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  1. Dorpz

    What it do

    It's Dorpz not Dropz ? I get that all the time haha But thank you for the warm welcome and for all you do
  2. Dorpz

    What it do

    I'm just wanting to pop my head in and say hi! I'm Dorpz. I've played a fair bit of RP in the past but it has been a while since I found a decent city. I tried a few servers out and this one really seems to be nice, there are no overly harsh rules and you don't have to walk everywhere, which is great. I intend to stick around here and I intend to stream here whenever I play, you can check me out here if you want https://www.twitch.tv/dorpz though it isn't the most exciting channel. (there may be some call of duty gameplay there too, so be warned.) My current character is Jeff Hoxton, he's a bit of a loser but he means well. He can't drive well and is terrible at life. You'll be seeing a lot of him I'm sure. I'm not sure what his destiny is yet, perhaps he will end up as a police officer or medic. Or maybe he will end up being a regular client of those people. Whatever happens, Jeff has your back. Probably. I don't know.