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    Interested in applying for the force? Start by completing our application below Please note there is a requirement of having AT LEAST 15+ active hours on the server Interested in what being a Police Officer is like? Or have any questions? Contact a Police Officer. We retain the right to decline you at any time during your application process if you are caught doing higher illegal crimes (Drugs, Bank Robbery or Gang-related activities). If you have a history with breaking rules this could also affect your chances. We may reject your application if is not filled in with detail & no genuine effort is present. ==========================Application Structure========================== - Discord Username: (including the identifier, it should contain "#" ) - Steam Username/IGN: - Age: - Roleplay Character Name (The one you wish to be a Officer if you have more than one Character): - Interested Patrol Location (City, Sandy Shores, Paleto): - Reasons why we should pick you: (Minimum 75 Words) - Any additional talents/skills: -Have you ever used OBS or other screen recording software: - How do you react to stress : (Min 50 Words) - What are your availabilities like (When you are available to hop on) - What is Metagaming? - What is Random Death Match (RDM) - What is NLR (New Life Rule) - I accept that I forfeit the right to play as a criminal (**Read Clause 1**)? - Number of Hours spent on the server: (Base requirement 25+ Hours, have your best guess) - Your Sponsor(Police)(Optional): -Your Sponsor(EMS)(Optional): (Please Read: This section is NOT mandatory however, it will help fast-track your approval to the police force. Your sponsor needs to be at least a Rank of Constable with in the police. Ems is also acceptable but must be above their Probation Rank) ==============================End of Application=========================== *Clause 1: All new police officers that are accepted to the force are prohibited from roleplaying as a criminal character until they reach the "Constable" rank. This is a measure OblivionTek has put in place so metagaming/power gaming is avoided for amateur or inexperienced roleplayers. The constable rank is next after the rank you achieve after training. (Probationary Constable) *Please note that if any of the report is missing/incomplete, the application will be declined automatically.* *Please note, continuously pestering staff for the status of an application will lead to the application being delayed even further.
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    Make sure you follow this structure when applying for an Fire & Rescue Rank - DO NOT write your application below. Make a new thread for your application otherwise your post will be deleted without warning. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Los Santos Fire & Rescue Applications are open! We would like to remind everyone that you cannot apply for both EMS & Law Enforcement at the same time, and ask that you make a decision as to which department you would like to join. We can't wait to have you as part of our growing department. Please fill out the application for the chance to join us. We are looking for both experienced and inexperienced Medics & Fire Fighters. We ask that applicants are a local citizen in the city of Los Santos to have at least 10 hours plus, before applying. This will give you the opportunity to familiarize yourself with both the city and its citizens. It will also give you the opportunity to gain valuable experience. Note: If you are hired for Fire & Rescue you are required to put the majority of your effort into EMS. Fires can be attended to when there is no calls through dispatch. Before approval there is an interview stage, you will be contacted on the forums or discord to attend an Interview with a Command Team Member of Fire & Rescue. Asking for applications to be approved will not accelerate their approval time. Do not approach admins to get your applications approved as it may negatively impact your application. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- - Fire & Rescue: Roleplay Name: - Discord Username: (including the identifier, it should contain "#" ) - Steam Username: - Real Age: - Mobile Number: (In game) - Department you applying for: (Paramedic, Doctor / Nurse / Fire ) - Reasons why we should pick you: (Minimum 75 Words) - Any additional talents/skills: - Is your microphone clear to understand? -Have you ever used PlaysTV / OBS or other screen recording software: -How many computer screens do you have? - How do you react to stress: (Minimum 50 Words) - How well can you multitask? (You will be requested to do patient medical paperwork for the EMS Cad) - What is RDM & VDM: (Explain an Example of both) - What is New Life Rule: - What is Metagaming: - What is Power gaming? - What are your availability like: (When you are available to hop on) - Number of Hours spent on server: (Base requirement 10+ Hours) - Type of License held: - Your Sponsor: (Please Read: This section is NOT mandatory however, it will help fast-track your approval. Your sponsor needs to be a high ranking officer in either ems or police. ) If you have any questions regarding the Fire & Rescue role or the job applications please don't hesitate to contact Barberson directly by Forums or Discord Barberson#0007
