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  1. LoyalTraitor

    Reloading your gun

    Would it be possible that you don't put your gun away when you've used a clip? So that you have it out empty making it easier to reload each time?
  2. LoyalTraitor

    Fuel Prices

    Can we drop prices for fuel? $900 to fill a tank is super un-realistic
  3. Would it be possible so that when you log onto another character you don't see your other characters contacts? So we don't text someone that character doesn't know IC
  4. LoyalTraitor

    Lamborghini Centenario Rework or Price Drop

    4th Car down
  5. For a million dollar car it's pretty slow. Would it be possible to get it to perform like it should or just a slight tweak to make it feel like a super car?
  6. LoyalTraitor

    Invoice System

    We need to get a invoice system that shows us what invoices have been payed and what haven't been payed. Sending invoices is fine but if we don't know who's payed their bills we can't exactly go to the police and ask them for their help on the situation. It will also help the Mechanic's for each month as we have to keep a record of every invoice we send. If people don't pay their invoices we loss money on every single one as we have to fork out of our pocket to the company. This would be a massive help, even towards Police and EMS maybe? I don't know how they're work but if they're the same as a Mechanic it'll make this server so much better Thanks, Papi Uco