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SRB deadman

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  1. SRB deadman

    Police Application

    //DENIED Your application has been denied due to not enough effort on the application, age requirement, and invalid sponsorship.
  2. SRB deadman


    i havent played it since the update 0.4
  3. SRB deadman

    Hi everyone

    Nice to meet you.
  4. SRB deadman

    Being Able To Move Around In Cuffs

    Thank you for your suggestion. This is my own opinion. I believe that if a player is able to move and run while cuffed, it will be abused. Everyone will attempt to run away. I also believe that no lock picking the cuff should be a thing. Most all criminals are not that smart. "Hey, lets take some lock picks just in case we get caught and we can try to lock pick our handcuffs." Criminals should not go back to help a friend when caught. It will be consider as fail fearRP. Why? Cops are well armed and should be fearing for your death. Once again, thank you for your suggestion.
  5. SRB deadman

    Filming UI

    If you're just filming scenery/city, why don't you do it offline?
  6. SRB deadman

    Hi There, *Quack*

    quack quack
  7. SRB deadman

    Super New

    Nice to meet you.
  8. SRB deadman

    Smokey Santana

    Smokey Santana real first name Joaquin Luis Santana was born and raised in Rancho neighborhood in Los Santos. He was basically raised by the Los Santos Vagos and joined has baby gangster when he was 13 years old. Got affiliated when he shot older gangster from The Families. He is now 19 years old trying to make a name for himself. He is wanted of vehicle manslaughter and murder. Yet to be captured, he is active on dealing mostly marijuana and started doing meth deals. Before the murders he has been arrested multiple times and been shot by police twice. He has a grudge over police officer Cerenkov. When he is not dealing drugs he will always be in Rancho neighborhood smoking or riding his bike looking for trouble.
  9. SRB deadman

    I'm not good at Introductions.. But here we go..

    I was in beta for ESO.
  10. SRB deadman

    Arseny Cerenkov

    Born in Russia, raised in Southern California. Although, he joined the Russian mafia, the Poloznev family. Never did any criminal activity, was just a driver of one of the high ranking Russian gangster. His mother is Nigerian. He has never met his father but took his father's name. He became police officer on June of 2018 at the age of 35 and climbed the rank to Senior Sargent.
  11. SRB deadman

    My backround

    Nice to meet you! Taki Taki