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    OFFICIAL OBLIVIONTEK FIVEM RULES Community Rules Trolling and Toxic Behavior will not be accepted. We understand banter is a part of gaming however harassment, homophobic, discriminatory terms, racism, and anti-social behavior will not be tolerated. OblivionTek reserves the right to deny service to any users who are disrespectful to staff or community members. 2.1) OblivionTek reserves the right to delete player data and repossess assets in the event that a player is deemed to be inactive and is no longer considered a vested citizen. 2.2) OblivionTek reserves the right to repossess assets, money or delete data at our discretion in the event that a player/user is deemed to warrant a permanent ban from the community for actions such as (but not limited to) exploiting, hacking, being toxic or abusive, etc. If you wish to report a player, a bug or appeal a ban you must do it through the forums and not through discord unless advised by an admin. 3.1) Contacting an admin to get your ban appeal reviewed will result in your appeal being instantly declined and you may have to wait a period before you re-appeal. If you have been banned do not log in through an alternative account. This will result in your ban being made permanent and your accounts being deleted. Approaching admins to get whitelist applications approved or bans appealed will not accelerate the approval/appeal process and may negatively impact or delay your application. Refunds for money and or items will only be considered on a case-by-case basis and only if these have been lost as a result of random deathmatch (RDM) / vehicle deathmatch (VDM) and we deem the proof provided is sufficient. If you are having issues with another player you should not break roleplay. If the situation is considered to be serious then you may report the player or contact a staff member to help mediate. If the issue spills out into the “Public Area” of OblivionTek then both parties could face penalties. 7.1) Breaking character and roleplay should not occur unless advised by an admin who is asking for your side of the situation. Screaming at someone and saying “You are fail rping right now” or “This is fail rp I am not listening to you” may result in you being banned. 7.2) Also refrain from abusing the OOC chat function to be toxic or call out other members of the community. If you are AFK for 15 minutes during high traffic or 30 minutes during low traffic you may get kicked as well. 8.1) AFK Farming will result in a ban and money or account reset. Usage of third-party programs like trainers or injectors is considered hacking. We also consider any in-game bugs to gain money or any other items faster than intended as exploiting. Graphical modifications to enhance the graphical fidelity of your game/.client are allowed. (Natural Vision etc.) Graphical modifications that are used for increased combat advantage are NOT allowed, these include any form of changes to objects (such as trees, vegetation, etc.), the addition of bullet tracers, hit registration modifications (confetti, etc), sky/time/weather changes. Communication Rules All players must have a working microphone and use this to communicate. Spamming will not be tolerated (Text/Audio). Metagaming is having an in-game character act on the knowledge that you have access to but your character should not. If you are watching a stream and go to interact with that character, this is Metagaming. This includes Stream Sniping. 11.1) Discord or any other external communication outside of OblivionTek Servers are not considered ‘in character’ communication (Even if your conversation is in-character) besides approved discords such as Police, EMS and DOJ discord servers. 11.2) You CANNOT wear "earpieces" to talk to your friends using other voice systems such as discord or Teamspeak. All in-character knowledge must be gained internally through in-game systems such as the in-city radio system or phones. 11.3) If you use any of these services to communicate with friends, these must remain muted when involved in situations to avoid metagaming. The in-city Yellow Pages and Instagram/Twitter functions should be used for their appropriate and respective uses. Do not post things unrelated to OblivionTek or unrelated to the app you are using, For Example; Posting threatening messages to other gangs or people in Yellow Pages. Players must remain in character at all times. If there is an issue do not break character to insult or call out other players. If you need to report someone use the /calladmin functions OR make sure to video their actions and it can be handled later on by staff. Do not ruin a scenario or situation by going OOC. Initiation Rules You must not initiate on someone without a valid roleplay reason, this includes joining random gunfights just for the kills or attacking police to free a random person you have no affiliation with. When initiating on someone you must verbally initiate, provide a demand and a consequence - the consequence can result in death or severe injury. The person initiating must have a visible weapon (or threat) to initiate. For example: Give me all your money or I will shoot you in the leg. You may only kill someone without prior verbal initiation if one of the following is true; 16.1) You or someone in your group with the same uniform and or clearly identifiable as the same clothes have been initiated on and you were within the area during the initiation (may be asked to prove you were close to the situation). 16.2) You're within the area of one of your gang/faction members' initiation. 16.3) Someone else in your group with the same uniform as you has already initiated. 