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  1. Tafft

    Banks CD

    Can we get a CD put back on banks? At the moment were getting chained bankjobs, as soon as one is done the next starts before we have even secured the hostage. The old system of 2hrs was too much but a 20-30min CD to allow the chase to happen etc would be ideal.
  2. So lately I have had a been back on my crim character and theres been a few situations that have becomes rather frustrating. The way some of the rules are written are pretty vague. Theres nothing worse then been in a car with 3 others about to start an RP Scenario and one person questions if the "city laws allow this" and then every has to discuss their interpretation. Imitating Police or EMS will result in serious consequences. This includes using gear or clothing intended for Police or EMS roles. Define imitation. Example - We steal a police car, we are driving around in it in our normal clothes, armed to the teeth. Is this imitation? If we use the sirens is this imitation? What are the serious consiquences? Is it in-game punishment ie. jail time or is it out of game, warnings bans? IMO if you steal a cop car you should be allowed to use it as you deem fit providing you dont put on a uniform. And any punishment from this should be 100% in game for these actions. (unless you put on a uniform). Weapons must be stored and taken out in a realistic manner such as a vehicle boot or duffel bag. - The only weapon that can be “Concealed” inside a backpack or Duffle bag is the micro uzi. All others can be seen regardless of a backpack. Sawnoff shotgun and Combat PDW could probably be added to this list. Shooting is prohibited from vehicles whilst moving. You must always initiate roleplay and there must be communication between players. I've raised this before and its been given the ok (Tweeting Initiation). I think tweeting is fine, however i think this should be limited to major events such as a IED, Sniper etc. Using a tweet while in a 10-80 istn valid initiation in my opinion, especially by a third party. The last the the police are doing during a chase is watching twitter. There was a situation the other night that was pretty low quality in my opinion, but it was within the current rules. All situations need to be roleplayed to realistic standards which include but is not limited to; -Planes/Helicopters, outside of Police/EMS, must only land/take off from runways or clear helipads This isnt realist at all, a criminal isnt going to be going looking for a helipad. Yes I know you cant do crime from a air vehicle, but a crim is a crim and isnt going to obey the laws. This could be worded differently to realistic landing areas ie. open spaces free of obstructions etc. Initiate a high level of roleplay and there must be communication between players See above, i think tweeting can be used as initiation but it has to be multiple messages to a large public group. Not in chases etc. Anyways thats my 2c. Happy to bring them up at the next community meeting providing the timing suits availability etc.
  3. Tafft

    The "Main" Problem.

