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  1. Azabes

    Buying ammo separate to weapons

    we are looking into to this we have had an issue with it in the past Thank you for your feedback
  2. Azabes


    Thank you like all servers still much we are trying to improve
  3. Azabes

    Hello there.

    Welcome If want or need any help please just ask
  4. Azabes

    Suggestion regarding safe zones

    defiantly something for us to think about
  5. Azabes

    Mechanic Car For Off Road Call Out

    what do you think of the one just realiset
  6. Azabes

    The Dragon Prince

    Its an anime/cartoon based show as a Netflix original I have watched both S1 and 2 now and have really liked it
  7. Azabes

    Vikings - T.V Show

    I agree it is a great show
  8. Azabes


    i like it im up to date with it atm
  9. Azabes

    Weapon Attachments!

    Sounds great
  10. Azabes

    I'm not good at Introductions.. But here we go..

    I wasn't in pub missed that one but most others I was h1z1 wasnt bad but felt lacking
  11. Azabes

    Mechanic Suggestion

    Looks good and would add definitely add some more RP for mechanics
  12. Azabes


    I love the food idea but depends on if you bring the limit i see some people being upset, though its a great idea
  13. Azabes

    I'm not good at Introductions.. But here we go..

    haha yer to true
  14. Azabes


    Gotham I have been really liking has been a very interesting and twisting beast the first season was slow and hard to really love but I feel that the S2 and S3 have really picked up and has been very interesting
  15. Azabes

    Punisher - T.V Show

    i agree it wasn't bad overall just sorta felt like it fell short some how