16.4) The person has knocked out or attacked yourself or a group member maliciously/for no reason. 16.6) The person initiated on is in your group and they have definitive indicators that they're in your faction (e.g. all wearing the same colored masks or the same type of clothing). 16.7) They have stolen your vehicle and you were close to the vehicle. 16.8) Police are allowed to KOS (Officers’ Discretion) if you are seen carrying illegal longarm weapons and or black market or illegal weapons near any Police Department, Prison, Court House or any Public Garages. It is the initiator's responsibility that their initiation is audible, ie. making sure you are on shout and you can prove beyond a responsible doubt that the person you initiated on can hear you within a reasonable aspect of the situation. When the police turn on their lights and sirens to attempt to pull you over this is deemed as initiation BUT take into account the situation if you have no warrants or are only being stopped for a traffic violation is it good RP to get out and start shooting or start attacking police? If you tell your gang/group members that you have initiated in a situation and the initiation is deemed as invalid you will be held responsible. Low-Quality initiations such as “speak or die, etc” are not permitted and will be classed as Low-Quality RP and failed initiations. You must give the victim 5 seconds to comply with your directions, unless they have a clear change in behaviour such as starting to run away, pulling a weapon, clearly delaying the situation (Can be considered Fail Fear RP). After 10 minutes of the final shot being fired or at the conclusion of a situation (such as the criminals escaping a bank robbery) initiation is no longer valid and all parties must re-engage in initiation in order to re-engage in combat. Civilians may only deliberately ram other vehicles while in initiation. If rammed on purpose outside initiation you may retaliate, creating an initiation. Initiation must be made in person via voice chat NOT over text or through discord. If no consequence is given during initiation and the party that was initiated on shoots the party initiating it is not classed as RDM as long as the initiating party had a visible weapon out and or pointed and intended to do harm with it. In the event, a gang war is declared, initiation rules do not apply for gang on gang violence that is in 'war' until the war has been concluded by the leaders. 26.1) A gang war can only be declared when each leader of their respective gang has all acknowledged to be in 'war' with the opposing sides. A gang war can only be organized through staff and appropriate documents have been signed and agreed on. 26.2) Refer to gang rules #5, you must be in clear gang clothing during 'war'. Criminal Rules Intentionally committing a violation of the law in front of a police officer or the police station is considered Cop Baiting. ALL Police Stations, Sheriff's Office’s and Court Buildings, are considered safe zones and you can not engage in any illegal or violent situations in the area surrounding these locations for example; holding up police at Sandy Shores PD. You must not RDM/VDM, killing with no incentive or reason, you must always initiate roleplay and there must be verbal communication between players. 29.1) VDM or Vehicle Death Match is not permitted. You are not allowed to actively target and kill people with your vehicle under any circumstances. Any weapons picked up from police vehicles or NPCs must be trashed or handed over to the police and reported to the admins. Imitating Police or EMS will result in serious consequences. This includes using gear or clothing intended for Police or EMS roles. Police are NOT allowed to be taken hostage unless for a HIGH-Quality reason such as Jewellery Store Robbery / Bank Robbery. Taking an officer hostage since you are bored / want to create a situation with the police is NOT a good reason. 32.1) You are not permitted to primarily target police/ems just to mug/rob them for their items, money, or weapons. It is acceptable to "/me remove" (disable) their comms and weapons during a high-quality rp situation. All military bases and government facilities, as listed below, are off-limits and you must not trespass in those areas under any circumstance. -Zancudo Air Base -Navy Air Carrier Stealing NPC Police/EMS/FIRE/Military vehicles is prohibited. All illegal activities must be operated from the ground or sea and they cannot be conducted using aircraft such as helicopters or planes. If you call Police, EMS, Mechanic or Taxi then you must stay in the immediate area, if you have changed your mind send a cancellation message. You cannot call these services to you with the intent to rob/attack/kidnap them. Shooting is prohibited from vehicles whilst moving. You must always initiate roleplay and there must be communication between players. You are solely responsible for all your characters' money and assets, this includes getting involved in scam situations etc. OblivionTek is not obligated to refund for such events. Roleplay Rules Disconnecting at any time when dead or during an active roleplay situation is considered Combat Logging, regardless of any outside variables. If you did this accidentally you have to notify staff immediately or face penalties. Staff reserves the right to leave penalties up to their discretion. It is prohibited from talking whilst dead/knocked out, unless to roleplay injuries with EMS. Fear RP is the concept that your character is afraid to die. Above