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    do you have a link to a script that would do this?
    Add laser sights for guns.

    home-made chains/ gang chains

    cant find examples

    ok so for this to work 3-10 scripts would need to be added and new items
    so you should make it instead of "jewels "  make it  "gem bags" that can only be opened by people with a high enough skill
    and on from that add a skill with your stamina and mind and so forth add craftsmen 

    so when you have a craftsmen's skill make you able to open gem bags and take either gold bars or silver bars mixed with ruby,diamonds,saphire and so forth to make a chain of you choosing 
    finally to add to all of this you would need to add a table or some item/place where you can combine the gems and metals to make the chains

    and of course add different metals you can get from breaking down different items like jewelry would give diamonds & gold    or     u can rob a new place to get new items that provide these metals and gems

    yes this would be a difficult thing to add but i feel like the city would love it!!
    Most of the time the officers have good RP, but sometimes there is bad cops that do something thats not right. if you have issue with any officers you can report them to a command team member of PD
    the thing with this statement is that the only way you can even make money at this point as crim is to do bank trucks the other day me and another person tried to do a chase and we get 3 tires shot out and then have pd sook and moan about yea thats a killer chase because we get out and shot as its the only option that is why most things end in shoot outs as the only real thing a crim has to win a situation is the element of surprise and then as soon as anything like that happens EG going to a shoot out spot pd strait pull ARS any way so no one can complain about shit rp when the worse RP iv seen is all of pd not valuing hostage life or there own in that fact
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