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An Actual Duck

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  1. An Actual Duck

    Hello. New to this community.

    Hi my man! Welcome to the community! We have a lot of very professional and fun whitelisted emergency jobs such as police, ems and mechanic. All jobs are really fun with there own perks. Good luck and feel free to message the staff team or ask questions in the main discord if you have any issues!
  2. An Actual Duck

    Nice to meet you all!

    Hey Mr Noah! Good to have you with us! Thank you so much for your kind words. Hope to see you around!
  3. An Actual Duck

    Hi There, *Quack*

    Why hello there! My name is An Actual Duck or my human name is Kasey Quack. New to this town but spent a lot of time in a town known as Darkrp. Looking foward to meeting new people and working way way to becoming the first Duck Paramedic!