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  1. Discord Username & Steam Profile Link: Krimson#9770 & https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198064779183/ Time & Date the bug occured: 29/08/2019 3:30pm AEST Description of Bug: BMW windows dont change tint regardless of how much money you spend on the cosmetic upgrade How can the Dev Team replicate this issue? By an M4S, take it to Bennys and try to tint the window Detailed Screenshots/Video: Unneeded
  2. Krimson

    Increase to Apartment variety

    - Discord Name & ID: Krimson#9770 - Short description of your suggestion: Add more apartments around the city. - Suggestion Photo(s)/Video(s): N/A - Examples of already implemented code: (URL to FiveM Forum Releases/GTA 5 mods etc) N/A - A detailed description of your suggestion: I would like to suggest a fairly simple improvement to the server in adding more apartments in a higher variety of areas around the city. Notably in poorer areas as we currently only have 1 poor apartment afaik so you are either living in that 1 poor apartment near old main (a factor in the Main garage issue) or you live in one of 10 high class apartments. I believe adding poor to medium cost apartments in areas like grove st, Mirror park/Nikola av and Amarillo Vista/El burro heights would simply increase immersion in that everyone will not be living in the exact same locations, will help to add some variety to character life style, help spread city population away from congregating at whatever becomes the temporary new main. Lastly on top of all these previous positives to what I believe to be a simple change, if the method for setting player relation to npc gangs is introduced this would compound into a very enjoyable and authentic new style of gang rp where people would actually be able to live within hoods they want to hold down and feel as part of an actual gang like the vagos or ballas for those who are interested.
  3. Krimson

    Loss of 800 Pistol Ammunition and 20k

    Sorry for my delay in turn haha. No this has not been resolved yet, thank you for your time.
  4. When I logged on to server 2 I had 29k in the bank and 800 extra rounds of pistol ammo. I just logged into server 1 and when I got to my apartment the 800 Pistol ammo and 20k was missing. Id appreciate any aid available to right this as I am very busy these days and 800 rounds worth of dirty money and 20k in cash represents a big time investment for me.
  5. I would like to suggest that yall make it possible so that I can get more ammo for my AK without spending a whole 23k for another rifle. Also would it be possible to get feedback on how likely this is to happen/how soon or if at all? Sorry if this has been suggested before. Also obviously I don't know the inner workings of the server so if this isn't possible via your current setup for what its worth I think the server is great regardless.
  6. Krimson

    Butcher Security deposit Issue

    Basically If you damage your butcher truck and lose some of the deposit, if you get another truck at some point and return it, it will refund you the cost of that deposit and whatever was taken from your previous deposit. As I mentioned in tags I figure this is pretty low priority but wanted to bring it up so yall were aware :)