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Posts posted by ZAM2065

  1. Some of these had been considered in the past but due to our outdated framework where not able to use the scripts. Now that we have updated we can look back at these suggestions.

  2. This was removed because people where being dirty cops and would confiscate the items and then give them to there crim cousins gang/ where being accused of that. with it removed and that not possible, it removes that community complaint

  3. Only issue with this i see is the calender would be hard to do as the events such as casino i dont have the ability to plan out a month in advance. wekly i see when im available to do it and then hit up the team to see who can help. same for other events that just pop up. 

    i like the idea of what your saying i just think the calender would be hard to do for the majority of events.

  4. I am currently in the process of getting something similar to this implemented. it is a little different as we don't want people just moving dead bodies around so that EMS cant find them making EMS job harder. but it will be possible once we have finished getting the script together and implemented.

  5. Hey Broncobilly, That website (fivem-store) is a leak site. meaning the people selling stuff there did not make the stuff. they are selling it for way more then they paid for it. the best way to find the things you want is to search around for the creator of that MLO. once you identify the creator then you can send it here. if it is legit the creator will be named to give them the credit for making it.

  6. While this seems like it would work, it would not change anything other then the number. everyone would have less but the price would still be the same just cut in half. leaving us with the same issue we have no just with lower numbers.

  7. Hello,
    While I agree the BTC market has gotten way out of hand, As of right now banning BTC would not be the best option. Look at it in a marketing outlook. there are a few different currency types right now in city. 1 being BTC and another example being in-city money. Having a variety of currency options is good, it allows for an open market. what is needed to keep that market stable is constant checks and balances to make sure the value is the same or similar. So with this in mind having the option of BTC is good we just need to adjust a bit to balance BTC vs in-City to make them equal value.

    I hope this makes sense and helps you understand why BTC is a good thing just needs a bit of balancing.

  8. In regards to the suggestion please refer to my reply on ZombiePierce thread.

    In regards to your final statement, we as the admin team do our best to make the best and most informed decisions that we can, and as you can imagine, that is not always easy. My advise to you if something where to happen that you feel was not right or there was no evidence to support it, is to work the staff structure. if a trainee staff is the one that made the decision take it to a community moderator, then to a manager, then to cruel if it needs to go that high. I cant speak for everyone in the staff team but i know at least for myself i usually check with thoes above me before making decisions that are not plain straight forward rule breaks.

  9. While this sounds like the best option at the moment you have to think of it in a big picture sense. A wipe would act like a bandaid to fixing the issues. What i mean by this is we would wipe everything and then in 6 months or sooner we would be right back to where we are now. It could be a viable option at some point but i think for the time being we need to work on minor adjustments to slowly come back and then if thoes dont work then look into more drastic options such as a wipe.