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  1. Azabes


    Thank you like all servers still much we are trying to improve
  2. Azabes

    Hello there.

    Welcome If want or need any help please just ask
  3. Azabes

    The Dragon Prince

    Its an anime/cartoon based show as a Netflix original I have watched both S1 and 2 now and have really liked it
  4. Azabes

    Vikings - T.V Show

    I agree it is a great show
  5. Azabes


    i like it im up to date with it atm
  6. Azabes

    I'm not good at Introductions.. But here we go..

    I wasn't in pub missed that one but most others I was h1z1 wasnt bad but felt lacking
  7. Azabes

    I'm not good at Introductions.. But here we go..

    haha yer to true
  8. Azabes


    Gotham I have been really liking has been a very interesting and twisting beast the first season was slow and hard to really love but I feel that the S2 and S3 have really picked up and has been very interesting
  9. Azabes

    Punisher - T.V Show

    i agree it wasn't bad overall just sorta felt like it fell short some how
  10. Azabes

    I'm not good at Introductions.. But here we go..

    ohh yer and some i even got to be in alpha and beta stages ?
  11. Azabes


    nice bro great to see you in the server
  12. Azabes

    I'm not good at Introductions.. But here we go..

    Nice i can't help but notice how many of those games i have played myself hahaha
  13. Azabes

    Noremac Bealthus

    Name: Noremac Bealthus DOB: 01/06/1992 Background: His up bring normal had some crazy adrenaline-fueled stunts and fun with his younger brothers but as they got older they started to hang out with some criminal types after some small run in with the Police Noremac decided to change his life and become a police officer Ever since he joined the PD he has tried his hardest to look out for those that might be on the wrong path and help them back on to the right side of the law and this has caused him to become apart of the DOA section. He has also become a probation Training Officer
  14. Azabes

    My backround

    Heya all, My Gamer Tag is Azabes or my main character in the game is Noremac Bealthus, Just to give you all a chance to know me and my background I thought I would drop a post here. I have been gaming for around 13 or so years now and of that time I have been RPing in some way for around 6-8 years and have loved every minute of my experience. My most recent experience was through an Arma 3 Australian life Moded server which I played on for around almost 2 years, I started out doing normal and criminal jobs for a bit before I looked into joining their police department which is where I spent the rest of my time basically from then on. I start at the bottem and slowly over 6 months i worked my way up to being a Inspector, when i was Seargent i got involed with the Training side of Police, which at that time had 1 member and the anyone who was Inspctor or above to help out. after about a month of that the other person left (he was away basicly when i started due to IRL) and i was given more control over the section as i had help re-make the interveiw proccess so was more flexible, i was also promoted to being a Inspector and invited into IA (Internal Affairs) after about 2 week i was given full control over the Training section and could change how ever i wanted. About a year passed and i had also gotten into the Wolf Squad (SWAT) and become a Superintedante and at this time we had gone through 3 Commisioners and where heading on the fourth. At the same time we had some major power plays from groups that had gotten into the police department and was useing there positions to stop people from being promoted because they didnt like them, after a long hard slog we found out most of the people and had PM, voice and Video of these people doing these things, and had found out that the new comm who had only been there for just over 2 mounths was in and supported it. Needless to say this was taken to the Admins and Owners the police department lost around 20 people from its rooster and 1 admin and 3 moderators also lost the roles, and we where left with out a Comm which is when i was aske to put my name down for Comm, and via a vote by admins and owners was passed my name and one other to the inspectors and above to choose which one. which turned out to be me after a 4 months of trying to rebuild and repair the police force i had picked up a full time job and i was no longer able to do both. So i left and for a while stop gaming for the most part till i moved for Uni and found this amazing server