all else, you should value your life and your freedom. You should not intentionally die or want to spend time in jail. This also includes valuing the lives of other players including NPC’s. Fear RP situations are situational and must be roleplayed as such. 40.1) If you are being held at gunpoint you must fear for your life and act within the realms of how an average person may react in that situation. For example, it may be a 1 on 1 situation and a person has a gun to you but looks away or puts the gun down you may have the ability to react in a fight or flight response. All situations need to be roleplayed to realistic standards which include but is not limited to; Crashing in a vehicle at high speeds - you must not immediately jump or run around. Death or Injury - you must roleplay your injuries such as being confused, groggy or hazy. Damaging other players vehicles - you must have incentive or reason and interact with other players beforehand. Jumping off a building - you should be roleplaying an in-depth suicide scenario. Planes/Helicopters, outside of Police/EMS, must only land/take off from runways or clear helipads. Vehicles may only carry items or drive in areas that are realistic for their vehicle class. 43.1) Vehicles that are considered luxury, SUV, sedan, coupe, sports, super, muscle are not permitted to travel off-road (Off-road is defined as anything that is no longer driving on a built road. Dirt roads are fine, dirt trails/tracks are not.). 43.2) Realistic driving ability of the vehicle must also be taken into consideration as well. For example; A Lamborghini Aventador is not taking minor jumps, driving on train tracks or driving up minor dirt hills such as at main garage but a Dodge Charger might. 43.3) 4x4 and other purpose-built off-road vehicles such as dirt bikes, Can Ams, and Raptors are permitted to go as off-road as possible. When working a job you must use either the provided vehicle or an appropriate vehicle (Tipper/Phantom/Hauler/Volvo) for the job. If you are using a Semi, you must use a trailer. (From the Trailer Rentals) The New Life Rule means that: 46.1) Once you die you cannot remember events around your death or take revenge on your killer. You must actively avoid the roleplay scenario that caused your death. 46.2) If you wake up in the hospital and get told by a friend the nature surrounding your death, that information can be used to seek revenge or gather intel for your storyline. You must actively avoid your location of death until that roleplay event has been concluded and cleared even after you are told about the information surrounding your death. 46.3) If you have been revived by EMS you will be able to remember what happened leading up to your death but cannot remember anything after. (Voices/Actions while knocked out). 46.4) If you have bodycam footage this is forgotten upon respawning at pillbox. 46.5) Police are exempt from the NLR in specific situations but have their own departmental rules regarding this action. IF a player is KILLED you are NOT ALLOWED TO CAMP DEAD BODIES. Especially with the intent to interfere with a revive, You must vacate the area and allow emergency services to pick them up if available. 47.1) You are not permitted to interfere with a revive of someone or interfere with EMS in any way shape or form. Your character should not be joining in on any criminal activity that has no reason for you to be involved in. (Eg. Joining an ongoing shootout with police / another gang). You may not use or spam any custom animations/emotes during a violent encounter to gain combat advantage. Transferring Items or Weapons whilst dead is not allowed. You may not kill/harass people with the sole idea of roleplaying as an “Insane Individual” or a “Serial Killer”, this will be considered Low-Quality RP and potentially RDM. Criminals are prohibited from carrying out low-quality shootouts involving police, this is a push to encourage more organic and exploratory RP and to avoid low-quality roleplay situations. Low-Quality Shootouts are defined as: - Commencing shootouts with police with the knowledge of a low cop presence - Commencing shootouts with police with pre-planned areas where police have slim to no chance of winning. (i.e Docks areas, Red Car Garage, Daily Globe /Green Building, etc) - Commencing shootouts at the same location repeatedly due to a combat & situational advantage over police. - Hovering around a situation / waiting to kill all cops and not leaving the situation. 54.A) You may not: - Drive with the intent of crashing/putting yourself in a bad situation. (in order to set up a shootout) - Start a pre-planned shootout within 3 hours of another. 54.B) You may override the above when: - You have slim to no chance of getting away eg. Vehicle dies, Very High Police Presence (2 Police (to) 1 Criminal) LOW-QUALITY ROLEPLAY IS IDENTIFIED AS FOLLOWS: If you do not have a valid reason/storyline/purpose to commit a criminal or other disruptive act towards another player or group of people. The admin team reserves the right to penalize (warn/kick/ban) anyone that is deemed to have Low-Quality RP as we see fit. Gang Rules Gangs must not target other gangs/groups over and over. There must be a cooldown time of 30mins between all activities including but not limited to shootouts, robbing, kidnapping, ect. This does not mean you can rob at one point then kidnap 5mins later, one act is counted as all acts then a 30minute cooldown is in place. City rules still apply with robbing. During this cooldown time, both