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  1. 6 points
    It has been two days since main and pier garage were removed and replaced with three small garages. Already we are starting to see people loitering in a new garage and the ‘changes’ do not appear to have been hugely successful in promoting roleplay. For this reason, I would like to unpack my thoughts as to why this city experiences a ‘main’ problem. I believe that the removal of main was a reactive decision that lacked consideration to the underlying issue and focussed predominately on a symptom of a much greater problem that Obliviontek is currently suffering. I would love people’s feedback on this and opinions. I am happy to be proven wrong. The issue: Loitering in main garage. The second 2 or more police come online Obliviontek becomes VR chat with ½ of the population hanging inside main garage Why is this happening? I believe there are a couple of reasons for this occurring: 1. More police = a less safe city. Currently, rules are in place that prevent robberies from occurring unless there are two police officers on duty (with kidnappings at 3 police or more). This means that the second two police come on duty safety as a civilian significantly decreases. This in turn means that the desire to do paid jobs drops off significantly, because jobs are unsafe, time consuming and inherently dangerous. It is my opinion that the number of police officers should not really impact on whether a robbery can occur. Which brings me to point 2. 2. Robberies. The second two police officers come on duty, there is a small group of people who will stop whatever they are doing and start targeting anyone doing anything legal or anyone who is by themselves. There are many reasons for this. If we count the number of times that specific criminals in this city have robbed people others and translated that to a real-world setting, they would-be high-profile bankers or politicians, not ground pounding foot soldiers. Robbing someone is actually less risky than doing any of the jobs in the city while 2 cops are on (except for EMS and Police). The only way someone can get caught is if they get knocked out, or a police officer stumbles upon them by complete accident. Even if they get ‘caught’ down the line the net profit is way higher than the loss. And you don’t have to waste hours grinding in unfun and unrewarding jobs that do not promote RP in any way. 3. New players get targeted. This blows my mind probably the most, and the people who do it KNOW who they are. Anyone who targets fresh spawns, bambies, locums, or (whatever you want to call them) for robberies are doing a huge disservice to the community. Firstly, people who are brand new to the city almost certainly HAVEN’T read the rules yet and are likely to a) Fail RP due to lack of knowledge and/or experience (thanks now we all get the privilege of you bitching in OOC about that fail RP.) B) Get robbed and be extremely upset because they are new and this is likely one of their first experiences in the city and leave (good work you are literally scaring off new players) or C) Have enough RP experience to let it roll off and learn that if there are cops on duty you hang around large groups of people because people will rob the shit out of you the second you don’t. In general, the way people RP robberies is also extremely poor as there is limited to no exchange before guns are pulled resulting in very little choice to the prospective victim. Some could argue that this could border on god moding. 4. Jail time and charges are a content creators’ worst nightmare. I constantly hear that Oblivtek is focussing on “REAL RP” but lets breakdown the current rules. Felony evade – 60 months or 5 years in jail. Firstly that’s 10 months longer in jail than murder of a LEO. (Granted you can pay bail but still… really?) Secondly if you run from the cops you can spend 60 minutes (an HOUR) in prison. You can look through the whole charges system and scratch your head. The current system promotes you to NOT roleplay with police and not involve them because the negatives are too high. I don’t stream and the idea of wasting an hour of my night in jail doesn’t sound like a whole lot of fun. I can only imagine how frustrating that can be for an aspiring GTA streamer. It also doesn’t make people want to risk breaking the law when they see people getting slammed with multiple charges such as “Reckless Driving, Felony Evasion, Intentional loss of traction, disobeying lawful order etc etc etc etc”. 5. EMS and Police interactions do not promote interesting RP. Under the current rules you are not allowed to kidnap or rob an EMS/police officer (except during heists) and in my opinion, this is WRONG. Firstly, it limits RP for all parties involved. Secondly it is NOT realistic. If someone wants to kidnap an EMS and ransom them, they should 100% be able to do that and one of my warmest memories of the server is watching a police officer be traded for a shit load of bread. (An experience that will never happen again with the current settings). I believe there should be rules around interfering with a police officer and/or EMS while they are performing their duties but that’s more an RP admin issue than a blanket rule. Hell, there should be rules around a minimum number of cops or EMS to allow for the city to continue to flow, but making blanket rules just doesn’t work 6. Store robberies/Bank robberies are not worth the effort outside of RP. Do I even need to explain this one? Why would up to 5 people risk losing all their weapons when the payout is so poor. I have watched multiple streams where people have made $0 from robbing a store. Less than $100k from robbing a bank? You get 2 people caught during the heist and suddenly the NET loss is higher than the gain even if you get away with the money. Also, really 5-6 cops required for these? What is the incentive for criminals to do this? Now I have written all of this as someone who hardly plays a criminal. I do spend a lot of time talking to people and listening to conversations that people have in this city. I also spend a fair bit of time watching streams both on Oblivtek and on other cities (not just Nopixel). I truly believe that the main garage issue is a SYMPTOM of a much deeper underlying issue that goes BEYOND there “not being enough to do.” I believe the removal of main garage is going to be MORE detrimental to the server than it is going to benefit, as was the case when main was turned into a no loitering zone. I would however love people’s thoughts.
