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  1. BlueVantra

    Improved jail system

    Hello Jay, Thank you for your suggestion. I am currently looking at a new jail system that has better interior than the current one, as well with a courthouse. Once I have more inforatmion I'll let you know.
  2. BlueVantra

    pole blocking garage door from opening

  3. BlueVantra

    Loss of 800 Pistol Ammunition and 20k

    Krimson, Sorry for the delay in getting to this post. Was this matter resolved in a private message with another admin or? If not, reply here and I can look into this for you.
  4. BlueVantra

    Main Garage - Loitering

    Good Morning, We are currently looking into this, I will provide you an update once we have decided best cause of action.
  5. BlueVantra

    Mechanic Vehicles

    Good Evening, I will pass this onto @AC/AC for you.
  6. The Following Steps will clear your cache from your FiveM 1. Firstly you want to be able to find your FiveM.exe on your desktop - (Most likely on your desktop) 2. Right Click on the FiveM.exe and click Open File Location 3. Double Click FiveM Application Data 4. Double Click cache Folder 5. Delete Everything in this folder but "NOT Game" If you prefer to watch a video on how to do it, Go to this Link https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=how+to+clear+my+fivem+cache
  7. BlueVantra

    New Garage/Impound Pricing

    Hello, Thank you for your post. There will be some changes next restart, with the above post in question.
  8. BlueVantra

    custom vehicle

    Did you download the model before purchasing? Message me on discord and I'll try to help you out over private messages.
  9. BlueVantra

    Invoice System

    Personally, I don't see this happening as other companies charge different amounts for their repairs. As Slim said above its a flat fee for EMS. I'd recommend you ask the customer to pay you in cash or get them to go to the bank before you do the repair.
  10. BlueVantra

    Robbing Houses & Lockpick items

    There is a plugin like this on FiveM that looks exact the same as this I've tested on my dev server a couple of weeks ago It can be quite buggy. Items you steal don't sync, for example if you do robberies with friends the items you take the other player won't see on your person.
  11. BlueVantra

    Hey there

    Good Morning, Welcome to OblivionTek. I'll point you to our guide that is the most useful for new players Guide: https://goo.gl/XaF6A5 Rules:
  12. BlueVantra

    Ferrari 488 gts

    Hello Keith, I'll pass your bug report on the development team for an investigation on this matter.
  13. BlueVantra

    lost money

    Hello, Can you please provide what vehicle you referring to?
  14. BlueVantra

    Can't connect

    Hello, This should of been fixed now on the restart that happened this morning. Let me know if you have any other issues or questions.
  15. BlueVantra

    On Duty/ Off Duty police

    We tested that before and was buggy. I'm fine trying on my server. If it works, would work for police but not ems as it's coded for esx_ambulancejob not esx_firejob unless code is changed and still works.