parties can not taunt or attempt to bait each other into doing anything. This again includes but not limited to shit-talking, pretending to do something, sending non-affiliated individuals to say or do something to the other party. After a large RP scenario, you must vacate the scene and not continue to camp/stay at the scene to inflict more damage on the other group. I.e Getting into a shootout then forcing ems/police to revive the downed opposition gang or group members to then rob. Gang members can not hold up/force responding EMS/POLICE to revive any gang member involved in any violent situation. I.e after a shootout you can not stay in the area and wait for ems and or police to respond, hold them up and force them to revive your friends first then leave. The EMS/POLICE responding will deal with the downed gang members as they see fit. Roleplay your injuries, you’re not gonna get revived and then suddenly be able to get into a second violent situation. When being involved in any form of gang vs gang OR gang vs police situations all members need to be in their own uniform to make it clearly identifiable they are a part of a gang or group and involved in the current gang OR police situation. If you are in a position where you can not get into gang clothes you must verbally and clearly initiate by saying “I am with this crew/group/gang”. All activities with gangs involved (gang vs gang or gang vs police) MUST include only a maximum limit of 8 gang members during a scenario. This includes but not limited to; Bank Robberies, Jewellery Store Heists, Robbing, Kidnapping and Shootouts. If one of your original 8 gang members are killed or captured, by police for example, mid scenario you can not then replace that person to continue making that 8. The original 8 of the scenario must remain the original 8. If for example 3 members of the original 8 are captured by police during the transporting of those 3 members to PD or Jail (Prison Bus Transport) you can make a new 8 to engage in a new situation. The new situation being freeing those 3 captured members. If a rivaling gang(B) try to fight another gang(A) that already "hanging out" over the 8 member limit, Gang(A) is not expected to drop members mid-shootout. This rule does not apply if Gang(A) already knows that there is an impending shootout or prior initiation and information was relayed from gang(B) Any associated parties/gangs/friends CANNOT start high-priority crime activities with police (for example Jewelry Heist, Bank Heists, Shop Heists) in coordination with the specific goal of thinning out the police force for the maximum chance of success. Muggings/Hostage Rules After mugging/kidnapping a player, you have to wait 2 hours before targeting the same person again. Conducting Roleplay scenarios such as "mugging" or "kidnapping" is only allowed when police are "available". You must always initiate roleplay and there must be communication between players before a mugging, robbery, bank heist or hostage situation takes place. You should also consider adequate planning and downtime between events. This means you are not permitted to do back-to-back crime events pertaining to police, you must give at least 30 minutes of a wait timer before starting ANY type of Criminal RP situation (involving police). The concept that you are afraid to die means if you are a hostage you can’t start shooting or escaping your captives without in-depth roleplay. You must value your life. You cannot rob a player for more than $75,000 (Both Legal and Illegal item values apply). Weapons are EXCLUDED from the above robbery limit. There is no maximum amount of weapons (in-value) you can rob. You cannot force a player to withdraw money from their bank account, you can only rob a person for the items they have on them. You can not force players to sign over cars or take items out of their house or car inventories, it is strictly whatever the person has on them. 62.1) You are not permitted to mug/rob police for their police-specific weapons. YOU MUST... Initiate a high level of roleplay and maintain a constant stream of communication. Consider adequate planning and downtime between events. You cannot continuously rob people. Have utmost levels of roleplay when taking Police or EMS hostage, as these are members are there to serve the general public you must make sure that the situation also does not take more than 20 minutes of idle time. (With no active high-quality roleplay). Have a valid reason and engage in high-quality roleplay when robbing a player (or any other activity). Not call Police/EMS or Mechanics out with the intent to rob them. 67.1) Any Active EMS/POLICE cannot be taken as a hostage for any reason other than for highly roleplayed situations such as jewelry & bank robberies. 