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OblivionTek Roleplay Server Rules

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1. Community Respect:

You are here to have fun, if you cannot have fun without ruining someone else's fun, then OBTK may not be for you. This means that harassment, bullying or intimation is not tolerated within the OBTK server or community. If a member of the admin team notifies you that you have broken a rule, accept it and move on. Continuing to argue the point, especially in an abusive way, will only see extended consequences or punishments. If banned, take the time to think about your actions and submit an appeal through the OBTK forums, this is the only correct course of action if you feel your ban should be reviewed. If you bring up your ban outside of the forum (without consent) your ban appeal will not be reviewed. If you fail to respect a staff member or continue to harass and bully community members you may be banned from OBTK permanently.


2. No Discrimination:

Negative, derogatory and hurtful comments on someone's race, gender, sexuality, ability or disability or any form of their identity will not be tolerated within the OBTK server or community. Any discriminatory or derogatory term can fall within this rule - when in doubt and if it might offend or hurt someone, don't say it! If you are also a party to or supporting someone else's discriminatory comments you may be exposed to the same level of consequences. Staff have the final word on this matter, we cannot stress this enough - It’s not tolerated!


3. Reporting Misconduct:

If you believe a player has broken a rule you should not break character or break role-play. You will also need to be able to provide evidence of the concern you have. There is only two correct ways to report rule breaking or a player. The first way to report is through /report or /calladmin - When using this method ensure to provide details (including their ID if possible). If you simply say "pop in my head real quick" or "help" your request will be ignored. The second way to report is through opening a ticket in the OBTK discord. Misuse of either of these reporting methods may have consequences. Using methods other than these two options, like direct messaging staff directly (without consent) or using the /ooc function to call someone out or to be toxic may result in consequences. Additionally, character related discussion should stay in city, do not use /ooc to complain about a situation you had in city - You may be given a timeout for unnecessary use of /ooc.


4. Modifications:

Want to make your game look amazing? Good news, you're allowed to install graphic modifications that increase your games graphic fidelity (like Natural Vision & QuantV). Want to install third party software to get an unfair advantage and treat the OBTK like your own personal PVP aim trainer? Well prepare to be told to uninstall your modifications or risk being punished. OBTK does not allow the use of graphic modifications that increase combat advantage, we cannot stress enough that this is NOT a PVP server. Do not use graphic modifications that; change or remove objects (like trees, vegetation or doors) or, adds bullet tracing or, changes the hit registration or, alters the sky/time/weather.  Third-party software like trainers and injectors will be treated as hacking and you may be permanently banned. If you are in-doubt whether you can use a modification within OBTK, raise a ticket to the OBTK discord and ask - It's better to be told no than to suffer consequences.


5. Exploiting:

If you find an exploit, bug or glitch within the server, report it to staff immediately and do not discuss or advertise it with other community members. Using any exploit (including to attempt to duplicate any item) can result in an immediate and permanent ban without warning or your account wiped. Additionally, you should not exploit any time based monetary or non-monetary reward or payment system within server. If you are AFK for a prolonged period of time (15 minutes during peak time), you risk being kicked from the server and possibly having your account wiped if found to be farming rewards.


6. Mature Themes:

No character within OBTK should be under the age of 18 unless approved by an admin. In saying this, you must be mindful of mature themes. OBTK will not tolerate role-play themes relating to sexual harassment or sexual assault. Suicide role-play is also not allowed in OBTK unless prior arrangements have been made with an admin. Importantly, if another player tries to disengage from you or tells you that you are making them uncomfortable or to stop because your comments are impacting their wellbeing you must disengage. If you want to be a troll, you can find another server to play in. Staff ultimately have the final decision around what would be considered as reasonable or inappropriate.


7. Breaking Character:

OBTK is a role-play server, this means that whilst logged into the server you must stay in character at all times. This means you cannot scream "fail RP" or "VDM, VDM, VDM". If you have been run over by another player, say it - "someone just ran me over". If you have been killed without initiation, say it - "they just killed me for no reason, just shot me out of nowhere". If you died from a glitch, be creative - refrain from mentioning words like OOC, glitch or scuff - Instead try and use 'real-world' words. The only time you are permitted to talk out of character while in city is when approached by a staff member and it has been made clear that the situation is out of character. An admin plays a character in city and their character is separate to their admin duties, therefore do not approach an admins character to discuss an admin situation (without consent). To ensure an enjoyable experience for all, if a member of staff finds you breaking character, you will face timeouts or more serious consequences.