    Ok, so I'm going to chuck my 2c in and see where the dust settles. To go over Lucas's points: 1. I agree with you on this, the city violence scales up aggressively as more Police come online. A possibility here is to remove the ability to see how many Police are online and allow robberies to happen. The downside to this would be that robberies can always occur. 2. Robberies, again I agree. There are groups that like to do robberies and the robberies are becoming more and more common. There isn't a way to stop this, however a possible solution could be to put a safe zone around the areas where you do the physical job. This would prevent people from rolling up while you can’t move etc and force people to plan out crimes and not just do them as a crime of opportunity. Again, this has its downsides, but i think if people could complete legal jobs in peace, they would likely start doing them again. 3. Robbing Bambi's is a pretty rough area to police for the admins. I think referring to the previous point (safe zones) could assist in this been avoided. I think as a community we need to clean up our RP a bit and be a bit more creative in what we are doing. Not everything has to revolve around crime. Even if people started taking Bambi's under their wings and stepped outside their little circles it could assist in retaining some of these new players. 4. Jail-time and Fines, this is something that I believe is currently under review and the officers have been given instructions on how to go about things for now. I won’t offer any solutions here on this matter as my input on this needs to go through the correct channels. 5. I was talking about this very point the other night. I miss the days where you could grab a cop that was getting a bit big for their boots, drive them out to the middle of nowhere and splatter their brains across the scenery. I think you're right, bringing it back would create some more RP opportunities, but again these would have to be well thought out scenarios and RP'd well. I also agree that Police and EMS shouldn't be kidnapped while performing their duties. However, the scenario we had with Leo in the hospital the other day was an interesting one and one which i was fine with. It when a 3rd and 4th party become involved that there becomes an issue. An example of this was when 2 officers pulled over Beau, he pulled up just short of Main. He was only been pulled over for a speeding offence. Whilst i was moving people back (so we hear Beau) I had a third party completely unrelated to the incident, pull a gun on me and demand me surrender and put my hands up. I complied, what he failed to see was my partner was behind the cruiser as cover and had a clear shot with a tazer and took it. While i was cuffing the 3rd party and completely unrelated 4th party opened fire from halfway across main. To me, this is the shit that has to stop. The 3rd and 4th parties just jumping inf or no reason, or the 5th party that then white-knights and start popping shots off... I've gone a bit off topic here but it all ties in. 6. Robberies, both store and bank. So, this is another one I kind of agree with. Stores yes should be lower 3 cops on is more than enough. The payout should be a random amount between 15-30k or something similar and it shouldn't be based on what’s in the till (not sure if that even a thing atm). As for Banks, 5 cops are enough for the banks, but the stupid demands must stop. Crims should be entitled to 2 demands + 1 more if they have a hostage and they should be reasonable. Cops imo, if they are authorized to use spikes should only get 1 spike per cop (as to not just blanket the map and make it impossible). The system we have now means crimes just demand everything. Maybe the Police take the demands into account when processing anyone caught, minimal demands reduces the sentence? Now for my personal pet peeve, the weapons license. To lose your weapons license is a big deal, 45k is no small chunk of change. What I would love to see is 3-4 tiers of weapons license. Tier 1 - nonlethal, Tier 2 - Pistol, Tier 3 - Shotgun and SMG, Tier 4 - Big Boi Guns. And price them as such. There was a bank job a month ago where the natives all got caught. That’s 5-6 guys 270k loss just for the licenses.... not including the guns. These guys should have the options to only purchase Tier 2 licenses for (10k) so they're not risking a weeks’ worth of farming to recover from 1 bad bank job, that could have been caused by circumstances beyond their control (desync etc) My final thought, is on your comment about main. People will always congregate somewhere; this can be alleviated by allowing the police to move on loiters. Keep in mind if 25 players are at main (as was common), if you assume a city population of 300k you're saying its acceptable for 230k (approx.) people to be congregated in one car park. These car parks are to pull out vehicles and put them away. TBH id love to see public garages done away with and you can only pull vehicles out from apartments (ones with tiny garages as to avoid congregating) but this may be a step too far. Since the main changes, the amount of activity from a police standpoint has increased dramatically. This may be coincidence, but people seem to be travelling more which leads to more interaction. The bottom line is, people need to be creative and come up with good RP scenarios. The server quality is dependent on the community, think outside the box, go for a hike, go skydiving, have a triathlon, host an event (suggest running big ones past admins so they don’t panic [X-Games fiasco ;) ]) but sitting in main having a chat isn’t RP, there’s so much to do just be creative.
  4. Tafft

    Main Garage - Loitering

    - Discord Name & ID: Tafft#3572 - Short description of your suggestion: Ban loitering at main again - Suggestion Photo(s)/Video(s): N/A - Examples of already implemented code: (URL to FiveM Forum Releases/GTA 5 mods etc) N/A - A detailed description of your suggestion: So for the last couple of night i have been in the city on the "Criminal" Character and the level of player interaction is extremely low unless 1. I am working at the dealership (even then its high quality RP bvut very infrequently.) or 2. I go down to main garage as that is where 90% of the city is. A good example of this was tonight, I was driving around with another player looking for people to interact with both friendly or otherwise. We drove around for 1-2 hours and the only other player we encountered was the mechanic who we called out after crashing. We went down to main and counted out 20 player. So when you do the maths, there were 20 players at main, then there are 4 police (who just circle main), 1 mech (parked outside main), 1 EMS (parked out the front of main), 3 in Prison and 2 in the car with me. That leave 1-4 players (depending on if all 3 were still in jail or not) that were in the city. People bang on about realistic RP all the time and the way I see it, to have the entire population of a small city (300,000 - 450,000) people in one parking garage is extremely unrealistic. Other than banning loitering at all garages across the city I dont see another realistic RP option. Feel free to hit me up in Disc to discuss further.