67.2) Emergency vehicles are also prohibited from being stolen without a high level of roleplay and reasoning to it. ("Taking it for fun" is not a valid reason). Stealing an unlocked police car from the scene of a shootout you are involved in to escape that scene is an acceptable reason. Civilians may only take Police or EMS Officers hostage in an attempt to free an apprehended party, on the premises of that specific situation, Civilians cannot try to kidnap a Police Officer or EMS that's unrelated to a situation unfolding or in a different location. Interpretation/Clarification of rule 67 - An officer can ONLY be held up by a criminal to free their fellow gang member in cuffs or being transported to PD or Jail (Prison Bus Transfers) if they are DIRECTLY holding up the officer who has their friend in custody or in cuffs on scene. For example with Prison Bus transfers; During the transport of the criminals to Jail, officers involved in the transport can be held up and forced to free their friends in the bus. HOWEVER you CAN NOT hold up a random officer chilling at Sandy Shores or wherever who is clearly not involved directly in the transport of the criminals to jail and FORCE a trade over the radio to occur. Another example of what is not allowed is: An officer is transporting a suspect to PD or where ever and a random officer driving around who does not directly have custody of the suspect (i.e driving the car that the suspect is in or a passenger of said vehicle and directly involved in the transport) can not be held up, taken hostage, kidnapped and a trade over radio be made where an officer is forced to release the suspect they have in there custody for the life of the kidnapped, held up or taken hostage officer who is not even directly involved in the transport or custody of the suspect. Civilians may not take Police or EMS Hostage in an attempt to bail out an apprehended party from jail once they are in secure Police Custody. (Secure Police Custody: When an Apprehended party is located in a Police Station or Jail). Bitcoin / IRL Currency Exchanges OblivionTek's team was originally quite happy to see everyone sell assets for bitcoin at any price, however are taking extra steps necessary to retain and increase the value of our internal economy as appose to "irl/bitcoin" currency. To not face penalties (listed below) all members looking to buy/sell assets must double-check rules and prices with official OBTK Asset Appraisers, they will list the MINIMUM value you may sell an asset for. It is prohibited to sell in-city cash for bitcoin, no currency exchange is allowed at this time. It is prohibited to sell illegal goods (weapons & drugs) for bitcoin. Consequences - If a seller OR buyer sells/buys an asset for underneath the minimum value of an asset in bitcoin penalties (such as bans or repossession) may be executed. (Admin Discretion) - If a seller OR buyer sells/buys in-city cash or illegal goods for bitcoin, penalties such as bans, or repossession will be carried out. ===================================================================================================================================== OblivionTek reserves the right to ban/stop access to our services for any member we deem or suspect to be cheating / exploiting in any way. Failure to follow any of the above-mentioned rules will result in severe penalties regardless of VIP / STREAMER / COMMUNITY LEADER status. OblivionTek reserves the right to alter or erase rules at our discretion with no warning or notification. OblivionTek reserves the right to shut down all services without prior notice or reason. MAKE SURE YOU REGULARLY CHECK THIS THREAD FOR RULE CHANGES By playing on OblivionTek / Accessing Our Services you agree to all of the above rules and conditions.
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    What's Changed New Locksystem brought in, Completely client-side & should technically stop most of the bugs we were facing. Safe zone size increased by 40% for the Job Center as there were constant misclicks etc happening. Renamed added "Queue Points" to the queue. A new patch for skin-manager, it should no longer show "Contact Owner" when heavily customizing the clothing. The queue only accepted 30 people into the server, this has been fixed and now fills 32 people. Reverted back to our older voice system as the new one kept transmitting over global. There was a connection issue to do with our firewall where some clients were refused connection. This has been fixed. An issue where people respawned as NPC's as soon as they die has been fixed. All gun stores accessory locations have been changed as it overlapped with the gun purchase blip. Most bugs to do with the multi-character system has been fixed. Pet menu overlaps with job menus such as taxi, this has been fixed by changing the bind to Left ALT + HOME for the pet management menu. Complete rework on food and drink statistics (amount gained on each item), now based on a random chance. Trailer rentals have been brought back in. Moved the Racecourse garage to the Pier as the race course was not being used. Hijacking is now based on chance, not all cars are hijackable. Removed police vehicles / NPCS from patrolling. Increased ragdoll time when tackled by police. The new experimental system brought in which ragdolls every 60seconds when dead to combat dead people "not showing" on their client side. Removed the ability to have 600 Fuel in inventory. Removed voice rings from below people's feet as this makes people stand out from NPCS Closed #bug-reports discord channel, as submissions sent, did not follow the format. New burgershot added. Changed the positioning of the scoreboard so it doesn't go below the screen space (when going above 28 players) Issue with users getting stuck on loading some resources has been fixed after a server cache reset. Upcoming Changes / Ideas :- Community written wiki, which may be beneficial for new people. :- We are still looking into how to disable ems NPCS as most of our attempts did not work yet. :- Constant requests for a second server, this will be implemented eventually once there is enough staff to accommodate both servers (ADMINS/POLICE/EMS) :- We will be making a new discord chat #welcome with all relevant important links for new people.