8. Initiation:

Verbal initiation is required (it is your responsibility to make sure they can hear you) and when initiating you should give clear consequences for non-compliance - "hands, hands, hands" and then shooting someone is not initiation. Instead, be creative - it is important to note that killing someone should be your final option. You must give a reasonable timeframe for someone to comply (no less than 5 seconds - may be longer under some circumstance, like if someone if in the middle of an animation they cannot exit). If someone is AFK (daydreaming/in head) - do not kill them (if you suspect they are faking it, refer to rule 3). If the scenario relates to a gang situation, only one person from the gang is required to initiate (approved and probationary gangs), however you must all be identifiable and within your gang mask/fit, otherwise any other party must also initiate. Initiation rules can be different for police vs criminal activities. Lights and sirens can be deemed as initiation - but does not give you the right to instantly shoot. Additionally, criminals may have a kill on sight (KOS) order during some police scenarios, however other options may be explored as well.


9. Random Death Match:

You think you can just start attacking anyone whenever you want? Think again - you must verbally engage and initiate in a genuine RP scenario. Be creative because remember killing should be your final option, no exceptions. Try and kidnap someone or threaten them try and RP it out without just shooting blindly, OBTK is a role-play server - so role-play. Additionally, we do not permit the posting of montages that only consist of kills without any RP within the OBTK discord. If you wish to post a montage in the OBTK discord, include the storyline and role-play elements.


10. Vehicle Death Match:

Did you know that vehicles were built so you can travel from one location to another location? They were not built to be weapons. Purposefully ramming people off bikes or repeatedly ramming other cars (other than a pit maneuver conducted at a realistic speeds) or running people over is not permitted. If someone is shooting at your car (and you are already in motion or have a safe and realistic exit opportunity) you should flee. The use of your vehicle as a weapon is prohibited on the server. This includes ramming people off bikes or repeatedly ramming other cars. Be creative with your role-plays. If someone is shooting at you then use your vehicle to make a run for it, don't use it to kill them.


11. Roleplaying Injuries:

Have you been hit, shot, involved in car accident, fallen from a high place, been hurt by any kind of method imaginable or killed? You should role play your injuries, you're not Superman! If you have been hurt, act it. You can use /openskelly to see where your injuries are, and you should act accordingly. If you have just been killed, you are not going to just get up and start running - think how it would be in real-life and make your recovery realistic. If you are being attended to by emergency services, state the assistance you need "I need a patch up" is not stating the assistance you need. "Can you patch me up? I have a sore arm and need a bandage for my cut" is more realistic. Consequences may apply if you are not realistically roleplaying your injuries, so consider the role-play experience carefully.


12. Fear RP & value of life:

Remember you're not Superman, so you must fear for your life and value everyone's life. You cannot be fearless in the sight of danger or intentionally want to die. If you have a gun to your head without cover and without a reasonable way to defend yourself (your weapon is not already drawn), you should comply with your captors. You should not be intentionally wanting to cause harm to someone without a valid role-play reason. This also means causing harm to NPC (locals).  If you see a shootout, you should avoid the area (don't run up and get in the way of this role-play).


13. Death and New Life Rule:

If you have been killed, do not talk - you must wait until emergency services come to revive you or someone carries you to hospital and you have been revived. If you have been revived (by emergency services or by being carried to a hospital) you cannot remember anything from the time you died until you were revived. As an example, this means that if someone stole your car while you’re dead, you don’t know that information. If you have been killed and are unable to be revived you will respawn at Mt Zonah, if this occurs you do not remember the circumstances leading up to your death or during the time you were dead. You must not go back to the original scene and location of your death, and you are not to seek revenge of the person who killed you. Body-camera, Dash-camera or any other footage or any cannot be used to learn information. The only way you are able to know how you died, is if someone tells you in city. If someone is dead, you are not permitted to rob them, transfer items from them, or take them hostage. If you killed someone you are also not able to continue to body camp or mag-dump into them or interfere with them being revived. Toxic behaviour or comments aimed at someone who has died is also not permitted (remember rule 1). Are you wanting to get someone help by carrying them to the hospital? You can, but only if you know a situation has ended, you can then be a good Samaritan and /carry someone to hospital. Do not use and abuse /carry to interrupt a role-play scenario or just to "get the win".


