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  1. Brucy

    Blackmarket Doctor

    ======Suggestions Structure====== - Discord Name & ID: brucy#5300 - Short description of your suggestion: When a criminal is downed or a civ is downed and EMS are not an option - have an expensive, out of the way alternative of being revived. - Suggestion Photo(s)/Video(s): - - Examples of already implemented code: Unsure on the specifics, but you would just need to add a circle that runs an event for esx_ambulancejob:revive when you press E inside the circle. - A detailed description of your suggestion If you go down and for some reason its not viable for the EMS to pick you up (Area is unsafe for EMS to approach, Cops are on the way and you don't want to go to jail,there are no EMS or Police online and you've gone down) - it would be good if other players could drag you / put you in a vehicle and drive you to a blackmarket doctor who will revive you for a significant cost (10-20k). This would be good when EMS are online to prevent: Crims who have won a firefight to recover allies without having to do the awkward "Ems pick this guy up first then you can pick up the other crims/cops after we leave" and "I'm refusing medical treatment after i've just been shot 20 times because I can't go to the hospital". EMS are swamped and have a large backlog of calls or they do not want to come into your area to pick you up because it's unsafe (active shootings, hostile individuals,etc). People getting upset that EMS have blacklisted them and they need to perm die just because they have taken a few kidneys here and there (😅)_ This would be good when EMS are offline to prevent: People losing everything because a local went crazy and ran them over/knocked them out/shot them for no reason. People abusing the fact no EMS are on to commit murders so that people cannot remember things due to the NLR which cuts short roleplay story lines. Having to spam call Ali and having her drop everything to do laps of Los Santos picking people up non-stop between 12-3am while she is off duty 😄 I suggest putting a circle up in Paleto bay somewhere or on one of the pit stops at the Great Ocean Highway to be a 'backroom doctor' kind of thing so if someone goes down, you CAN get them up, but it's not a viable alternative to the EMS and should only be used when needed. Thanks! ============================== Please note that all suggestions are taken into account however may not necessary be implemented.
  2. ======Suggestions Structure====== - Discord Name & ID: brucy#5300 - Short description of your suggestion: Revise the damage of black market weapons. - Suggestion Photo(s)/Video(s): N/A - Examples of already implemented code: N/A - A detailed description of your suggestion: Currently a lot of the blackmarket weapons feel 'broken' - a good example of this is the Heavy Revolver. Currently the Heavy Revolver is currently a 1 shot anywhere on the body (most of the time - sometimes it will take two shots if the bullet needs to penetrate a window or something beforehand) and it's pretty easy to hit the shot as all other weapons require you to pretty much stand still and land either a headshot or 4-5 body shots. Additionally it only takes Pistol ammo so you can theoretically leave 1 heavy revolver in your apartment, go buy 1000 pistol rounds for 30k~ dirty money and have 1000 heavy revolver rounds which sort of defeats the purpose of the blackmarket dealers. Additionally, some of the other weapons are a tad broken as well - they are: .50 cal Pistol Sawed off shotgun SNS Pistol Would be nice if all blackmarket weapons could be looked at / revised and either nerfed to be brought inline with other weapons or have the already existing weapons nerfed even further to stress the importance of the blackmarket weapons. (Also if we can close the bug of pistol ammo sharing that would go a long way to reduce the problem as well). Thanks! ============================== Please note that all suggestions are taken into account however may not necessary be implemented.
  3. Brucy

    The Realistic Driving

    +1 Agree with the removal or at least a revision of this. The primary purpose of car chases is fun, there is very little / no RP that goes into it, it's simply about if you can evade the party chasing you. By crashing and having to /rag and pretend to be injured the rp comes to a GRINDING halt and often feels disappointing. My biggest issue with the realistic driving though is that it's nigh impossible to enforce, everyone has a different perception of what is realistic and what is not and it's always the primary source of drama after every chase. It seems to be that most car chases follow one of the following formulas: Everyone follows realistic driving rules and the chase ends due to a flat tire or a local swerving, causing frustration for the party that copped the unlucky end. The police follow realistic driving rules but the runner does not (from a police POV), the chase ends and the police have a bad experience cause their RP is cut short, reports are filed and drama ensues in /ooc and ultimately nothing happens anyway. The runner follows realistic driving rules but the police do not (from the runners POV), the chase ends and the runner has a bad experience and reports are filled causing drama in /ooc and ultimately nothing happens anyway. Everyone follows realistic driving rules and by some miracle locals or flats don't ruin it and everyone has a good time - this is quite rare in my experience as both a cop and a crim. I think everyone would benefit if the realistic driving rule was either removed or revised, someone totalling their car and then having to flee on foot adds another layer to the chase and is fun for all parties involved. Furthermore - the loophole that only offroaders can go offroad is often abused in crime and used as a lazy way to 'win' instead of actually putting thought into the chase because the running party knows that very few vehicles can pursue them without prior planning (even then the police offroaders are bad compared to dirt bikes / brawlers). It's also quite jarring / immersion breaking that you constantly hear "WOW HOW IS YOUR VEHICLE MOVING AFTER THAT CRASH" mid chase because someone is frustrated. Personally I think if you want to fly over a mountain going 300kmph while trying to evade the police - go for it. But be prepared for the police (or whoever is chasing you) to be right behind you doing the same maneuvers to keep up with you. We already have vehicle damage / eventual vehicle shutdowns after too much sustained damage, let those be the deciding factor in how long you can run/pursue.