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  1. There needs to be some sort of balance between police and criminal guns. Police un-racking guns and not having the need to do the same reloading that anyone else has to stacks odds far in the officers favor and super un-fair when criminals can't get a crew bigger than 4 people and getting outnumbered when there is more than 4 police in the city, the reloading is far to long when they can just continuously unload. There needs to be combat pistols back with some form of body armor for criminals as well to give them atleast a chance when police have the ability to continuously fire. Yeah there is exotic weapons dealers in the city but those weapons are expensive to buy and not use them because people don't want to lose them because the economy in the city doesn't pay that great unless you rob the jewelry store once or twice and get away with it as it's the best way to make a decent amount of money in the city currently and that is still hard because everyone in the city hits the moment they can because you can only hit it once a hour. This is something that needs to be looked into if we are trying to make it more balanced for future players
  2. LoyalTraitor

    R34 / R35 Rework

    | Can we get these cars re-worked. The R34 is good but it shouldn't be faster than the R35 GTR. Should be AWD like the Centenario with similar acceleration
  3. - Discord Name & ID: LoyalTraitor - Short description of your suggestion: The ability for police to soft cuff, hard cuff or have bobby pins for others outside of police to uncuff people. And being able to put your seat belt on while cuffed in the back of a police cruiser. - Suggestion Photo(s)/Video(s): Haven't gotten any but you can ask the 2 admins which one was involved with in the situation. - Examples of already implemented code: (URL to FiveM Forum Releases/GTA 5 mods etc) Not a script but some kind of coding with can help with the Soft Cuffing Issue https://forum.fivem.net/t/how-to-make-people-walk-when-they-are-handcuffed/108734/21 Bobby Pins https://forum.fivem.net/t/release-esx-bobbypin/630561 Can't find anything for the putting a seat belt on whilst cuffed and you have Hard Cuffing down packed already - A detailed description of your suggestion: There needs to be another sort of cuffing which most others have is soft cuffing. I was in a vehicle pursuit which turned into a gun fight, we lost but our other 2 that were included from the very start which got away and found us came down and managed to get me back just after the officer had placed me in the vehicle but didn't get the chance to uncuff me before we drove off with the stolen police car. As the chase was happening we managed to get away but because we don't have the ability to put a seatbelt on whilst cuffed we hit a lamp post on which caused me to slowly sink under the map. These seriously need to pushed into the city