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  1. Mechanic Applications If you are interested in becoming a mechanic, you will need to use the application format below. Please note: There is a requirement of having AT LEAST 15+ active hours on the server. Age requirement: 13 and up ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Read the following clauses and make sure you understand them, as you will need to summarise them in your own words in your application; Clause A. As a mechanic for the State of Los Santos, you will be responsible for ensuring that those needing our services are promptly serviced, so they are able to continue on with their day. As much, ensuring that every call is taken between active mechanic is in itself of utmost importance. To ensure this process runs smoothly, ALL mechanics are required to use /mech to announce the called they take (e.g: /mech Eileen en-route to call#[insert customer number]. Whichever mechanic is closer, or available to do the call, should promptly announce this in the radio dispatch before announcing it in skybox. Poaching of calls is also not tolerated. Clause B. Regarding vehicle usage, there is a VERY PARTICULAR list of vehicles which are permitted to be driven by mechanics to take calls once you reach the rank of Auto Mechanic II which are all purchasable from dealerships within city - they are as follows; -Ram steel bed (Can be purchased from PDM) -Volkswagen Golf GTI MK7 (Can be purchased from Royal Motors) -Mercedes G63 (Can be purchased from Kiwiana Motors) -Vapid Riata (Can be purchased from PDM) - BMW X7 (Can be purchased from Kiwiana Motors) As an Apprentice, you will be permitted to drive the Yosemite truck which is purchasable from PDM - you can however still choose to drive the fleet vehicle that matches your rank which are spawnable at Bennys Clause C. This is a non-criminal civilian character. NO criminal activity is permitted using the mechanic character whatsoever. Anyone found breaking this, or any above rules will be subject to termination from the team as we see fit. =========================Application Structure========================= - Mechanic RolePlay Name (must have first and last name): - Discord username (please include the identifier, e.g: #5673): - Steam username: - Real Life age: - Why do you think OblivionTek's Los Santos DOT should hire you as a dedicated mechanic? (Answer with a minimum of 70 words): - How would you rate your quality of roleplay and why?: - Have you ever used PlaysTV/OBS/Medal.TV or other screen recording/clipping software?: - Name 2 examples of an emote you could use while repairing/hijacking a vehicle: - What is your availability like & what is your time zone?: - Number of hours spent on the server (you can ask an admin for your hours): - Summarise Clause A, B & C (in your own words): - What is NLR? (New-Life Rule) and why is it important to follow this?: - What is RDM & VDM? ================================================================================================= Please note that your application may be rejected if: 1. Structure is not meticulously followed 2. Application is not filled out in detail & no genuine effort is present 3. Past history with kicks/bans etc 4. If you are too immature to deal with a mechanic position 5. Have not been an active member for the past 1-2 weeks 6. Messaging the heads of mechanic about your application. ================================================================================================= Application process The first process of your application is stamped as "UNDER REVIEW" by one of the head mechanics and we will request that you reach out to us via discord for a very short text-based interview. Secondly, if you are successful in your application, we will mark your application as approved and from there you will be added to the mechanic channel in discord where you can organise a ride along with one of the forepersons or head mechanics. If they deem you fit for a mechanic role, you will be hired afterwards and further on the job training will be conducted.
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    i havent played it since the update 0.4
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    Hi everyone

    Nice to meet you.
  5. A C

    Being Able To Move Around In Cuffs

    Thank you for your suggestion. This is my own opinion. I believe that if a player is able to move and run while cuffed, it will be abused. Everyone will attempt to run away. I also believe that no lock picking the cuff should be a thing. Most all criminals are not that smart. "Hey, lets take some lock picks just in case we get caught and we can try to lock pick our handcuffs." Criminals should not go back to help a friend when caught. It will be consider as fail fearRP. Why? Cops are well armed and should be fearing for your death. Once again, thank you for your suggestion.
  6. A C

    Filming UI

    If you're just filming scenery/city, why don't you do it offline?
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    Hi There, *Quack*

    quack quack
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    Super New

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  9. A C

    Smokey Santana

    Smokey Santana real first name Joaquin Luis Santana was born and raised in Rancho neighborhood in Los Santos. He was basically raised by the Los Santos Vagos and joined has baby gangster when he was 13 years old. Got affiliated when he shot older gangster from The Families. He is now 19 years old trying to make a name for himself. He is wanted of vehicle manslaughter and murder. Yet to be captured, he is active on dealing mostly marijuana and started doing meth deals. Before the murders he has been arrested multiple times and been shot by police twice. He has a grudge over police officer Cerenkov. When he is not dealing drugs he will always be in Rancho neighborhood smoking or riding his bike looking for trouble.
  10. I was in beta for ESO.
  11. A C

    Arseny Cerenkov

    Born in Russia, raised in Southern California. Although, he joined the Russian mafia, the Poloznev family. Never did any criminal activity, was just a driver of one of the high ranking Russian gangster. His mother is Nigerian. He has never met his father but took his father's name. He became police officer on June of 2018 at the age of 35 and climbed the rank to Senior Sargent.
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