14. Combat logging:

Disconnecting from the server while dead or during an active role-play scene, especially to circumvent a negative outcome (like a police scenario) is not allowed. Disconnecting during these events is known as combat logging. If you have no other choice, you must first request permission from an admin. If your game crashes, you should use the OBTK discord to report your disconnection through #client-report. You will be required to provide evidence in these events. Additionally, while dead, and in an active police situation, you should not opt to respawn at Mt Zonah prior to the full countdown timer expiring (this is know as forcing the light). You need to wait out your full death timer, as this will also be treated as combat logging. Should you disregard this rule, you will face continued consequences.

15. Hostage and robbery:

Hostage, kidnapping and robberies are only allowed when police are on duty. You must ensure you initiate and continue to clearly communicate with your hostage. If you have robbed someone, you are not permitted to kill them. The only time you would be allowed to kill someone after robbing them is if you have been forced to defend yourself. You should not rob someone without role-play. If your intent is to only rob people and be a troll, maybe you should find another server. You are only able to rob people for what is in their personal inventory (no forcing them to unlock an already locked car, go to the bank or sign over property). You cannot rob someone for more than $75,000 (both legal and illegal items). You are also not able to rob people for whitelisted items (eg. Wedding Rings and Boomboxes). The only items excluded from this limit are guns and items that do not have an inherent in-city value (like loot-boxes). If you are unsure if the item is part of the limit, ask an admin. You are not allowed to request emergency services, police, mechanics or other services and amenities with the intent to rob them and you cannot steal mechanic, EMS or police only items. Additionally, you cannot steal any weapon from police. You are not allowed to take an EMS or police officer hostage for more than 20 minutes' worth of idle time. Police and EMS can only be taken hostage for high-quality heist scenarios.


16. Timers:

OBTK is not a PVP server so you should not be constantly chasing a shootout or being violent. If you have robbed someone (who is not in a gang) or taken them hostage or killed them, you have a 2 hour cool down on this person (if you are part of a gang, then the 2 hours cool down applies to your entire gang). The 2 hour timer also applies to the person / people that you (and your gang, if applicable) have targeted. If the person / people that you have targeted are part of a known group (other than a gang) the 2-hour timer is applicable to all members of the known group irrespective of them being involved in the original scene. If you are in a gang vs gang situation the timer is 30 minutes (this means if you rob or kill someone or multiple people within a gang then your entire gang will have a 30-minute timer). Once a gang vs gang situation has ended neither gang should be hostile to each other for another 30 minutes. If you are in a situation involving police (solo or gang), the timer is 30 minutes (even if no shots were fired, this means if a police officer attends your scenario, you cannot start another scenario that would attract police for another 30 minutes). Back-to-back shootouts with Police every 30 minutes are not recommended. If you intend to plan a shootout with Police (set up a scene) - You will have a cool down timer of 1.5 hours before stating another preplanned shootout. If an admin requests you to change up your role-play tactic, you need to comply. Remember rule 1, your fun should not come at the expense of other people's fun. If you are part of a gang, you cannot remove your mask just to circumvent the timer rule.


17. Planning and repetition:

You should give enough time to plan your heists, robberies and other role-play scenarios (is 15 minutes either side of server restart enough time to plan?).  This means that you should not be connecting to the server and then instantly robbing someone or taking someone hostage for a heist. If there is only 15 minutes before server restart, why are you doing something illegal? You are only allowed to have a maximum of 8 gang members or non-affiliated members in any one situation (maximum allowed per side is 8 - however, member limits do not apply for Police). This does not mean that when 1 person dies, you can add a new person to the scenario. You should also not be engaging in the same shootout location time and time again. Additionally, you don't have to win every time, so do not pick a location simply for a combat advantage (like Docks areas, Red Car Garage, Daily Globe /Green Building, etc), make your scenario fun for everyone. When engaging in a police scenario, you must also have the intention to escape (unless the scenario is your preplanned shootout - remember 1.5 hour cool down). If you have a chance to escape you must take it, do not hang around a scene and do not return (unless attempting to break a member of your gang out of police custody). Planning to smash your own car just to start a shootout will not be tolerated. Similarly, starting heist or police related situation with the knowledge of a low police presence with the intent to thin out the police or to maximize your chances of winning is not allowed.


