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OblivionTek Roleplay Server Rules

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Community Rules

  1. Trolling and Toxic Behavior will not be accepted. We understand banter is a part of gaming however harassment, racism and anti-social behaviour will not be tolerated.

  2. OblivionTek reserves the right to deny service to any users who are disrespectful to staff or community members. 

    a) OblivionTek reserves the right to delete player data and repossess assets in the event that a player is deemed to be inactive and is no longer considered a vested citizen.
  3. If you wish to report a player, a bug or appeal a ban you must do it through the forums and not through discord unless advised by an admin.

  4. If you have been banned do not log in through an alternative account. This will result in your ban being made permanent.

  5. Approaching admins to get whitelist applications approved or bans appealed will not accelerate the approval/appeal process and may negatively impact or delay your application.

  6. Refunds for money and or items will only be considered on a case-by-case basis and only if these have been lost as a result of random deathmatch (RDM) / vehicle deathmatch (VDM) and we deem the proof provided is sufficient.

  7. If you are having issues with another player you should not break roleplay. If the situation is considered to be serious then you may report the player or contact a staff member to help mediate. If the issue spills out into the “Public Area” of OblivionTek then both parties could face penalties.

  8. If you are AFK for 15 minutes during high traffic or 30 minutes during low traffic you may get kicked as well.

    a. AFK Farming this will result in a ban.


Communication Rules


  1. All players must have a working microphone and use this to communicate. Spamming will not be tolerated (Text/Audio).
  2. Metagaming is having an in-game character act on the knowledge that you have access to but your character should not. If you are watching a stream and go to interact with that character this is Metagaming. This includes Stream Sniping.     

  3.  a. Discord or any other external communication outside of OblivionTek Servers are not considered ‘in character’ communication(Even if your conversation is in-character).  

  • b. You CANNOT wear "earpieces" to talk to your friends using other voice systems, all in character knowledge must be gained internally through in-game systems.
  • c. If you use these any service to communicate with friends, these must remain muted when roleplaying to avoid metagaming.
  1. Disconnecting at any time when dead or during an active roleplay situation is considered Combat Logging, regardless of any outside variables. If you did this accidentally you have to notify staff immediately or face penalties. Staff reserves the right to leave penalties up to their discretion.


Initiation Rules

  1.  You must not initiate on someone without a valid roleplay reason, this includes joining random gunfights just for the kills or attacking police to free a random person you have no affiliation with. 
  2. When initiating on someone you must verbally initiate, provide a demand and a consequence - the consequence can result in death or severe injury. The person initiating must have a visible weapon (or threat) to initiate. For example: Give me all your money or I will shoot you in the leg. 
  3. You may only kill someone without prior verbal initiation if one of the following is true
    1. You or someone in your group with the same uniform and or clearly identifiable as the same clothes have been initiated on and you were within the area during the initiation (may be asked to prove you were close to the situation). 
    2. You're within the area of one of your gang/faction members' initiation. 
    3. Someone else in your group with the same uniform as you has already initiated. 
    4. The person has knocked out yourself or a group member maliciously. 
    5. The person initiated on is in your group and they have definitive indicators that they're in your faction (e.g. Police writing on their clothing or same masks or clothes) 
    6. They have stolen your vehicle and you were close to the vehicle. 
    7. Police are allowed to KOS (Officers’ Discretion) if you are seen carrying Rifles and Black market or illegal weapons near any Police Department, Prison or any Public Garages.
  4. It is the initiator's responsibility that their initiation is audible, ie. making sure you are on shout and you can prove beyond a responsible doubt that the person you initiated on can hear you within a reasonable aspect of the situation.
  5. When the police turn on their lights and sirens to attempt to pull you over this is deemed as initiation BUT take into account the situation if you have no warrants or are only being stopped for a traffic violation is it good rp to get out and start shooting or start attacking police?
  6. If you tell your gang/group members that you have initiated in a situation and the initiation is deemed as invalid you will be held responsible. 
  7.  Low-Quality initiations such as “speak or die, etc” are not permitted and will be classed as Low-Quality RP and failed initiations. 
  8. You must give the victim 5 seconds to comply with your directions, unless they have a clear change in behaviour such as starting to run away, pulling a weapon, clearly delaying the situation (Can be considered Fail RP).
  9. After 10 minutes of the final shot being fired or at the conclusion of a situation (such as the criminals escaping a bank robbery) initiation is no longer valid and all parties must re-engage in initiation in order to re-engage in combat. 
  10. Civilians may only deliberately ram other vehicles while in initiation. If rammed on purpose outside initiation you may retaliate, creating an initiation.
  11. Initiation must be made in person via voice chat NOT over text or through discord.
  12. If no consequence is given during initiation and the party that was initiated on shoots the party initiating it is not classed as RDM as long as the initiating party had a visible weapon and intended to do harm with it.
  13. In the event, a gang war is declared* initiation rules does not apply for gang on gang violence** that is in 'war' until the war has been concluded by the leaders.

