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Gus Ventus

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  1. Gus Ventus

    Tale of Gus T Ventus

    Gus T. Ventus is a trickster of sorts who cast off his old name for something far more interesting, in his eyes at least. Having roamed around for the last 16 (or was it 20?) years he has picked up some survival tricks that has let him float through life as if aided by a small breeze, coincidentally he was lucky enough (or unlucky as Gus puts it) to be born with such an ability, the blue lines on his skin pulse faintly as a slight gust of wind follows him wherever he goes, this ability is shared only with his Sylph kin and is a rare one to boot, typically a Sylph with such an ability would be highly revered but Gus hates it, it has always put a damper on his ability to play practical jokes. In the last year or so Gus discovered a use for his wind abilities, after being captured by a band of pirates after failing to sneak aboard and steal from them, he struck a bargain with the captain, in exchange for his release, he would become a member of the crew, starting from the lowest rank. Gus however never intended to keep his end of the deal, his plan was to take whatever he could carry, steal a longboat and return to the mainland. Such a grand escape, his name would go down in history! Things... happened, plans were changed on the fly and before he knew it he was in control of the ship and the crew were fleeing on the long boats, you see, these pirates were an uneducuated, ignorant, superstitious lot, as Gus was sneaking around on the mast waiting for his opportunity, his gut of wind had caught the sail and unfurled it. The day was supposed to be calm and now the ship was travelling full pelt, against the current and Gus was standing on the mast dumbfounded, watching the crew panic and abandon ship, screaming that they had angered a god! Days passed since this event as Gus explored his new ship, he discovered the pirates had recently ransacked a library, so many books were now at hand and he spent the better part of a week reading up on lore, survival techniques, seafaring manuals and his favourite; Recipe books! Gus discovered through his reading that an order exists, an order of chefs known as "The Ordre des Repas Exotiques", pronunciation unknown to Gus, he now had a goal, but what should he hunt and cook for them? He had few opportunities to find ingredients on the ocean so he sailed towards the continent in search of culinary conquest. Gus travelled along the coast in Conqueror's Bay and found himself going up stream in the northern river mouth, unable to turn around, he continued on to Janderhoff where he got a map from some very surprised locals and a new heading: The Hungry Mountains! Weaving in and out of the Mindspin Mountains along Yondabaker River he continued on to Vigil which rudely, has no port for ships! Gus quickly got some supplies and continued on to his destination. The Hungry Mountains were vast and imposing but Gus had no fear, he was in search of weird and wonderful ingredients that nobody else dared to use, he came across some facinating moss and tubers but what really caught his eye were some pink, bioluminescent mushrooms that stood tall and thin, once plucked from the earth they produced a faint scent of lemon crossed with what can only be described as "Grandma's house", curious, Gus took a tiny nibble before being engulfed in and explosion of pink mist, when it had finally cleared he checked his mirror to find his hair and eyebrows had been turned pink and the hair on his head was stood bolt upright but there appeared to be no force holding it up, it could be pressed down but would spring back with great force if not held down, cutting it would cause rapid regrowth back to what appeared to be a set length and there appeared to be a faint colour change in the regrowth. A dull glow eminated from his hair and as his breeze flowed through, it would pick up traces on the lemony grandmothers house scent the mushroom had before exploding. This would come to be known as the "Mushroom Mishap". Gus' journey continued past a camp of orcs known as the "Rotten Tongue Tribe" who normally would have been violent but instead were totally taken aback by the sudden emergence of a ship with a strange pink haired man on the mast, he bartered for safe passage and continued on before succumbing to his ever increasing hallucinations, not much was remembered from the ordeal except for a vague memory regarding a cave in which he learned the true meaning of love, but he wished to never speak of it again. He blacked out shortly after, and awoke at the end of a river by the city of Starfall, most of his supplies gone, the kitchen ransacked (though he may have done that himself), left only with a bard's kit, some cooking equipment, rations and a kite one would fly at the beach (where it came from he may never know), he purchased some weapons and armour and listened to ssome rumours, apparently the magical fire at torch had disappeared and some people had consumed some of the black sludge found at the bottom of the pit resulting in some rather interesting side effects. This news intrigued Gus and he set sail for Torch, where will this new adventure take him...?