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  1. BillyMDShepard

    Bank Loan

    Steam name: Ελλαδα Aussie Designz  Discord name: stutututu#8965 Character name for loan: Billy Shepard Pre Existing customer: No Title: Mr Gender: Male Civil Status: Single Nationality: Australian/Greek Date of Birth: (28/11/1982)  Place of Birth: Los Santo Present Home Address: CA Zip Code: Los santos Phone Number: Joined OBTEKRP: A month or two ago. Type of Employment : Alpha Trucking. Length of Service: Since I joined the city  Potential Collateral Assets: Karin Intruder (modified), Bison, Manchez (maxxed out), Amount Requested: 3mil To buy a house.
  2. BillyMDShepard


    First two weeks in, already had to throw someones motorbike in the ocean, because they stole mine. Bloody cunts!