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  1. Karate_Rach

    Main Garage - Loitering

    Hi Tafft, As you are aware we have moved the location of the main garage and plan to continue to move the locations to keep the city active and moving rather the hanging out in the garage locations. If you have any questions, I am sure you will anyway but please feel free to hit me up in the discord. Karate_Rach
  2. Karate_Rach

    OblivionTek RP Changelog 19/07/19

    What's Changed General Optimization and Updates to plugins for better performance (client-side fps) Implemented an Amplified Recoil Plugin for a more realistic feel Mobile phones were updated to fix a range of bugs and now run through an encrypted voice server instead of GTA’s voice system No longer able to press M and access phone or press E and answer your phone whilst being cuffed Now able to send location/GPS coordinates on phone Phones no longer start ringing when players walk into PD and have no active phone call Players can now buy ad operate their own shops. Player owned shops can also be robbed. Store robbery vaults now spawning when players are robbing stores Players must now purchase a phone from a store and these now sit as a player item in the inventory and can be removed or discarded Shop item listings are no longer doubled up Full U.I replacement for user inventory Shop item listings are no longer doubled up Full U.I replacement for user inventory Status HUD changes - Newly designed food/thirst/health bars introduced Resolved issues with some resolutions causing the hunger and thirst bars to not show up Moved the food bar to avoid overlapping when getting items out of your trunk Menu items with long names no longer overlap to the bottom menu Top end speeds for Police vehicles boosted Crown Victoria modified Vehicle inventories that are full upon a server restart are no longer wiped Vehicle trunks now automatically close within 6 seconds Reinstall esx_truck open/close vehicle inventory Eliminated database errors when players interacting with trunks Implemented a new vehicle locking system Disabled controls "F" and "Space" in the car dealership which caused players to get stuck Map no longer disappears when viewing more than 10+ cars in the dealership Vehicle transfers are no in-game via a contract form Kia handing tweaked so you can no longer do burnouts Vehicles now save the tire turn location instead of snapping to normal Repair kit time increased from 15 seconds to 3 minutes Mechanics doing upgrades as LS Customs no longer charge the company and instead charge to the mechanic EMS vehicles have been disabled (despite these still spawning) Helicopters spawn location at the hospital disabled New discord chat #useful-information created with links to rules, guides, forums and discord commands Helicopters at the hospital no longer spawn New discord chat #useful-information created with links to rules, guides, forums and discord commands Updated bot commands in discord to correct links on the forums esx_jobs updates to the latest version esx_drugs disabled for "Fire Job" and "Mechanics" so players can't have these jobs and interact with drugs Fire job now allows the ability to heal people without giving them medkits, replication how it works on esx_ambulancejob Reduced the ability for players to exploit drug production and boost rates which caused the server to lag Job earning adjustments made including Airlines and Trucking job Increase how many health cards can be held on a person so EMS can sell them in character Health cards have been removed. EMS automatically charge players for each revive Reduced the amount of people going under found when dead House robberies introduced Deliveries Job introduced Boxing ring implemented in Vespucci Boulevard Load and Delete buttons in character select now show in the middle of the screen instead of on the side Added new dance animations to Shift + Numpad + menu Issues with map blips not showing or bugging out fixed Server scoreboard now shows steam id's Server 2 updated to have player number tracking Fixed the MySQL bottleneck issue causing 15/20 second wait or black screen when loading characters NoDriveBy enabled back due to multiple incidents of aggressive drive by's Upcoming Changes / Ideas :- We will be releasing regular changelogs again, apologies for not releasing these more frequently :- Getting server 2 up and running, currently looking at a specific plugin that does not work when multiple instances :- Mileage and vehicle degradation :- Increasing the deduction rate on food and drink