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Fire & Rescue - Paramedic, Fire Fighter or Doctor Application Structure

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Make sure you follow this structure when applying for an Fire & Rescue Rank - DO NOT write your application below. Make a new thread for your application otherwise your post will be deleted without warning. 
Los Santos Fire & Rescue Applications are open! We would like to remind everyone that you cannot apply for both EMS & Law Enforcement at the same time, and ask that you make a decision as to which department you would like to join.

We can't wait to have you as part of our growing department. Please fill out the application for the chance to join us. We are looking for both experienced and inexperienced Medics & Fire Fighters. We ask that applicants are a local citizen in the city of Los Santos to have at least 10 hours plus, before applying. This will give you the opportunity to familiarize yourself with both the city and its citizens. It will also give you the opportunity to gain valuable experience. 

Note: If you are hired for Fire & Rescue you are required to put the majority of your effort into EMS. Fires can be attended to when there is no calls through dispatch. Before approval there is an interview stage, you will be contacted on the forums or discord to attend an Interview with a Command Team Member of Fire & Rescue. Asking for applications to be approved will not accelerate their approval time. Do not approach admins to get your applications approved as it may negatively impact your application.  


- Fire & Rescue: Roleplay Name:

- Discord Username: (including the identifier, it should contain "#" )

- Steam Username:

- Real Age: 

- Mobile Number: (In game)

- Department you applying for: (Paramedic, Doctor / Nurse / Fire or Pillbox Receptionist)

- Reasons why we should pick you: (Minimum 75 Words)

- Any additional talents/skills:

- Is your microphone clear to understand? 

-Have you ever used PlaysTV / OBS or other screen recording software:

-How many computer screens do you have?

- How do you react to stress: (Minimum 50 Words) 

- How well can you multitask? (You will be requested to do patient medical paperwork for the EMS Cad)

- What is RDM & VDM: (Explain an Example of both)

- What is New Life Rule:

- What is Metagaming:

- What are your availability like: (When you are available to hop on)

- Number of Hours spent on server: (Base requirement 10+ Hours)

- Type of License held:

- Your Sponsor: (Please Read: This section is NOT mandatory however, it will help fast-track your approval. Your sponsor needs to be a high ranking officer in either ems or police. )

If you have any questions regarding the Fire & Rescue role or the job applications please don't hesitate to contact me directly by Forums or Discord BlueVantra#2726


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