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    Hey guys! Zooka here! I'm gonna start with some brief information about myself. My name is Cody, but I'm known as various names such as Zooka, Zoo, Sig and some unsavoury nicknames. I'm 22 and I live in New Zealand, if you see my profile picture is my doggo his name is Mack. I've been with the server a while and do enjoy to stream gameplay and I've put in over 750+ hours in GTA:O plus over 200+ hours in FiveM servers in general and that is not including back when I played on xbox360 and had over 1000 hours of wandering the map before I even had internet. Other than that I've played many games such as Arma3 Milsim, SCUM PvP, I've played alot of Battlefield 4 and more games such as the Civilization and even Pen & Paper Dungeons and Dragons ? But it's good to meet new people, enjoying this community so far. ?