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Steam Name: Shan0sNz
Discord Name: Shan0sNz #1165
Character name for loan: Shane Williams

Pre Existing customer: No

Mother’s Maiden Name: Williams

Title: Mr.

Gender: Male

Civil Status: Separated 

Nationality: Kiwi NZ

Date of Birth: 08-05-1985

Place of Birth: New Zealand

Present Home Address: Dont Own a house

Zip Code: n/a

Phone Number: 1235

Joined OBTEKRP: August 2020

Type of Employment: LNF & Abator

Employment Status: Permanent/Regular

Length of Service: Current

Position: Butcher / Economy Pilot

Employer Name: City Employment

Potential Collateral Assets: Widebody mustang, Limited ZL1 Camaro, Jeep, Merc e63

Amount Requested: Upto 2mil but happy with anything as its basically to help fix up my cars and potentially buy a house etc. Trying to get somewhat sorted to possibly join the rangers.

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