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  1. Mjoirdeth

    Bank loan application

    //Pre-Approved I will be in touch with you shortly.
  2. Mjoirdeth

    Bank Loan

    //PreApproved I will be in touch with you shortly.
  3. Mjoirdeth

    Fredrick Lamar

    //APPROVED You will be hearing from us shortly.
  4. Mjoirdeth

    Bank Loan Application

    //DENIED Unfortunately at this time we will not be able to process this loan.
  5. Mjoirdeth

    Bank Loan Application

    //APPROVED I will be contacting you via txt msg soon.
  6. Mjoirdeth

    Bank Loan

    //DENIED At this time we can not push through this loan request. If you have any questions please contact Viktor Madsen via discord ( Mjoirdeth#2624 ).
  7. Mjoirdeth

    Bank loan application

    //Approved Please contact me via discord ( Mjoirdeth#2624 ) with the license plate numbers of stated vehicles.