  2. 5 points
    All good points here and they should all be put into consideration. Whilst I do agree that more content needs to be added to give citizens more to do. I, and many others, feel that this issue's root cause is within RP itself. People will always congregate, but the 'Main Hangout Issue' stems from players treating this as a social media simulator. This is a blanket statement. Players need to realise they are roleplaying a character within this virtual city, and are responsible for creating story lines with your character within the city. This not only benefits themselves in terms of entertainment, but also benefits the community as a whole. If your character's entire story line is your own personality (in real life) and all you do is walk around and chat to people in common areas, you are not doing anything for yourself or the benefit of the community. I cannot stress this enough, and I do not think it has been said often enough; players need to distinguish their own personalities from their character. You should be planning what you want your character to do within the city before you even log in. This is the issue here; too many people do not plan story lines for their characters and expect the roleplay to come to them. This creates a boring atmosphere and many people within the queue are watching streamers to which, they can see many people doing nothing and wondering why they are taking up server space. Not sure how many people are reading this thread but to the people who are, please take the above point into consideration. We already have people ready to leave the server at the drop of a hat and many people think this is the root cause of the server community dying.
  3. 4 points
    First and foremost, thanks for your feedback and points for discussion. Without this we are not able to improve and create a better role-play environment for everyone. In regards to the new garages being a reactive decision, you’re very right in this. After a range of feedback and observations we have been trying to push people to engage in role-play scenarios outside of "Main" where the 'VR Chat' style of RP has been going on for a while now and seems to have become the norm. We previously tried implementing the no loitering zone which we then took out due to a range of feedback we received and things we observed. There is no problem with people meeting up at main as a temporary location but when it comes to people standing around there for hours with minimal role-play (standing on cars, the repetitive burning of cars or shots fired where no one wants to role-play out the police interactions or injuries sustained) it creates a blackhole of low quality role-play and a lack of player interactions out in the city and hence a range of boredom. As admin we always try to consider feedback and observations to implement the best systems, these implementations are not made hastily or without a lot of consideration whether this is always evident or not. We try to create an atmosphere to promote role-play and fun interactions with people but we don't always get it right and a lot of changes are trial and error to see what works and what doesn't. There will always be bugs and we endeavour to remedy these as soon as possible. But unless these are record on the forums they can easily be lost. Would adding new features, such as mentioned in the above posts, be more rewarding? Of course, and we’re aiming at implementing these. However, development takes time as well as trying to optimise the plugins we currently have. This is a balancing act. Spudsy has only recently joined the team and to put it, frankly, is working his ass off to make these changes for the community but unfortunately he can’t Thanos snap them into existence as much as we would all like. Especially as we are wanting to create content that is enjoyable and bug free. Rest assured, it is happening though. We’ve also updated the discord #active-development channel to include changes made to Trello so you can see what we’re currently working on. That being said, we’d also like to address a few of the points made in this conversation. More police equals a less safe city - Agreed at the moment as soon as the required amount of police are on people have been observed stopping what they are doing and heading out for robberies. With little to no planning. If people were to agree with the below meta for robbing people then we could look at removing the need to have a rule for the amount of police on which could mean we could also get rid of the count of police in the Z menu which would avoid using this screen for meta. As it stands, that is not a thing. Robberies – Robbing characters, should be a byproduct of already existing conflict between two or more groups/individuals. Going around and robbing people for the sake of it or because you’re bored is rather lackluster RP. It doesn’t create an enjoyable experience for people on the server, especially new people this is why some of the rules that we currently have are in place to protect new players from being robbed until the city has a police force online. The odd robbery here and there isn’t bad if anything, it’s probably a good thing as it creates conflict which is great for RP but again, to be doing it on a regular basis is not great Roleplay. There is however roleplay in planning a robbery, coordinating with peers, buying guns, meeting at someone's apartment to talk through the robbery this just doesn’t happen