* A gang war can only be declared when each leader of their respective gang has all acknowledge to be in 'war' with the opposing sides.

** Refer to gang rules #5, you must be in clear gang clothing during 'war'.


Criminal Rules

  1. Intentionally committing a violation of the law in front of a police officer or the police station is considered Cop Baiting.

  2. You must not RDM/VDM, killing with no incentive or reason, you must always initiate roleplay and there must be verbal communication between players. 

  3. Any weapons picked up from police vehicles or NPCs must be trashed or handed over to the police and reported to the admins.

  4. Usage of third-party programs like trainers or injectors is considered hacking. We also consider any in-game bugs to gain money or any other items faster than intended as exploiting.

  5. Imitating Police or EMS will result in serious consequences. This includes using gear or clothing intended for Police or EMS roles.

  6. Police are NOT allowed to be taken hostage unless for a HIGH-Quality reason such as Jewellery / Bank Robbery. Taking an officer hostage since you are bored / want to create a situation with the police is NOT a good reason. 

  7. All military bases and government facilities, as listed below, are off-limits and you must not trespass in those areas under any circumstance.

    1. Zancudo Air Base

    2. Offshore Naval Aircraft Carrier

  8. Stealing NPC Police/EMS/FIRE/Military vehicles is prohibited.

  9. All illegal activities must be operated from the ground or sea and they cannot be conducted using aircrafts.

  10. If you call Police, EMS, Mechanic or Taxi then you must stay in the immediate area, if you have changed your mind send a cancellation message. You cannot call someone out with the intent to rob/attack/kidnap them.

  11. Shooting is prohibited from vehicles whilst moving. You must always initiate roleplay and there must be communication between players.

  12. You are solely responsible for all your characters money, this includes getting involved in scam situations etc. OblivionTek is not obligated to refund for such events.


Roleplay Rules

  1. Fear RP is the concept that your character is afraid to die. Above all else, you should value your life and your freedom you should not intentionally die or want to spend time in jail. This also includes valuing the lives of other players including NPC’s.

  2. All situations need to be roleplayed to realistic standards which include but is not limited to;

    1. Crashing in a vehicle at high speeds - you must not immediately jump or run around

    2. Death or Injury - you must roleplay your injuries such as being confused, groggy or hazy

    3. Damaging other players vehicles - you must have incentive or reason and interact with other players beforehand

    4. Jumping off a building - you should be roleplaying an in-depth suicide scenario

    5. Planes/Helicopters, outside of Police/EMS, must only land/take off from runways or clear helipads

  3. Vehicles may only carry items or drive in areas that are realistic for their vehicle class.

  4. When working a job you must use either the provided vehicle or an appropriate vehicle (Tipper/Phantom/Hauler/Volvo) for the job.

    1. If you are using a Semi, you must use a trailer. (From the Trailer Rentals)

  5. The New Life Rule means that

    1. Once you die you cannot remember events around your death or take revenge on your killer. You must actively avoid the roleplay scenario that caused your death

    2. If you wake up in the hospital and get told by a friend the nature surrounding your death, that information can be used to seek revenge or gather intel for your storyline. You must actively avoid your location of death until that situation has been concluded and cleared even after you are told about the information surrounding your death.

    3. If you have been revived by EMS you will be able to remember what happened leading up to your death but cannot remember anything after. (Voices/Actions when knocked out)

    4. If you have bodycam footage this is forgotten upon respawn


  1. IF a player is KILLED you are NOT ALLOWED TO CAMP DEAD BODIES. Especially with the intent to interfere with a revive, You must vacate the area and allow emergency services to pick them up if available.

  2. Your character should not be joining in on any criminal activity that has no reason for you to be involved in. (Eg. Joining an ongoing shootout with police / another gang).

  3. You may not kill/harass people with the sole idea of roleplaying as an “Insane Individual” or a “Serial Killer”, this will be considered Low-Quality RP and potentially RDM.