18. Driving & appropriate vehicles:

Can that car realistically go off road? If it's not an off-road car, it should stay on road. Accidents do happen, and if you find yourself slightly off road with an on-road car - drive realistically, do not continue to floor it. Instead, slow down and drive as if you would in real life. Additionally, just because a car is off road, does not mean you should full send the vehicle off a cliff. All driving should be somewhat realistic. This also means, don't drive cars and bikes in buildings not designed for cars. Additionally, if you are the driver of any vehicle, you are not permitted to shoot whilst the vehicle is moving, if you are not the driver than realistic speeds apply, also refer to rule 8. If your car has been disabled due to a high-speed collision, refer to rule 11. Stunt jumps are not allowed in OBTK, drive over any obstacle or jump with care.  Stealing Emergency vehicles is not allowed, unless there is no other option for you to flee a scene. If you are in the middle of an active chase (or other related scenario), you cannot put away your vehicle or pull out a new vehicle unless permission has been given (Police allow you to put your car away prior to be detained or your captor allows you to put your car away before being taken hostage - though, do not abuse this kind gesture). Criminal activity is not permitted in bulletproof vehicles or aircraft. If you have been given access to civilian aircraft, you can only land on non-emergency helipads or on your own property if it is realistic to do so (planes can only land at airports). If you are flying in the city area, you must remain above Maze Bank tower. If you are flying rural/regional, make it realistic. Height and landing restrictions do not apply to whitelisted emergency services aircraft, you are to follow the rules outlined by these departments.


19. Safe zones:

There are designated safe zones across the server, you cannot pull your weapons out or attack people at these locations. Additionally, you are not allowed to camp a safe zone. Do not abuse these locations. Police Stations, Court houses and Prisons are also safe zones, this means that you cannot engage in illegal or violent situations in the areas that surround these locations (so don't hold up police at Sandy Shores police station, etc). If you have been unsuccessful in breaking your gang member out of custody prior to them arriving at the Police Station or Prison, you must disengage, and you cannot break them out.


20. Metagaming:

Your character should not act on any information or knowledge your character should not have access to within the city. OBTK does not tolerate metagaming. This includes using/transferring information across your characters or using information attained outside of the city (for example via Discord or a stream). We understand that sometimes you may need to “email” someone through discord, please ensure you are identifying that it is in character and limit your reliance on this communication method (do not abuse discord “emails” to gain in city knowledge). Using Discord servers or any other form of service outside of the OBTK FiveM Server to sell in city assets is disingenuous to the kind of organic RP OBTK is trying to achieve, if your Discord is deemed to be conflicting with metagame rules, you may be asked to terminate your Discord or risk being banned. Your characters do not talk to each other, so do not say "Oh my cousin wanted to tell you" - Instead connect to the server on that character and tell the other character directly. Just because you know someone on one character, does not mean you know them on your other character. All communication should be done within city, this means no "earpieces" are to be worn (no external out of city communication, like Discord calls), you communicate through in city radio, mobile and in city voice only. Characters employed by EMS, Police and Mechanics can use information from their respective Discords. But your other characters must not use the same information (for example your criminal character cannot know how many police are on duty using the police discord). If you are in city, do not watch a stream of someone else in city and use that information within city. You cannot use /ooc to find out information related to in city scenarios. information.


21. Powergaming:

Do not use unrealistic forms of role-play in order to give yourself an advantage. Using mechanics that you know will result in exploiting the advantage will be met with severe consequences. An example of powergaming could be killing someone in a spot you know they cannot be revived from. Another example of powergaming is hearing someone's conversation from another side of a wall and acting on that information (like if someone is in the cells under Mission Row Police Station, you can hear people in the cells from the street above but acting on this information would be powergaming). The use of /freecam for anything other than taking photos is powergaming (it is not a drone for you to use to gather information about your surroundings/scenario)


22. Low Quality:

We're going to say it again, OBTK is a role-play server - So role-play. Come up with creative and fun scenarios, do not engage and encourage low quality role-play. Low quality role-play can be shooting a local, taking someone hostage as soon as they connect to the server, repeatedly doing the same scenario over and over again (and the list goes on). Would you shoot randomly at a car, or at a wall or on the ground in real life? No - so don't do it in OBTK. Have a valid reason to draw your weapon and have a valid reason to fire your weapon. Do not engage in cop baiting and being violent and reckless just to pass the time. Staff have the final say if something you're doing is low quality, so do not argue if you have been asked to stop. When in doubt, refer to rules 1, 2 and 3.


