zip Code: Los Santos Phone Number: 614-4962 Joined OBTEKRP: 12/102020 Job: Bus Driver Potential Collateral Assets: Max Nissan Skyline, Ford GT, Subaru WRX Hatchback, Charger Hellcat, Mazda RX7, Cliffhanger Bike, Mercedes Benz S Class, Volkswagen Golf GTI, Porsche 911, Subaru WRX STI Amount Requested: $2M to buy a gas station
  12. goestorm

    hi xD

    hi xD
  13. snowyPR

    bank loan

    Steam name: Heart  Discord name: Heart?#6666 Character name for loan: Scott heart Morningstar Pre Existing customer: NO  Mother’s Maiden Name: Abi Title: Mr Gender: Male Civil Status: Single Nationality: Hispanic Date of Birth: (1920-08-01)  Place of Birth: LOS Santos Present Home Address: Little bighorn ave Zip Code:169 Phone Number: 898-4800 Joined OBTEKRP: I joined OBLIVIONTEKRP a bout almost a year now Type of Employment : alpha trunk driver Employment Status: active Length of Service: since I joined the city Position: truck driver  Employer Name: Scott heart Morningstar  Potential Collateral Assets: my house at 159 Amount requested: 17m. I'm gonna be honest I need to buy an engine for one of my cars and my job is not helping
  14. fivem-store

    Intrested to know the best fivem scripts

    We are known to offer premium quality fivem scripts at the best competitive price to improve your server. Fivem-store.com provides the tested scripts, including esx scripts, qbus scripts, vrp scripts, fivem standalone scripts, nopixel scripts, etc. Keep in touch with us if you need more information.
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