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  1. Connor Cormac

    Gang related suggestion

    Discord Name : Zehaava#6006 Short Description of your suggestion: Gang owned drug fields. Suggestion Photos/Videos: None Examples of Already implemented code: None A detailed description of your suggestion: I suggest that the registered gangs should be able to monitor and tax a specific drag place. There should be a gang-hideout for each drug such as - Meth Processing, Weed Processing - and a member of a gang is able to go upto a part of the hideout and capture it. They then own that certain hideout, only 1 gang can own 1 hideout at a time. This process sends an alert to the previous gang that owned the hideout and displays it to the police. Then citizens will have to purchase permission to process their drugs at the hideouts so the gang is able to take a cut. Not only does it create more motive for gangs to have rivalry but it also reinforces the risk of drugs and the price it costs to process them. The collection fee of dirty cash will be stored in a safe that can be robbed with medium cops, and can only be collected by the gang that currently owns the hideout. In order to capture a hideout you must stay within a certain range of the capture zone for 10 mins until you capture it.