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Steam Name: ClayStation
Discord Name: LokeyGarbo#0495
Character name for loan: First Middle Last: George Bonklesnorf

Pre Existing customer:  NO

Mother’s Maiden Name: Danelle 

Title: Mr.

Gender: Male 

Civil Status: Single

Nationality: WHITE

Date of Birth:(13/2/2003)

Place of Birth: California

Present Home Address: N/A

Zip Code: Los Santos

Phone Number: 600-2356

Joined OBTEKRP: Wed, Sep 30, 2020 1:46 AM

Type of Employment: mechanic

Employment Status: Permanent

Length of Service:(11/2020)

Position: apprentice 

Employer Name: Mr. Mosley

Potential Collateral Assets: Camaro, Nissan 370Z, the house and car I will use the money to buy

Requested amount: 3 Million to buy a house and a Ferrari 

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