currently. We’re looking at creating a new script for bank robberies so not too much point in covering this subject in depth. Balancing bank robberies is a fine art, but it is being looked at. Store Robberies – Stores had a bug in regard to the calculation of how the payout was happening. That has since been fixed and it’s now based on a percentage of how much is in the cash register. Realistically stores would always have funds sitting in their till to facilitate their daily business. Maybe a mandatory cap on how much money needs to be sitting in a store would help increase the amount of money that could be robbed. Multiple people have raised the issue or robbing a store only to walk away with very little because the store had nothing or next to nothing sitting in the till. New players getting targeted - This is really a community issue, the main reason we had a min. cop limit for robberies was due to the amount of feedback we got from new players who do a chicken run and get robbed because they are an easy target. We are always open to ideas on how to improve this but realistically if the server takes on new people helps them with their RP and interactions we might get some good quality RPer’s to add to the community. Jail Times - Public Laws have only recently become a thing and once again we are always open to feedback and ideas and these can always be reviewed if they are not working. We are working on some more ideas for prisoners to do in prison however one idea might be implementing lower jail times and having higher jail times for repeat offenders which would help combat some of the repetitive criminal actions. Obviously, this would need to be thought out a lot more but it's just one idea that could be explored. EMS / Police Interactions - Also agreed there is a great deal of RP that can be had taking a cop or EMS hostage. This rule was originally put in place when we had a low number of cops on and a faze of cops or EMS getting taken every night for no real reason. This could be something we have a look at as long as it’s not abused and police / ems aren't getting kidnapped every hour. Kidnapping a police officer, ems or judge IS A BIG DEAL. There should be very solid reasons for doing something like this that again is well thought out and planned. There would also need to be rules around this when they are involved in an active RP scenario. Lack of things to do in the server - This is a roleplaying scenario and the choices for roleplay are endless. You don’t always need a plugin to accomplish a great roleplay experience. Yes there is a lot of plugins we can add in which we are exploring and there is some bugs we need to fix which we are trying to work through as fast as possible this is a balancing act however there are things currently on the server that you can do, boxing fights, parachuting/skydiving, organising a hike, hunting with friends, going for a picnic, hang-gliding, racing, Jet skiing, pet party, beach parties an event on the yacht the choices are endless! At the end of the day, we’re here to make a framework that everyone can roleplay in. Balancing the meta of the server is not an easy thing to do at all. Which is why feedback like this is very important. Without community engagement, we’d be nothing. So, if you do have concerns please make sure you do raise them but just make sure it’s constructive. We’re all humans behind the computer at the end of the day and we are trying to do our best, regardless of your thoughts around this. We also have a Suggestions and Bug report page and we would love everyone to use and abuse these!! Admin Team
  4. 2 points
    Ok, so I'm going to chuck my 2c in and see where the dust settles. To go over Lucas's points: 1. I agree with you on this, the city violence scales up aggressively as more Police come online. A possibility here is to remove the ability to see how many Police are online and allow robberies to happen. The downside to this would be that robberies can always occur. 2. Robberies, again I agree. There are groups that like to do robberies and the robberies are becoming more and more common. There isn't a way to stop this, however a possible solution could be to put a safe zone around the areas where you do the physical job. This would prevent people from rolling up while you can’t move etc and force people to plan out crimes and not just do them as a crime of opportunity. Again, this has its downsides, but i think if people could complete legal jobs in peace, they would likely start doing them again. 3. Robbing Bambi's is a pretty rough area to police for the admins. I think referring to the previous point (safe zones) could assist in this been avoided. I think as a community we need to clean up our RP a bit and be a bit more creative in what we are doing. Not everything has to revolve around crime. Even if people started taking Bambi's under their wings and stepped outside their little circles it could assist in retaining some of these new players. 4. Jail-time and Fines, this is something that I believe is currently under review and the officers have been given instructions on how to go about things for now. I won’t offer any solutions here on this matter as my input on this needs to go through the correct channels. 