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Police Application Structure

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Interested in applying for the force? Start by completing our application below

Please note there is a requirement of having AT LEAST 15+ active hours on the server

Interested in what being a Police Officer is like? Or have any questions? Contact a Police Officer.

We retain the right to decline you at any time during your application process if you are caught doing higher illegal crimes (Drugs, Bank Robbery or Gang-related activities). If you have a history with breaking rules this could also affect your chances. We may reject your application if is not filled in with detail & no genuine effort is present.


==========================Application Structure==========================

- Discord Username: (including the identifier, it should contain "#" )

- Steam Username/IGN:

- Age:

- Roleplay Character Name (The one you wish to be a Officer if you have more than one Character):

- Interested Patrol Location (City, Sandy Shores, Paleto):

- Reasons why we should pick you: (Minimum 75 Words)

- Any additional talents/skills:

-Have you ever used OBS or other screen recording software:

- How do you react to stress : (Min 50 Words)

- What are your availabilities like (When you are available to hop on)

- What is Metagaming?

- What is Random Death Match (RDM)

- What is NLR (New Life Rule)

- I accept that I forfeit the right to play as a criminal (**Read Clause 1**)?

- Number of Hours spent on the server: (Base requirement 25+ Hours, have your best guess)

- Your Sponsor(Police)(Optional):

-Your Sponsor(EMS)(Optional):

(Please Read: This section is NOT mandatory however, it will help fast-track your approval to the police force. Your sponsor needs to be at least a Rank of Constable with in the police. Ems is also acceptable but must be above their Probation Rank)

==============================End of Application===========================

*Clause 1: All new police officers that are accepted to the force are prohibited from roleplaying as a criminal character until they reach the "Constable" rank. This is a measure OblivionTek has put in place so metagaming/power gaming is avoided for amateur or inexperienced roleplayers. The constable rank is next after the rank you achieve after training. (Probationary Constable)

*Please note that if any of the report is missing/incomplete, the application will be declined automatically.*


*Please note, continuously pestering staff for the status of an application will lead to the application being delayed even further.

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