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    Hello all, The idea i have is Increased Day and Night Cycle to assist in keeping some immersion with events in the city. My initial suggestion is too double the length of time in which day and night passes and possibly adjust it further depending on feedback from the rest of the community. I think this will be a nice quick easy implementation and will be great for events such as but not limited to; Street Racing, Car Shows, Parties, Patrolling (Police) and generally using the day/night to your advantage. We may also see less of the Moon/Sun skipping across the sky and if we still do it will be less frequent. Have a good one guys and girls, Rhodie.
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    Discord ID - @Mr-Jay-GamerYT#0001 Short description - Criminals could actually go through an actual court while being sent to jail for a long-ish time, and a prison bus to actually drive them there. Whilst in prison, they could enter the courtyard of the prison. Detailed: A person commits a crime (or multiple) that would cause him to be jailed for a good while. Right now, the process is that the officers take the arrested criminals to PD to read them their charges and send them away. That works, but I feel it a little lame. What we could do, is as follows: Once arrested, the prisoners can have opportunity to either have officers read the charges and accept those, or they can also choose to go to court for their crimes. This would then increase RP as we would have someone working as the judge (whitelisted job), and then on the court as the judge reads the charges, the arrested criminal would have a lawyer to do what lawyers do, we can have the victims and witnesses etc. just like in real court we would... Once done with all these procedures, judge then decides the sentence, and once the person is sent to the prison (if sentenced to serve time), officers would have a prison bus to transport them to the prison themselves. The prison bus gives the criminals and their possible non-arrested associates time to attempt to stop the bus and break the criminal out before he/she gets to the prison, which then would lead into a manhunt and leave the criminal wanted. If the criminal ends up to the prison without any escape attempts, he/she is then sent indoors and serving of the time starts from that on. During the time in the prison, the criminals could go outdoors onto the prison courtyard, where from they can attempt to escape. This could get another job into the town (prison guard). And if the person manages to escape the prison unnoticed (or even noticed), it leads to a manhunt once noticed and leaves him/her wanted, and if caught again, it leads to very much higher sentence. This system could possibly increase the RP between criminals and officers, lawyers, judges etc. and create some interesting scenarios (prison break, long court sessions etc.). What do you think? - Mr Jay
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    Hi Ivan, This has been added to the Trello to find a fix and any progress will be shown there. Thanks for raising this issue. Rachie