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  1. TheSenator

    McLaren 675LT Performance

    - Discord Name & ID: TheCraft#5487 - Short description of your suggestion: Recommended review of McLaren 675LT performance to be more inline with reality and/or other cars in the city. - A detailed description of your suggestion I have run some time trials on the McLaren 675 and and have compared it to real-world statistics. At the moment the car is abysmal (especially considering the price tag). Please see comparison between real world and the 675LT. 0-100 Real Life (RL): 2.9s City: 5.89s (average over 3 trials) 0-200 RL: 7.9ss City: 31.2s (average over 3 trials) 0-300 RL (max speed 330): 23.5s City: 1min 10.33 (average over three trials) Top speed RL: 330/km/h City: 289-305 (downhill??) unable to reach max speed Gears RL: 7 speed City: 6 speed????? Braking: RL: 4.9 sec 202-0km City: 6.62sec (over 3 tests) Handling: Handling seems to be okay? It's very hard to tell when the car doesn't drive very well. Measures: https://www.motor1.com/news/136771/mclaren-720s-braking-capability/ http://accelerationtimes.com/models/mclaren-675lt Additional recommendations: The current skin is extremely poor and has 0 upgradability/customisability. You cannot put any upgrades on it at all and cosmetically it is super limited (can't even change the wheels). If possible, I think it would be amazing if we could update the 675LT to a newer/alternative pack such as this one. https://www.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/2016-mclaren-675lt-spider-automatic-convertible
  2. TheSenator

    Greetings from The Senator

    Good morning ladies and gentlemen, For those of you who don't know me I play Lucas Dawes from Las Santos EMS department. I have been part of the Obtek community for a little over a month. I will answer a couple of questions that I know everyone is dying to ask. 1. I am in my 30's. I know, I sound young. I know I don't sound my age. I also know I don't look my age. If you choose to believe me that is entirely up to you. After all... Who would lie on the internet? :P 2. Yes, I have real life health care training. No I am not a Dr in real life. I work on the other side of the fence in Rehab. I do however have a number of years experience working in hospitals and medical departments including: ED, ICU, Gen med, Surgical, Cardiac Care (or Med 5), Orthopaedics, Neuro, Burns and mental health in an acute, subacute and community based situation. So now a little bit about me: I have been roleplaying for 19 years. Predominately text based role-play, however some pen and paper and a bit of RP in MMOs such as WoW, FFXI and XIV, Guild Wars etc etc. My experience with GTA RP is quite limited. I played when the game first came out however never really got into fivem until more recently. I am from QLD but am currently living in Victoria, I work full-time in a community health situation. I manage a team of allied health professionals and am in the process of completing a masters in clinical rehabilitation with a speciality of neuro-rehabilitation. It is pretty damn interesting as we are looking into the benefits of virtual reality when used with people post TBI as well as a number of other things. I hope you are all enjoying Obtek. If I haven't met you in game yet, I look forward to. For those I have met thanks for the fun! Look forward to many more scenes to come.