  1. Gangs must not target other gangs/groups over and over. There must be a cooldown time of 30mins between all activities including but not limited to shootouts, robbing, kidnapping, ect. This does not mean you can rob at one point then kidnap 5mins later, one act is counted as all acts then a 30minute cooldown is in place. City rules still apply with robbing.
  2. During this cooldown time, both parties can not taunt or attempt to bait each other into doing anything. This again includes but not limited to shit-talking, pretending to do something, sending non-affiliated individuals to say or do something to the other party. 
  3. After a large RP scenario, you must vacate the scene and not continue to camp/stay at the scene to inflict more damage on the other group. I.e Getting into a shootout then forcing ems/police to revive the downed opposition gang or group members to then rob. 
  4. Gang members can not hold up/force responding EMS/POLICE to revive any gang member involved in any violent situation. I.e after a shootout you can not stay in the area and wait for ems and or police to respond, hold them up and force them to revive your friends first then leave. The EMS/POLICE responding will deal with the downed gang members as they see fit. Roleplay your injuries, you’re not gonna get revived and then suddenly be able to get into a second violent situation.
  5. When being involved in any form of gang vs gang OR gang vs police situations all members need to be in their own uniform to make it clearly identifiable they are a part of a gang or group and involved in the current gang OR police situation. If you are in a position where you can not get into gang clothes you must verbally and clearly initiate by saying “I am with this crew/group/gang”.
  6. All activities with gangs involved (gang vs gang or gang vs police) MUST include only a maximum limit of 7 gang members during a scenario. This includes but not limited to; Bank Robberies, Jewellery Store Heists, Robbing, Kidnapping and Shootouts.
  7. Any associated parties/gangs/friends CANNOT start high-priority crime activities with police (for example Jewelry Heist, Bank Heists, Shop Heists) in coordination with the specific goal of thinning out the police force for the maximum chance of success.

Muggings/Hostage Rules

  1. After mugging/kidnapping a player, you have to wait 2 hours before targeting the same person.
  2. Cop Requirements

    1. Conducting Roleplay scenarios such as "mugging" or "kidnapping" is only allowed when police are "available".

  1. You must always initiate roleplay and there must be communication between players before a mugging, robbery, bank heist or hostage situation takes place. You should also consider adequate planning and downtime between events.

  2. The concept that you are afraid to die means if you are a hostage you can’t start shooting or escaping your captives without in-depth roleplay. You must value your life.

  3. You cannot rob a player for more than $75,000 (Both Legal and Illegal item values apply).

  • A. Weapons are EXCLUDED from the above robbery limit. There is no maximum amount of weapons (in-value) you can rob.

  1. You cannot force a player to withdraw money from their bank account.

  2. YOU MUST...

    1. Initiate a high level of roleplay and maintain a constant stream of communication.

    2. Consider adequate planning and downtime between events. You cannot continuously rob people.

    3. Have utmost levels of roleplay when taking Police or EMS hostage, as these are members are there to serve the general public you must make sure that the situation also does not take more than 20 minutes of idle time. (With no active high-quality roleplay)

    4. Have a valid reason and engage in high-quality roleplay when robbing a player (or any other activity).

    5. Not call Police/EMS or Mechanics out with the intent to rob them.

  3. a. Any Active EMS/POLICE cannot be taken as a hostage for any reason other than for highly roleplayed situations such as jewellery & bank robbery.

    b. Emergency vehicles are also prohibited from being stolen without a high level of roleplay and reasoning to it. ("Taking it for fun" is not a valid reason) 


  1. Civilians may only take Police or EMS Officers hostage in an attempt to free an apprehended party, on the premises of that specific situation, Civilians cannot try to kidnap a Police Officer or EMS that's unrelated to a situation unfolding or in a different location.
  2. Civilians may not take Police or EMS Hostage in an attempt to bail out an apprehended party from jail once they in secure Police Custody. 
    (Secure Police Custody: When an Apprehended party is located in a Police Station or Jail)


Bitcoin / IRL Currency Exchanges

  • OblivionTek's team was originally quite happy to see everyone sell assets for bitcoin at any price, however are taking extra steps necessary to retain and increase the value of our internal economy as appose to "irl/bitcoin" currency.
  • To not face penalties (listed below) all members looking to buy/sell assets must double-check rules and prices with official OBTK Asset Appraisers, they will list the MINIMUM value you may sell an asset for.
  • It is prohibited to sell in-city cash for bitcoin, no currency exchange is allowed at this time.
  • It is prohibited to sell illegal goods (weapons & drugs) for bitcoin.



- If a seller OR buyer sells/buys an asset for underneath the minimum value of an asset in bitcoin penalties (such as bans or repossession) may be executed. (Admin Discretion)

- If a seller OR buyer sells/buys in-city cash or illegal goods for bitcoin, penalties such as bans, or repossession will be carried out.




If you do not have a valid reason/storyline to commit a criminal or other disruptive act.




The admin team reserves the right to penalize (warn/kick/ban) anyone that is deemed to have Low-Quality RP as we see fit

OblivionTek reserves the right to ban/stop access to our services for any member we deem or suspect to be cheating / exploiting in any way.

Failure to follow any of the above-mentioned rules will result in severe penalties regardless of VIP / STREAMER / COMMUNITY LEADER status.

 OblivionTek reserves the right to alter or erase rules at our discretion with no warning or notification.

OblivionTek reserves the right to shut down all services without prior notice or reason.



By playing on OblivionTek / Accessing Our Services you agree to all of the above rules and conditions.


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