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  1. Krimson

    Loss of 800 Pistol Ammunition and 20k

    Sorry for my delay in turn haha. No this has not been resolved yet, thank you for your time.
  2. When I logged on to server 2 I had 29k in the bank and 800 extra rounds of pistol ammo. I just logged into server 1 and when I got to my apartment the 800 Pistol ammo and 20k was missing. Id appreciate any aid available to right this as I am very busy these days and 800 rounds worth of dirty money and 20k in cash represents a big time investment for me.
  3. I would like to suggest that yall make it possible so that I can get more ammo for my AK without spending a whole 23k for another rifle. Also would it be possible to get feedback on how likely this is to happen/how soon or if at all? Sorry if this has been suggested before. Also obviously I don't know the inner workings of the server so if this isn't possible via your current setup for what its worth I think the server is great regardless.
  4. Krimson

    Butcher Security deposit Issue

    Basically If you damage your butcher truck and lose some of the deposit, if you get another truck at some point and return it, it will refund you the cost of that deposit and whatever was taken from your previous deposit. As I mentioned in tags I figure this is pretty low priority but wanted to bring it up so yall were aware :)