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  1. Yo wtf is wrong with this community man fuckkng blaming me for alts your acting as if I'm the same person when am not the fuck I'm fucking new to city and my friend showed me the discord like tf this is some shit server get a life than blaming fellow innocent players tf

    1. BlueVantra


      You're Funny

    2. RollyRolly


      Nah I ain't funny bro your the one here who's all joke.


  2. can you look at my app soon


  3. // Approved I've invited you to the Fire & Rescue discord.
  4. BlueVantra

    More hairstyles

    Hello Thank you for your suggestion I'll try these on my Dev server when I have the free time and get back to you.
  5. BlueVantra


    Hello Managing ranks between employees would most likely have to be an airline boss. If you wish to discuss this further contact me on discord.
  6. BlueVantra

    Ammo System for Police, Combat Pistols, Body Armor

    Good Evening, Thank you for your suggestion. I've passed this onto other admins to review as well.
  7. BlueVantra

    Hi everyone

    Welcome, hopefully to see you around at some point.
  8. Thank you for your sugguestion. I'll bring this up in the next admin meeting and let you know of the outcome.
  9. BlueVantra

    Improved jail system

    Hello Jay, Thank you for your suggestion. I am currently looking at a new jail system that has better interior than the current one, as well with a courthouse. Once I have more inforatmion I'll let you know.
  10. BlueVantra

    Main Garage - Loitering

    Good Morning, We are currently looking into this, I will provide you an update once we have decided best cause of action.
  11. BlueVantra

    Hey there

    Good Morning, Welcome to OblivionTek. I'll point you to our guide that is the most useful for new players Guide: https://goo.gl/XaF6A5 Rules: