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    This is a good suggestion,
    Potentially something we can implement with the addition of parts system for cars coming in the future.
    We have decided to open a "suggestions" subcategory for our community to use in suggesting improvements to OblivionTek! If you got a great idea make sure to follow the format below. ======Suggestions Structure====== - Discord Name & ID: alexx#7500 & 298491984518184960 - Short description of your suggestion: Make 2 seperate gases, premium and standard - Suggestion Photo(s)/Video(s): N/A - Examples of already implemented code: (URL to FiveM Forum Releases/GTA 5 mods etc) N/A - A detailed description of your suggestion Add a "standard" gas for regular cars from PDM/EMC/Gasolina Galleria for cars costing under $1,000,000. This gas would be much cheaper. Then make a "premium" gas for limiteds and cars costing $1,000,000 from PDM/EMC/Gasolina Galleria. This would be much more expensive. I feel like this would make it more fair, especially to poorer people, and also to encourage people to support businesses like EMC and Gasolina in return for a cheaper gas   (this second part is separate and just an after thought/brain storming) Perhaps give the option of using standard gas in the "premium" vehicles however it will significantly reduce the performance (like as if the car is smoking), and when the car maintenance comes out it could cause damage to the vehicle. Also, you could fill up your "standard" car with "premium" gas to increase your performance and reduce the maintenance costs since your car is running on better fuel.
    We had this in the city for roughly 2 hours before it was taken out due being abused by many others. If I were to bring this into the city again, would be only to carry 1 dead body to Pillbox for treatment by the local doctor. 
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