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  1. CruelAlpha

    pole blocking garage door from opening

    This issue has been quick patched for the next restart. Reply back if it's not fixed.
  2. CruelAlpha

    Suggestions Structure

    Hello everyone, We have decided to open a "suggestions" subcategory for our community to use in suggesting improvements to OblivionTek! If you got a great idea make sure to follow the format below. ======Suggestions Structure====== - Discord Name & ID: - Short description of your suggestion: - Suggestion Photo(s)/Video(s): - Examples of already implemented code: (URL to FiveM Forum Releases/GTA 5 mods etc) - A detailed description of your suggestion ============================== Please note that all suggestions are taken into account however may not necessary be implemented.
  3. CruelAlpha


    Hello Ashley, Welcome to OblivionTek. Hope you enjoy your time here.
  4. CruelAlpha

    Lamborghini Centenario Rework or Price Drop

    We have added this to investigate. Can you double check and let me know what the vehicle ID is? Send screenshot of how it shows in your garage.
  5. CruelAlpha

    Greetings from The Senator

    Hello, Hope you enjoy your time here 🙂
  6. CruelAlpha

    Vehicle Despawn Suggestion

    Hi there, this has been tested with and is quite buggy as well. We are working on a new system which should achieve this however it's not quite ready to go active due to bugs as well.
  7. CruelAlpha

    Steel Flatbed - Fuel Bug

    Hello, This seems to happen when lockpicking / repairing any vehicle. We have tested the truck and was unable to replicate this issue.
  8. CruelAlpha

    So many tire popping that it's happening in irl

    The development team is looking into this issue.
  9. CruelAlpha

    ban appeal

    Then why did you punch them for no reason? This is not GTA online. Every action needs a reasonable reason.
  10. CruelAlpha

    Mechanic Upgrade Bug

    I've seen this bug occur to one person. We aren't sure how to replicate this on our end to fix it. Only thing i can think of is something to do with the connection / the server being stressed at a specific time when the upgrade is meant to go through.
  11. CruelAlpha

    Suggestion regarding safe zones

    This is something the admin team will review next admin meeting. Thanks for bringing up this idea, it has a good amount of credit.
  12. CruelAlpha

    Ban appeal FrancisMcK

    From an admin's perspective you were driving eratically, causing chaos. Take the time to learn how our vehicle handle. I was not the only admin to pickup on your behavior prior to the ban. Since you have already served atleast 1-2 weeks of ban time, we will be lifting your ban.
  13. CruelAlpha

    Lets Talk about Lockpicks

    Then again, just like anything. People will always find a way around to abuse it just like everything. So the real question is. (Cancel animation with X for example). Unless we disable all controls when lockpicking so they can't do anything but lockpick. Will it do more good than bad
  14. CruelAlpha

    Lets Talk about Lockpicks

    I think this is fair if we make the lockpick animation around 8-10~ minutes long. This way if someone was illegally lockpicking a vehicle there is a chance that someone would see it.
  15. CruelAlpha

    Hello there.

    Hey 👋 Hope you have a good time on OblivionTek