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    Good morning ladies and gentlemen, For those of you who don't know me I play Lucas Dawes from Las Santos EMS department. I have been part of the Obtek community for a little over a month. I will answer a couple of questions that I know everyone is dying to ask. 1. I am in my 30's. I know, I sound young. I know I don't sound my age. I also know I don't look my age. If you choose to believe me that is entirely up to you. After all... Who would lie on the internet? :P 2. Yes, I have real life health care training. No I am not a Dr in real life. I work on the other side of the fence in Rehab. I do however have a number of years experience working in hospitals and medical departments including: ED, ICU, Gen med, Surgical, Cardiac Care (or Med 5), Orthopaedics, Neuro, Burns and mental health in an acute, subacute and community based situation. So now a little bit about me: I have been roleplaying for 19 years. Predominately text based role-play, however some pen and paper and a bit of RP in MMOs such as WoW, FFXI and XIV, Guild Wars etc etc. My experience with GTA RP is quite limited. I played when the game first came out however never really got into fivem until more recently. I am from QLD but am currently living in Victoria, I work full-time in a community health situation. I manage a team of allied health professionals and am in the process of completing a masters in clinical rehabilitation with a speciality of neuro-rehabilitation. It is pretty damn interesting as we are looking into the benefits of virtual reality when used with people post TBI as well as a number of other things. I hope you are all enjoying Obtek. If I haven't met you in game yet, I look forward to. For those I have met thanks for the fun! Look forward to many more scenes to come.
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    Dylan " Teekay " Stelendar DOB: 1991/10/21 ( October 21st, 1991 ) Dylan, is a 28 year old male who is fresh out of LSU (Los Santos University) with one of his best friends by his side. Anxious to get out into the world, Dylan is a hard working honest man who just wants to make a name for himself, hopefully in a good way... He plans to do his best to stay away from crime. His very best... Dylan enjoys being in the air, planes choppers, doesn't matter! His dream is to open up his own aviation company.
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    We have brought in new updates to drugs. Now anyone can run Opium, Weed, Cocaine without any police requirement. Which means the entire process can be finished from beginning to end at any time. Money earnt from selling a drug is multiplied by the number of cops that are on as well. Changes to the module where you could sell to any NPC has also been changed. Civilians/NPCS will only accept drugs when there are 2 or more cops on.
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    Heya all, My Gamer Tag is Azabes or my main character in the game is Noremac Bealthus, Just to give you all a chance to know me and my background I thought I would drop a post here. I have been gaming for around 13 or so years now and of that time I have been RPing in some way for around 6-8 years and have loved every minute of my experience. My most recent experience was through an Arma 3 Australian life Moded server which I played on for around almost 2 years, I started out doing normal and criminal jobs for a bit before I looked into joining their police department which is where I spent the rest of my time basically from then on. I start at the bottem and slowly over 6 months i worked my way up to being a Inspector, when i was Seargent i got involed with the Training side of Police, which at that time had 1 member and the anyone who was Inspctor or above to help out. after about a month of that the other person left (he was away basicly when i started due to IRL) and i was given more control over the section as i had help re-make the interveiw proccess so was more flexible, i was also promoted to being a Inspector and invited into IA (Internal Affairs) after about 2 week i was given full control over the Training section and could change how ever i wanted. About a year passed and i had also gotten into the Wolf Squad (SWAT) and become a Superintedante and at this time we had gone through 3 Commisioners and where heading on the fourth. At the same time we had some major power plays from groups that had gotten into the police department and was useing there positions to stop people from being promoted because they didnt like them, after a long hard slog we found out most of the people and had PM, voice and Video of these people doing these things, and had found out that the new comm who had only been there for just over 2 mounths was in and supported it. Needless to say this was taken to the Admins and Owners the police department lost around 20 people from its rooster and 1 admin and 3 moderators also lost the roles, and we where left with out a Comm which is when i was aske to put my name down for Comm, and via a vote by admins and owners was passed my name and one other to the inspectors and above to choose which one. which turned out to be me after a 4 months of trying to rebuild and repair the police force i had picked up a full time job and i was no longer able to do both. So i left and for a while stop gaming for the most part till i moved for Uni and found this amazing server
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    Hey All, I am Ashley Marshall, I am currently a taxi driver in the city. If you need to be at any place for a cheap price, message the taxi service! I am roughly new into town, I've been in the town for about 4-5 days now, I am loving it. Meeting a lot of new people and may or may not be getting into trouble by the police for running a red light, but that's all apart of the fun and games! I look forward in meeting you all in the city someday! But for now, BYEEEE
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    Name is Trusted. Just introducing myself, first time here. I've RP'd a little in the past. I have a few friends that play on your guy's server/s. Just getting into RP on GTA because of the big influx of 'influencers' creating content around RP and am interested in trying it out. Ideally I'd like to join the Police Force at some stage but you never know where you're gonna end up. Thanks for having me, see you guys in there. ?
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    Smokey Santana real first name Joaquin Luis Santana was born and raised in Rancho neighborhood in Los Santos. He was basically raised by the Los Santos Vagos and joined has baby gangster when he was 13 years old. Got affiliated when he shot older gangster from The Families. He is now 19 years old trying to make a name for himself. He is wanted of vehicle manslaughter and murder. Yet to be captured, he is active on dealing mostly marijuana and started doing meth deals. Before the murders he has been arrested multiple times and been shot by police twice. He has a grudge over police officer Cerenkov. When he is not dealing drugs he will always be in Rancho neighborhood smoking or riding his bike looking for trouble.
