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OblivionTek RP Changelog 28/03/19

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What's Changed

  • New Locksystem brought in, Completely client-side & should technically stop most of the bugs we were facing.
  • Safe zone size increased by 40% for the Job Center as there were constant misclicks etc happening.
  • Renamed added "Queue Points" to the queue.
  • A new patch for skin-manager, it should no longer show "Contact Owner" when heavily customizing the clothing.
  • The queue only accepted 30 people into the server, this has been fixed and now fills 32 people.
  • Reverted back to our older voice system as the new one kept transmitting over global.
  • There was a connection issue to do with our firewall where some clients were refused connection. This has been fixed.
  • An issue where people respawned as NPC's as soon as they die has been fixed.
  • All gun stores accessory locations have been changed as it overlapped with the gun purchase blip.
  • Most bugs to do with the multi-character system has been fixed.
  • Pet menu overlaps with job menus such as taxi, this has been fixed by changing the bind to Left ALT + HOME for the pet management menu.
  • Complete rework on food and drink statistics (amount gained on each item), now based on a random chance.
  • Trailer rentals have been brought back in.
  • Moved the Racecourse garage to the Pier as the race course was not being used.
  • Hijacking is now based on chance, not all cars are hijackable.
  • Removed police vehicles / NPCS from patrolling.
  • Increased ragdoll time when tackled by police.
  • The new experimental system brought in which ragdolls every 60seconds when dead to combat dead people "not showing" on their client side.
  • Removed the ability to have 600 Fuel in inventory.
  • Removed voice rings from below people's feet as this makes people stand out from NPCS
  • Closed #bug-reports discord channel, as submissions sent, did not follow the format.
  • New burgershot added.
  • Changed the positioning of the scoreboard so it doesn't go below the screen space (when going above 28 players)
  • Issue with users getting stuck on loading some resources has been fixed after a server cache reset.

Upcoming Changes / Ideas

:- Community written wiki, which may be beneficial for new people.

:- We are still looking into how to disable ems NPCS as most of our attempts did not work yet.

:- Constant requests for a second server, this will be implemented eventually once there is enough staff to accommodate both servers (ADMINS/POLICE/EMS)

:- We will be making a new discord chat #welcome with all relevant important links for new people.

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