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  1. CruelAlpha

    E46 import?

    //Closed Already following up via pm's
  2. CruelAlpha

    Question about business's

    Hello, Your first step would be to submit an in-depth proposal of your planned business, As a dealership is a fair amount of work to create & maintain for the development team there is a flat requirement of having a Boss Package. However, having a VIP package does not guarantee your selection to run a dealership.
  3. The first query I can help you with. What was the exact amount of chicken you had inside the truck? The second query is not something that we can assist you with. Each time you do your job you need to make sure your truck is locked, or else any random person can steal the content of your vehicle. Though it's frowned upon this is not against the city rules. What you also should do is get your OWN truck, without using the job truck so that in case your vehicle is lost you still can grab it out of the impound and get your items back. If you do decide to do this make sure it's a vehicle that makes sense to use at the job and not any type of offroader/car/bike that wouldn't make sense (eg: doing mining with a brawler)
  4. CruelAlpha


    Hello There Welcome to OblivionTek, Hope you enjoy your stay here!
  5. CruelAlpha

    Hello All

    Hello Will! Welcome to OblivionTek! Hope you enjoy your stay here!
  6. I haven't heard it was quite good however!
  7. CruelAlpha

    Hey Guys

    Hello, Good to hear that we have someone with former server hosting experience on-board. Welcome to OblivionTek, hope you enjoy your stay here!
  8. CruelAlpha

    Finding Owned Vehicles & Phones

    You can try listing it on our in-character social network LifeInvader https://obliviontek.com/lifeinvader/
  9. CruelAlpha


    Hello God Turtle, Hope you have a good time here at OblivionTek!
  10. CruelAlpha

    R34 / R35 Rework

    Hello, I have added these vehicles to the vehicle rework queue. Both will be balanced for realism.
  11. CruelAlpha

    Hi everyone

    Gday Ramssey, Hope you have a great time in OblivionTek.
  12. Hello, We have discussed this and have decided not to go ahead with implementation due to the reason(s): As OBTK is a public server it would be next to impossible to manage this. As many civs would be using it in improper scenarios. However, we will keep it in backburner in case we find a way to implement it in a way that's feasible!
  13. CruelAlpha

    Time it takes to complete certain jobs.

    Hello Victor, Thank you for your suggestion. The team will be taking another look at jobs sometime in the future once our major updates have been pushed out.
  14. CruelAlpha

    Retarded House Car Blip

    The MadWayneThunder apartment garage has been moved for better accessibility. The update will be active on the next restart. Report your findings!
  15. CruelAlpha

    Pagani Performance Rework

    Performance of this vehicle has now been reworked.