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    We will be changing our server host as of today, we will be finalizing the move by 28th. The current server host is having many network-based problems, therefore, leading to server outages on our FiveM Server which leads to problems such as server restarting, network packets being dropped etc. We have sent a new order for our brand new server and will begin moving shortly after this thread has been posted. The server will be based back in Australia. Expect the IP's to be changed, keep an eye on #announcements for more updates Cheers
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    Oh yes, Gotham. Watched up to start of season 3. Not sure why but sort of fell out of continuing the series. It was decent.
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    Name Raycee Boyd D.O.B: 11/11/1991 Background: Raycee comes from a large Maori Family. Following her brother T.K to Los Santos, she met her husband Trevor Boyd and married within months of being in Los Santos. Slowly her large family migrated to Los Santos. Where she is a proud aunt of her niece Kali and her Nephew Ty, Though she is disapproving of their choices. Raycee is a kind and clean person, preferring to distance herself from her brothers more deviant behaviour. Due to her passion for helping others, she joined the Los Santos Emergency Services.
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    Born in Russia, raised in Southern California. Although, he joined the Russian mafia, the Poloznev family. Never did any criminal activity, was just a driver of one of the high ranking Russian gangster. His mother is Nigerian. He has never met his father but took his father's name. He became police officer on June of 2018 at the age of 35 and climbed the rank to Senior Sargent.
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    Name: Noremac Bealthus DOB: 01/06/1992 Background: His up bring normal had some crazy adrenaline-fueled stunts and fun with his younger brothers but as they got older they started to hang out with some criminal types after some small run in with the Police Noremac decided to change his life and become a police officer Ever since he joined the PD he has tried his hardest to look out for those that might be on the wrong path and help them back on to the right side of the law and this has caused him to become apart of the DOA section. He has also become a probation Training Officer
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    These are the rules for using OblivionTek Forum Services. No spamming. No Offensive Forum Signatures. No going off topic. No racism No illegal media or links to them. No Flaming outside the unmoderated section. No "I am leaving" threads. If you want to leave, just do it. Server rules also apply to the forums. No posting of information that shows or encourages people on how to cheat or break rules on our servers or forums. If you don't care about a subject, don't comment saying so. This is a form of thread crapping.
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    Hello, new to town, thanks for a great looking server.
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    Hey all, Tyrrell Morris here; how are we all? Been playing as a mechanic, so hopefully some of you know me by now. ? Been a fan of GTA for many many years and absolutely loving the new RP / FiveM mod. I am newish to the server, have tried several servers but Oblivion is one of the best ones within the Australian community and one I will call "home". Hoping to spend a lot more time on the servers, figuring out the commands and getting more into the RP way of things online, but so far loving it. Hope to catch you guys on the servers. Laters, your brother Tyrrell.
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    Hello Camo, Welcome to OblivionTek! Hope you have a great time here ?
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    Visit the link below for the extended server changelog
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    New Changes: - Introduced back in Hunger & Thirst with new Custom Hunger & Thirst UI - Multiple characters finally brought in! - Due to multiple characters feature being brought in, removed F10 character options. - New updates to U.I for a simpler - Minimap (on top left) will now only be shown when inside a vehicle for realism purposes. Use the escape menu map for navigation while on foot. - Server tutorial (on the first login) has been removed due to it not benefiting many people. - Brough in additional measures to stop combat logging when dead. - Parachute to gun store added. - Heavy & Quick repair brought in for mechanics. - Weapon pricing revisions have been made - A bug with player load-outs not working due to a different armoury system has been fixed. - A reoccurring bug with player outfits have been fixed - A bug where U.I disappeared when deleting a character has been fixed - A bug where radios were given to everyone has been patched - Changed the server name to match both light & dark UI for clientside. New Planned Additions - We will be bringing in an in-game radio, there is one major glitch with the system and the author has been notified. - New movie cinema coming in some time soon. There is an issue with our FiveM base, and the FiveM Developers have been notified. We are looking to do movie nights every Friday once this system is in. - We will be bringing additional garages / moving around current garage spots to different locations.
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    I wasn't in pub missed that one but most others I was h1z1 wasnt bad but felt lacking
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    Played really early h1z1 too, that was great. PubG executed their game much better than h1z1
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    Nice ? there are some addictive ones there.