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  1. Broncobilly

    Blian County Commissioner

    I am Bronco Billy, You will only know Me as that! I have No other names or "cousins" I am Just simply "Me" most of you know me or of me. If you don't you most likely will. I say that with only good intentions. That being said I have seen a serious need for Citizen Government "Internal" or even a functioning one at all! This can be Much more simple than it sounds so here me out.....My Proposal is to start a campaign for both "Mayor" and "Blain County Commissioner" I am throwing my hat in the ring NOW! for Commiss. This will be the Biggest and most definitely the most Important Adventure I have ever taken on! But I "Bronco Billy" am willing to do it with your help. So let me lay it out..... Basically we would have to have an "in City" Election for both Mayor and Commissioner and there should be an election once every (IRL) year even if there is no competition for the position. So the Election is a "No Brainer" but what is our Public office job you may ask? As "Blain County Commissioner" My job is to be a microphone for the people that has more clarity and amplification than the ordinary or New Citizen. I will also be wearing a very Large set of ears , that will have more precise effect on the Federal "State" government.(and will be listened to by fine tuned ears of the state) I won't be making "Laws" that's for the Feds! but I will give you a better voice in that. I will be making and enforcing "rules of ethics" upon My county as The Los Santos Mayor would do as well Usually with the full support of our Law enforcement Emergency Services and State Government! You see..."If you want the wheel to say true...you must have good spokes" we are the spokes and together "We" make the wheel! I Bronco Billy, Promise you that I can do this while running my multiple businesses because "I" have a "Team" that stretches from shore to shore! So what I'm really asking is.....Do "you" want to be on My Team? The City is in a state of change, revamp, and also extreme vulnerability. NOW! is the time to Build "serious" Internal Citizen government structure and I can only do it if you join my team! Which is really" Your Team" I have big ears and an even Bigger Mic.! please feel free to DM me on this subject and comment on this post so "your Voice" will be heard from my Huge! Mic.! Bronco Billy