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  1. CruelAlpha

    Hey hey hey!

    Hello 🙂
  2. CruelAlpha

    Hey, how's it going?

    Hello Welcome to OblivionTek 🙂
  3. CruelAlpha

    E46 import?

    //Closed Already following up via pm's
  4. CruelAlpha


    Hello There Welcome to OblivionTek, Hope you enjoy your stay here!
  5. CruelAlpha

    Hello All

    Hello Will! Welcome to OblivionTek! Hope you enjoy your stay here!
  6. CruelAlpha

    Hey Guys

    Hello, Good to hear that we have someone with former server hosting experience on-board. Welcome to OblivionTek, hope you enjoy your stay here!
  7. CruelAlpha


    Hello God Turtle, Hope you have a good time here at OblivionTek!
  8. CruelAlpha

    R34 / R35 Rework

    Hello, I have added these vehicles to the vehicle rework queue. Both will be balanced for realism.
  9. CruelAlpha

    Hi everyone

    Gday Ramssey, Hope you have a great time in OblivionTek.
  10. Hello, We have discussed this and have decided not to go ahead with implementation due to the reason(s): As OBTK is a public server it would be next to impossible to manage this. As many civs would be using it in improper scenarios. However, we will keep it in backburner in case we find a way to implement it in a way that's feasible!
  11. CruelAlpha

    Howdy, I'm Bob.

    Hello Bob, Welcome to OblivionTek. Hope you enjoy your time here!
  12. CruelAlpha

    2017 Ford GT Performance

    The suggestion has been verified and accepted. We will be working on the Ford-GT and aswell nerfing the Jaguar XKR-GT
  13. CruelAlpha

    Hello, I am Sttitchs

    Hello, Hope you enjoy your time here at OblivionTek 🙂
  14. CruelAlpha

    Filming UI

    This would be seen as a low-priority patch for the time being. If you are worried about the chatbox, finding a none prime time for Australia could be when you should film. If there are specific shots that are too hard to achieve on the main server, you can request a dev server to be up for an hour or so which you can join with your actor(s) to setup the shot.
  15. CruelAlpha

    Revise blackmarket weapon damage

    This is being looked into and is already on our roadmap However, this is not an easy fix as we have to completely rework the way GTA handles ammo. Currently, the only other server i personally inspected to have fixed it is NoPixel as it's a heavy overhaul. We will be prioritizing this as soon as our next big update comes through. However, if we do manage to rewrite everything, there is a good chance we will have to delete all weapons on the server to go ahead with the new system. Thanks for your feedback.