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  1. Trusted

    Bahama Mamas ATM

    Please fix my atm, there is just an ATM in the Bahama Mamas, and it just has no use, can you like put a thing there so when I press E it works, cheers. https://gyazo.com/19bc9e8ba14f4f608f48d40e9367b8ca https://gyazo.com/792696ae298159ba84c27577ffdced62 https://gyazo.com/5e92d84a4154040ef8a6a3e2a5fcfbff
  2. Trusted

    Loss of 800 Pistol Ammunition and 20k

    Just to confirm, I was with Krimson during the time he was hoping between servers and I told him to take these screenshots just incase because I did the same w/timestamps because I knew that going onto server 2 had some risk. So I can indeed verify the legitimacy of these screenshots. If that counts for anything 🙂
  3. Trusted

    Scuffed Car/s

    I'm just redoing this following the format as I didn't have access to the template when I first made this post. Discord Username & Steam Profile Link: Trusted | https://steamcommunity.com/id/TrustedRT/ Time & Date the bug occurred: 15/05/2019 Vehicle License Plate: IHOKC950 Description of Bug: I bought a Reaper from the 'City' Dealership for $150k and it caps out at 120km/h and the acceleration is average but the top speed was my main concern. I then proceeded to take it to the BOG Motors to put a turbo in it for roughly $78k. I took it for a test drive after that and it showed no sign of improvement, from what I can tell the config file or something of that nature is not working as intended. The car is basically useless and its impossible to try and sell it off to another player because as soon as they test drive it they want nothing to do with it. Detailed Screenshots/Video: As for the screenshot of the Turbo I would need to get a mechanic to take a screenshot of it and send it to me as I can't see the upgrades with how the server currently operates.
  4. Trusted

    Car Lock System Bug

    I just replicated this with my Reaper, says it wasn't my vehicle on server 1. Hopped over to server 2 got my keys instantly.
  5. Trusted

    Outfit Saving Bug

    Follow the report structure below to report a bug ==============Bug Report Format=============== Discord Username & Steam Profile Link: Trusted | https://steamcommunity.com/id/TrustedRT/ Time & Date the bug occurred: 23/05/2019 Description of Bug: When on server 2 if you go into the clothing store and setup an outfit and save it to your wardrobe it does not work, if you go to your apartment on server 2 there will be no outfits saved at all but if you hop onto server 1 all the outfits you saved on server 2 will be on server 1. I believe the outfit changing system is completely non-functional on server 2. How can the Dev Team replicate this issue? Go onto server 2, save an outfit, go to your apartment it wont be there nor will any of your outfits, go onto server 1 all your outfits are there plus the ones that you tried to save on server 2. Detailed Screenshots/Video: N/A
  6. Trusted

    Car Lock System Bug

    ==============Bug Report Format=============== Discord Username & Steam Profile Link: Trusted https://steamcommunity.com/id/TrustedRT/ Time & Date the bug occurred: Been happening since the new locking system was implemented, figure it out at roughly 6:30am AEST 23/05/2019 Description of Bug: I've noticed that whenever I got into my Brawler on Server 1 it would always say that I do not own this vehicle and after having it impounded for the like 20th time, even though i've been using the f10 lock system I still get locked out from time to time. So i thought is it possible that my car keys are stuck on server 2? I then proceeded to hop on server 2 and my keys worked immediately. From what I can tell its like my keys for my Brawler are stuck on server 2 and won't come over to server 1. How can the Dev Team replicate this issue? Find a car that you own that says "You do not own this vehicle" then hop onto the other server and try the same vehicle and the keys should work, its like they are stuck on that server. Detailed Screenshots/Video: N/A
  7. Trusted

    New Garage/Impound Pricing

    Yeah, that's fair its just hard to get information on whether or not bugs are changes and I was asking around for about an hour and I couldn't get any information regarding the changes to the impound and garage changes. When I started this thread I was also a bit tilted about some other stuff that is not related to this so that's why it might come off as me raging. Its always good to start discussion anyway, it helps those in charge of said changes get an idea on what the community wants. Which is good for us.
  8. So as far as I'm aware the new impound cost for getting your car out is $5250 which is a bit on the high side and I understand if it has been increased due to lack of work for mechanics but it is a bit on the high side. I took out a $40000 car and it had no visible damage just a bit smokey and it was going to cost me $12500 to put it back in my garage. Which is F'd. Why has this not been discussed with the community before hand? I feel like this was just added without actually thinking about how players will perceive this change. It looks a little cash grabby which I don't think is your intention but it does seem that way. I was just wondering if anyone else has an opinion on this.
  9. Trusted

    Scuffed Car/s

    BUG: I purchased the $150,000 super car the 'Reaper' from the NPC Dealership. I'm not sure if it is a bug or if the values for the car are set incorrectly but it only caps out at 120km/h and you can tell it wants to go harder. I was a bit upset about wasting that much of my time in money on the car but I thought that MAYBE if I did some upgrades to it, it would improve. I then proceed to put a $76,500 turbo in it which has done nothing. So over all I've wasted about 10 hours of my time in, in-game cash and its pretty upsetting. After speaking with some Admins about this topic this is the best way I can see hopefully this getting dealt with before someone else buys a scuffed lambo. Also I believe the Banshee 900R has the same problem if @Zooka would like to leave comment. Thanks, pls fixed my scuffed car or if I could just get a bit of $ back that'd be sick. Cheers. Trusted (Vincent Romano).
  10. Trusted

    Hello there.

    Name is Trusted. Just introducing myself, first time here. I've RP'd a little in the past. I have a few friends that play on your guy's server/s. Just getting into RP on GTA because of the big influx of 'influencers' creating content around RP and am interested in trying it out. Ideally I'd like to join the Police Force at some stage but you never know where you're gonna end up. Thanks for having me, see you guys in there. 🙂