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  1. BlueVantra

    Loss of 800 Pistol Ammunition and 20k

    Krimson, Sorry for the delay in getting to this post. Was this matter resolved in a private message with another admin or? If not, reply here and I can look into this for you.
  2. BlueVantra

    Main Garage - Loitering

    Good Morning, We are currently looking into this, I will provide you an update once we have decided best cause of action.
  3. BlueVantra

    why i got banned

    Please try to connect now. Should be all working now, If you have any other issues contact me on discord.
  4. BlueVantra

    why i got banned

    Ban has been lifted.
  5. BlueVantra

    why i got banned

    Good Afternoon, I will lift your ban in two days, Keep in mind you having internet issues isn't our responsibility. I really suggest your read over the server rules completely, to understand our rules and general role play. I will write a note on your account for x 1 RDM (Combat Logging you need to actually fix your internet)
  6. BlueVantra

    why i got banned

    As in your statement; when I would die (get knocked out) I would get a glitch that would revive you (without a medic being there) and it would still have the respawn timer. do you have any footage of this exact bug? Do you recall what Police Officer, told you to leave and rejoin? Why would you kill someone that isn't talking or moving, gangster or not, you would know he isnt at the compuer.
  7. BlueVantra

    false ban

    // Rejected This wasn't a false ban. If you have concrete evidence showing you are innocent, provide it to me on discord. Otherwise the ban will stay.
  8. BlueVantra

    Mechanic Vehicles

    Good Evening, I will pass this onto @AC/AC for you.
  9. BlueVantra

    Ban Appeal

    I'll let you figure that one out 🙂 I'll be closing this for the time being.
  10. BlueVantra

    Ban Appeal

    I was Spectating you is how you were being watched.
  11. BlueVantra

    ban appeal

    // Rejected You were spotted jumping out of the jet and running away by an Admin. If you believe you are innocent, send me concrete evidence by Discord or by the Forums.
  12. BlueVantra

    Ban Appeal

    // Rejected I saw you do this from first hand. As this kind of glitch is an indefinitely bannable offence. At this time the ban appeal will be rejected and the ban will still stick.
  13. BlueVantra

    banned for no reason

    // Closed Incorrect format.
  14. The Following Steps will clear your cache from your FiveM 1. Firstly you want to be able to find your FiveM.exe on your desktop - (Most likely on your desktop) 2. Right Click on the FiveM.exe and click Open File Location 3. Double Click FiveM Application Data 4. Double Click cache Folder 5. Delete Everything in this folder but "NOT Game" If you prefer to watch a video on how to do it, Go to this Link https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=how+to+clear+my+fivem+cache