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  1. when a hacker joined the server and I was killing the spawned in fbi an at least 120k money (around that much) was removed from my inventory I noticed it after I was revived, and couple of people lost some of guns and belongings n money. (I wasn't recording at the time so I couldn't get the evidence im sorry)
  2. I had 1700 packed chickens in my hired truck and im going to start doing that for now on thank you for the information
  3. my discord is F L E R#5302 and my in game name is milo 1. so basically last night I was working at the chicken factory and my mate was outside putting his chickens in his truck he said to me '' your truck is gone'' so I went out side and my truck and my 1700 packed chickens and other stuff were gone, and the mod (karate ranch) keeps saying to get the work vehicles an look what happened smh. 2. so after I handle some stuff in Los Santos I went up to do my chicken job and cops came up to see what happened because there was a shooting so I continued my chicken work and then I went out side to put chickens in my truck and my 900 packed chickens weren't there its kind of annoying how u spend so much time into this and u get scuffed like I'm honestly about to quit the server because of this.