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    Was wondering about some of the business's that are in the city, such as the gas stations, shops, dealerships, starting your own, etc. : How would someone get into having there own dealership?, who would I have to talk to to get the process started?. Reason why: A buddy and I recently had a good situation where we setup a location and price to sell my buddy's car, it went great , and after that we got thinking how it might be fun to sell cars to others more often and to run the dealership, and not a dealership that sells just high end/ supers, we would want to sell more of everything someone could be looking for. We don't know if all the dealer ships are being used at this time or if one is available? when we go to some of them even out of the city no one is there. Next question, : If the dealership idea didn't work out who/ what would we need to talk/fill out, to start our own bushiness as we do have a few ideas in mind. Any Information would be helpful and we cant wait to hear what we have to do to get the wheels moving . -Thanks for reading and helping -RiverRat
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    Hey I don't know if its in the works yet but what yall think about promotions in regular jobs? ex. im a pilot at and my rank says recruit now what if I stayed at my job for however long and did the work to get promoted eventually to a better rank and possibly be able to fly bigger planes maybe even passenger plane from one airport to another back and forth as a mission and make a bit more money when promoted?
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    Mechanic Applications If you are interested in becoming a mechanic, you will need to apply using the application format below. Please note: There is a requirement of having AT LEAST 10+ active hours on the server. (In total) Read the following clauses and summarise them (in-detail) on the format below. Clause A. As a mechanic for the city of Los Santos, you will be responsible for ensuring that those needing our services, are promptly serviced, so they are able to continue on. As such, ensuring that every call is taken between active mechanics is in itself of utmost importance. To ensure this process runs smoothly, ALL mechanics are required to use /tweet to announce the calls they take (e.g: /tweet Mechanic en-route to call #[insert customer number]). Be aware, whoever is the first to respond to a call using /tweet, now owns that call. Poaching calls WILL NOT BE TOLERATED! If you are unsure, ask on twitter using /tweet if another mechanic has taken the call. There is enough work for all of us in the city. Clause B. Regarding vehicle usage, there is a VERY PARTICULAR list of vehicles which are allowed to be used by mechanics to take calls. They are as follows: - Flatbed (Spawnable from Los Santos Customs) - Towtruck (Spawnable from Los Santos Customs) - Slamvan / Yosemite - Ram steel bed (Can be purchase from Car Dealer) - Utility truck box variant big/small (Can be purchase from Car Dealer) - Utility pick-up truck (Can be purchase from Car Dealer) Clause C. NOTE: While you have the mechanic job selected, you are ON-DUTY, and as such, are expected to prioritize calls made to mechanics over personal businesses/agenda. You are required to use any uniform that resembles a mechanic. Doing drug runs/any criminal activity/etc. are NOT PERMITTED whilst on-duty. Anyone found breaking these, or any above rules will be subject to termination from their mechanic privileges. =====================Application Structure===================== - Mechanic Roleplay Name: - Discord Username: (including the identifier, it should contain "#" ) - Steam Username: - Real Life Age: - Why do you think OblivionTek should hire you as a dedicated mechanic? - How would your rate your quality of roleplay and why? - Have you ever used PlaysTV / OBS or other screen recording software: - 2 example of an emote when repairing/hijacking (using emote /me looses spanner): - What is your availability like (include timezone): (When you are available to hop on) - Number of Hours spent on server: - Summarise Clause A, B, C : (To confirm your Understanding) - What is NLR? (New-Life-Rule)? Why is it important to follow this? - What is RDM & VDM? - Your sponsor(Optional, needs to be a certified mechanic business owner): =============================================================== Please note: Your application will be rejected if: 1. Structure is not meticulously followed. 2. Application is not filled out in detail & no genuine effort is present. 3. Past history with kicks/bans etc. 4. If you are too immature to deal with a mechanic position. (From past history) 4. Have not been an active member for the past 1-2 weeks
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    What's Changed New Locksystem brought in, Completely client-side & should technically stop most of the bugs we were facing. Safe zone size increased by 40% for the Job Center as there were constant misclicks etc happening. Renamed added "Queue Points" to the queue. A new patch for skin-manager, it should no longer show "Contact Owner" when heavily customizing the clothing. The queue only accepted 30 people into the server, this has been fixed and now fills 32 people. Reverted back to our older voice system as the new one kept transmitting over global. There was a connection issue to do with our firewall where some clients were refused connection. This has been fixed. An issue where people respawned as NPC's as soon as they die has been fixed. All gun stores accessory locations have been changed as it overlapped with the gun purchase blip. Most bugs to do with the multi-character system has been fixed. Pet menu overlaps with job menus such as taxi, this has been fixed by changing the bind to Left ALT + HOME for the pet management menu. Complete rework on food and drink statistics (amount gained on each item), now based on a random chance. Trailer rentals have been brought back in. Moved the Racecourse garage to the Pier as the race course was not being used. Hijacking is now based on chance, not all cars are hijackable. Removed police vehicles / NPCS from patrolling. Increased ragdoll time when tackled by police. The new experimental system brought in which ragdolls every 60seconds when dead to combat dead people "not showing" on their client side. Removed the ability to have 600 Fuel in inventory. Removed voice rings from below people's feet as this makes people stand out from NPCS Closed #bug-reports discord channel, as submissions sent, did not follow the format. New burgershot added. Changed the positioning of the scoreboard so it doesn't go below the screen space (when going above 28 players) Issue with users getting stuck on loading some resources has been fixed after a server cache reset. Upcoming Changes / Ideas :- Community written wiki, which may be beneficial for new people. :- We are still looking into how to disable ems NPCS as most of our attempts did not work yet. :- Constant requests for a second server, this will be implemented eventually once there is enough staff to accommodate both servers (ADMINS/POLICE/EMS) :- We will be making a new discord chat #welcome with all relevant important links for new people.