23. Clothing, Gang fits and organisational uniforms:

Your clothing should be appropriate for the scenario you are doing (you would not walk-up Mt Chilliad in your swimming gear). If you are asked to remove an item of clothing by an admin, you must comply. Admins will provide you with the reason behind this, if you feel this is unreasonable you can open a ticket within the OBTK discord, however, you must still comply in the moment. You must not imitate or pretend to be a police officer, mechanic or EMS/Fire Fighter - All clothing relating to these roles can only be worn by characters whitelisted to these roles. Your gang/non-gang organisation must have at least 8 members to classify itself as a gang/non-gang organisation and claim clothing. Gangs can claim 1 mask to identify themselves and 1 uniform to wear during wars or official gang related events. You are not allowed to claim a mask unless you are an approved gang, see the Gang Handbook for information. You are also not allowed to wear a claimed gang mask if you are not part of that gang. Non gang related organisations can claim 1 tie and 1 uniform to wear during official events. Should there be another party who wishes to use your claimed mask (approved gangs only)/tie/clothing than you should role-play this out and settle it through role-play. Admins will only get involved as a last resort or in the event of unauthorized wearing of a gang mask. 


24. You need a microphone to play in OBTK

Role-play and and OBTK is built on communication, if you do not have a working microphone, please do not join the OBTK server. Also, when having difficulties hearing or speaking to someone, do not break character, try and fix the problem through settings and use in city language.



Violations of the OBTK community guidelines can and will result in; either a verbal or written warning (both of these warnings can go on your record, so don't think either is less severe) or, a kick from the server or, a timeout (this is a short less than 1 day ban that cannot be appealed) or, a ban (this can be time based or permanent and may not be appealable). Other consequences can be; having items removed from you or having your account wiped. Additionally, you can be muted or banned from the OBTK discord or have access to channel restricted. This is not a definitive list of all consequences and staff, or the server owner has the final say in relation to what consequence you will receive.


Other conditions

OBTK reserves the right to ban anyone that is suspected of cheating or exploiting, without warning. OBTK does not share the evidence we have been provided to any member of the community, so please do not ask for the evidence that we have. If you are no longer deemed a vested player within OBTK your items may be repossessed and, at any time, your account may be wiped or altered. If you have been banned your assets will not be able to be transferred to any other player in the server. The community guidelines of OBTK are fluid, this means that they can and will change without warning or notification, it is your responsibility to ensure that you are following the rules and being accountable for your actions. You must not use real life money (bitcoin/BTC as it is affectionately known in city) to sell or purchase illegal items (like guns, attachments or drugs) or in city cash (unless purchased directly from the server). Do not use real life money with the intent to crash the in-city economy, doing so will have consequences.


Bitcoin / IRL Currency Exchanges

You are no longer able to sell any of your assets for IRL currency to any other player in the community.

The community has spoken and IRL currency transactions (BTC transactions) are no longer supported for player-to-player transactions. IRL currency transactions are only allowed for payments made to the server directly (example: Dev request, import requests, limited repossessions from the server and VIP transactions). 

If you are found selling assets for IRL currency, then you risk consequences including but not limited to asset repossession and potential bans.



OblivionTek reserves the right to ban/stop access to our services for any member we deem or suspect to be cheating / exploiting in any way.

Failure to follow any of the above-mentioned rules will result in severe penalties regardless of VIP / STREAMER / COMMUNITY LEADER status.

 OblivionTek reserves the right to alter or erase rules at our discretion with no warning or notification.

OblivionTek reserves the right to shut down all services without prior notice or reason.



By playing on OblivionTek / Accessing Our Services you agree to all of the above rules and conditions.



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