5. I was talking about this very point the other night. I miss the days where you could grab a cop that was getting a bit big for their boots, drive them out to the middle of nowhere and splatter their brains across the scenery. I think you're right, bringing it back would create some more RP opportunities, but again these would have to be well thought out scenarios and RP'd well. I also agree that Police and EMS shouldn't be kidnapped while performing their duties. However, the scenario we had with Leo in the hospital the other day was an interesting one and one which i was fine with. It when a 3rd and 4th party become involved that there becomes an issue. An example of this was when 2 officers pulled over Beau, he pulled up just short of Main. He was only been pulled over for a speeding offence. Whilst i was moving people back (so we hear Beau) I had a third party completely unrelated to the incident, pull a gun on me and demand me surrender and put my hands up. I complied, what he failed to see was my partner was behind the cruiser as cover and had a clear shot with a tazer and took it. While i was cuffing the 3rd party and completely unrelated 4th party opened fire from halfway across main. To me, this is the shit that has to stop. The 3rd and 4th parties just jumping inf or no reason, or the 5th party that then white-knights and start popping shots off... I've gone a bit off topic here but it all ties in. 6. Robberies, both store and bank. So, this is another one I kind of agree with. Stores yes should be lower 3 cops on is more than enough. The payout should be a random amount between 15-30k or something similar and it shouldn't be based on what’s in the till (not sure if that even a thing atm). As for Banks, 5 cops are enough for the banks, but the stupid demands must stop. Crims should be entitled to 2 demands + 1 more if they have a hostage and they should be reasonable. Cops imo, if they are authorized to use spikes should only get 1 spike per cop (as to not just blanket the map and make it impossible). The system we have now means crimes just demand everything. Maybe the Police take the demands into account when processing anyone caught, minimal demands reduces the sentence? Now for my personal pet peeve, the weapons license. To lose your weapons license is a big deal, 45k is no small chunk of change. What I would love to see is 3-4 tiers of weapons license. Tier 1 - nonlethal, Tier 2 - Pistol, Tier 3 - Shotgun and SMG, Tier 4 - Big Boi Guns. And price them as such. There was a bank job a month ago where the natives all got caught. That’s 5-6 guys 270k loss just for the licenses.... not including the guns. These guys should have the options to only purchase Tier 2 licenses for (10k) so they're not risking a weeks’ worth of farming to recover from 1 bad bank job, that could have been caused by circumstances beyond their control (desync etc) My final thought, is on your comment about main. People will always congregate somewhere; this can be alleviated by allowing the police to move on loiters. Keep in mind if 25 players are at main (as was common), if you assume a city population of 300k you're saying its acceptable for 230k (approx.) people to be congregated in one car park. These car parks are to pull out vehicles and put them away. TBH id love to see public garages done away with and you can only pull vehicles out from apartments (ones with tiny garages as to avoid congregating) but this may be a step too far. Since the main changes, the amount of activity from a police standpoint has increased dramatically. This may be coincidence, but people seem to be travelling more which leads to more interaction. The bottom line is, people need to be creative and come up with good RP scenarios. The server quality is dependent on the community, think outside the box, go for a hike, go skydiving, have a triathlon, host an event (suggest running big ones past admins so they don’t panic [X-Games fiasco ;) ]) but sitting in main having a chat isn’t RP, there’s so much to do just be creative.
  5. 2 points
    All these points that have been stated above are completely spot on. I do agree with Psylk, there needs to be more legal things to do other than your job that you choose. This is why people rob houses and annoy the cops so much because there’s simply nothing to do, which is why I also believe people hang out in the garages. This brings me to the next point about garages. Yes having 3 seperate garages is a good idea, but it wasn’t very thought out. The one near Benny’s I particularly disagree with. Benny’s is a hot spot for people getting robbed and on top of that, there is now a garage close by with many hiding spot that you can now get robbed from I particularly don’t like going to Benny’s for that reason For mechanics in particular, if the garage is full of people and their cars and you want to pull out a flatbed (tow truck) you simply can’t do it. Yesterday I pulled out a flatbed and knocked out a guy instantly, completely accidental but there isn’t enough turning space for the flat beds once you get it out. Once you pull a flatbed out, you take up the entire enterance. E.G last night I was on my mechanic character and had to pull out a tow truck, a guy (let’s call him bob) said to me “Go to another garage, you’re taking up too much room”, myself and a couple of other people replied that all the new garages are small and it would be the same wherever I go. Bob continued to say to me to not do it, but simply I had no choice he got angry and left because I took up the garage, simply from a flat bed. I like that main garage has gone because there were so many problems in there, but these new garages aren’t any good for mechanics.
