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  1. Kylejankins0


    Change your name i am the only bird man around here ? How ya going mate
  2. Kylejankins0

    Ammo System for Police, Combat Pistols, Body Armor

    Yeah i agree, i would like to see this happen as it does feel as if when im on Jimmy i have a large advantage over criminals. ( Which i aint complaining about ? )
  3. Kylejankins0

    Being Able To Move Around In Cuffs

    Recently I've seen alot of people not very happy about not being able to move around whilst in cuffs ( as IRL in cuffs you can just run if you really wanted to ) It'd be good for people if they could move around in cuffs in certain situations such as being a passenger in a vehicle pursuit, If 1 suspect ran on foot and an officer placed their friend in cuffs their mate would most likely come back and try to rescue them, if this goes wrong and the officer goes down with their mate still in cuffs the suspect has nothing to do about it in the situation. If there could be a system of just being able to move around in cuffs this could prevent such situations. ( Maybe being able to add a lock picking system for cuffs aswell but it'd be a lengthy process few minutes )