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  1. Hi my Discord is Gxippy#0763 my steam is Gxippybtw01 And my ingame name is Pablo Escobar i was banned by Xaoddam Till Usa date 01/04/2021 i would like to appeal my ban because that day was a bad day because i had reported multiple fail by kids in discord calls killing us with shotguns by just pulling it out and i was agitated Because i found the kid that stole my car i went to get it back and he killed me by doing a glitch hit or a Speed hit which is against the rules and when i told the cop he arrested me instead of the guy and i told him and instead of listening he charged me with stalking and harassment then when i told him he told me to shut up and i said yall cops are being shit Which i do sincerely apologize for which was all by means my wrong but i wish i could get unbanned because i was telling the cops all that day about fail rp but they was siding with the people cause they were there friends So is their anyway u guys can unlift the ban cause i am deeply sorry for my actions and i wont ever do it again please and thank u!

    1. Fälix


      did you get back in?