  6. 2 points
    i think Lucas and tor_oce are pretty on the money. However, when you couple that with there being nothing "fun" to do...casual fishing, boat/go kart/auto racing - legal fun things to do for fun, bicycle rides in a group, paint ball, golf...any of those things, then you're really on LEFT with legal jobs and run a higher, (IMO) risk of those individuals continuing to just rob people that work their ass off for what little they get. I've seen the chop shop, its pretty cool, the repair shop with 24-48 hour or longer repair times is almost a MUST. There are so many things that could most certainly add to and greatly enhance actual RP. You could very easily give people a reason to stick around this city. Robbing a new toon, is pretty shitty to say the least, and really, those people should really think about it. As Lucas said about the new guy with no experience compared to those of us that take RP serious and fully as it comes, is gonna be like...yea...nah...and log..there a lot to be considered in just about every RP I've been involved with. Most of the time its as little interaction as needed to go about whatever people were doing. Could be so much better. So yea, "main & pier" are far from the issue. Also, in all three location of the new garages, i pull a tow truck out...they get damaged just spawning them, and cause damage to the surroundings. Just my two cents...
  7. 2 points
    Hey All, I am Ashley Marshall, I am currently a taxi driver in the city. If you need to be at any place for a cheap price, message the taxi service! I am roughly new into town, I've been in the town for about 4-5 days now, I am loving it. Meeting a lot of new people and may or may not be getting into trouble by the police for running a red light, but that's all apart of the fun and games! I look forward in meeting you all in the city someday! But for now, BYEEEE
  8. 1 point
    - Discord Name & ID: Tafft#3572 - Short description of your suggestion: Ban loitering at main again - Suggestion Photo(s)/Video(s): N/A - Examples of already implemented code: (URL to FiveM Forum Releases/GTA 5 mods etc) N/A - A detailed description of your suggestion: So for the last couple of night i have been in the city on the "Criminal" Character and the level of player interaction is extremely low unless 1. I am working at the dealership (even then its high quality RP bvut very infrequently.) or 2. I go down to main garage as that is where 90% of the city is. A good example of this was tonight, I was driving around with another player looking for people to interact with both friendly or otherwise. We drove around for 1-2 hours and the only other player we encountered was the mechanic who we called out after crashing. We went down to main and counted out 20 player. So when you do the maths, there were 20 players at main, then there are 4 police (who just circle main), 1 mech (parked outside main), 1 EMS (parked out the front of main), 3 in Prison and 2 in the car with me. That leave 1-4 players (depending on if all 3 were still in jail or not) that were in the city. People bang on about realistic RP all the time and the way I see it, to have the entire population of a small city (300,000 - 450,000) people in one parking garage is extremely unrealistic. Other than banning loitering at all garages across the city I dont see another realistic RP option. Feel free to hit me up in Disc to discuss further.
  9. 1 point
    Basically If you damage your butcher truck and lose some of the deposit, if you get another truck at some point and return it, it will refund you the cost of that deposit and whatever was taken from your previous deposit. As I mentioned in tags I figure this is pretty low priority but wanted to bring it up so yall were aware :)
  10. 1 point
    I have suggested that the "tow truck garage" map be added, and the "repair shop" be placed within that building, i guess there are some issues with the map portion of this, but it would both alleviate the confined space issue, as well as add RP for things such as...dood, you ROLLED your car, i cannot fix this here. day or two to fix the car a la body shop (that's not instant shit) they can call and see where their car is in the process and so on...would just be a really cool addition IMO! As far as the plugin/RP idea thing, only thing *I* was getting at was it would give a couple or few to several people some group activities to do, like fishing with a buddy, boating with a couple of friends. That's all i was getting at. and yes 100% agree RP scenarios being completely endless, those additions would merely be a catalyst for SOME ideas...BBQ on Saturday night with your friends...that sort of thing... Overall it seems were all pretty much on the same page...now all we have to do is implement some things... 🙂
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    Would it be possible so that when you log onto another character you don't see your other characters contacts? So we don't text someone that character doesn't know IC
  12. 1 point
    Thankyou for accepting me. Like to have fun. Looking forward to rping with you
  13. 1 point
    Hi All, Let me introduce myself, I'm Ivan, long time listener first time caller. Like meeting lonely backpackers and spending time in the woods with my shovel. Hope to establish myself in the city without to much attention from the local bacon. Might need a crib to crash in while i find means of making some dough so hit us up! see you on the freeway. Ivan.
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    Hello everyone, We have decided to open a "suggestions" subcategory for our community to use in suggesting improvements to OblivionTek! If you got a great idea make sure to follow the format below. ======Suggestions Structure====== - Discord Name & ID: - Short description of your suggestion: - Suggestion Photo(s)/Video(s): - Examples of already implemented code: (URL to FiveM Forum Releases/GTA 5 mods etc) - A detailed description of your suggestion ============================== Please note that all suggestions are taken into account however may not necessary be implemented.