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  1. Mr Jay

    Improved jail system

    Discord ID - @Mr-Jay-GamerYT#0001 Short description - Criminals could actually go through an actual court while being sent to jail for a long-ish time, and a prison bus to actually drive them there. Whilst in prison, they could enter the courtyard of the prison. Detailed: A person commits a crime (or multiple) that would cause him to be jailed for a good while. Right now, the process is that the officers take the arrested criminals to PD to read them their charges and send them away. That works, but I feel it a little lame. What we could do, is as follows: Once arrested, the prisoners can have opportunity to either have officers read the charges and accept those, or they can also choose to go to court for their crimes. This would then increase RP as we would have someone working as the judge (whitelisted job), and then on the court as the judge reads the charges, the arrested criminal would have a lawyer to do what lawyers do, we can have the victims and witnesses etc. just like in real court we would... Once done with all these procedures, judge then decides the sentence, and once the person is sent to the prison (if sentenced to serve time), officers would have a prison bus to transport them to the prison themselves. The prison bus gives the criminals and their possible non-arrested associates time to attempt to stop the bus and break the criminal out before he/she gets to the prison, which then would lead into a manhunt and leave the criminal wanted. If the criminal ends up to the prison without any escape attempts, he/she is then sent indoors and serving of the time starts from that on. During the time in the prison, the criminals could go outdoors onto the prison courtyard, where from they can attempt to escape. This could get another job into the town (prison guard). And if the person manages to escape the prison unnoticed (or even noticed), it leads to a manhunt once noticed and leaves him/her wanted, and if caught again, it leads to very much higher sentence. This system could possibly increase the RP between criminals and officers, lawyers, judges etc. and create some interesting scenarios (prison break, long court sessions etc.). What do you think? - Mr Jay
  2. Mr Jay

    RP Based Customs Shop

    Discord ID - @Mr-J-GamerYT#0001 Short Description - RP Based car customization shop that would work like BOG-Motors. Detailed: Anyone can take a car into any of the customs shops on town (Benny's etc.) as much as anyone can go to PDM to buy a car. BUT if you want special cars, you go to buy them from BOG which makes people to interact with others. So therefore, if you want special customizations on your cars, you could go to this RP Based Customs Shop, which would work as following: 1. Person decides he wants some special upgrades on the car (performance and cosmetic), so he takes it into the Customs Shop. 2. There is a mechanic on the shop waiting and greeting the customer. They then discuss the upgrades and the price it would be. 3. Person leaves the car into the shop, and mechanic first orders the parts for the car, and then gets working on the car. 4. After couple days of waiting for the parts, mechanic can finally put the car together and the customer can come in to pick up the car. 5. Customer pays, and receives the fully upgraded and specially customized car that is ready for racing. The mechanic working on this shop would need to work on the engine, transmission and tires, to make it specifically for the needs of the customer, for example if the customer wants to make the car into a drift car, upgrades required would be: Tires - Low traction, Transmission - Slow-ish, Engine - High power... Or if customer wants a drag racer, the upgrades would be: Tires - High traction, Transmission - Fast, Engine, high-ish power, or something like that, you get the point (I don't know too much of cars 😛 ) This would increase the RP a lot, especially if we continue to have street races around the town, so with these special upgrades made specifically for YOUR needs, you can attend any race even with the same car if the customizations are being changed (if we hold drift race one day and week later a sprint race etc.). And of course adding nitrous onto the cars, and making them work with some conditions as follows: 1. One bottle of nitrous would last ~10 seconds 2. You can only stick max 2 bottles into one car 3. The bottles would be visible on the trunk, backseat or between the front seats 4. These bottles are expensive (10k each??) 5. Nitrous are also illegal, officers would see them by inspecting the cars and fine and impound the car for that 6. You can use either one or both at a time (one bottle would increase the engine power with ~15%, and two at once would increase it for ~25% or something similar - With muscle cars using both nitrous at once would make a 2nd wheelie - You can stop the using of the nitrous before ~10 seconds is over manually, and that'd leave the rest still to be used, like how fuel works) 7. You can only buy these bottles from the RP Customs Shop Hope I didn't forget anything. With these nitrous, racing would become even more interesting, as you never know if someone has nitrous on their cars or not (which every street racer probably would). There are my ideas, for the car modifications you could attempt to use the tuner-chip -mod that NoPixel uses (dunno if it is public tho), or attempt to create something similar. Hope you like it, I have had this on my mind for couple months now. - Mr Jay
  3. Mr Jay

    Filming UI

    I'm not filming just scenery tho. The example image is to show the UI arranging how I think it could work. I have actors, we have a script to film an actual movie, which later on will be shown on the drive in movie theater. Therefore the chat popping in is little bit on the way, and it may be frustrating for me and my actors having to do retakes when someone simply tweets out something. I can work with this if necessary, but just a suggestion to make the filming little bit easier.
  4. Mr Jay

    Filming UI

    Discord ID - @Mr-J-GamerYT#0001 As of I am filming a movie soon in Los Santos, there is still an issue regarding the UI. So when I do /cam and get into the movie mode, that suits perfectly the needs for a movie filming. BUT... If someone happens to tweet out something, or say something in /ooc chat or even leave/join the town, the chat opens up and that gets on the way of the filming. And that causes me needing to do a reshoot of that specific scene hoping the chat doesn't pop up this time. SO... My solution for this would be as follows. When entering the movie mode on /cam, the UI could be squeezed a little, so the hunger/thirst meters could be moved slightly left, and fit the chat into the black area of the camera on top-right-corner, as suggested on the quickly drawn and badly photoshopped image linked (hope ya get what I mean on that). Then people chatting would not bother the filming of the movie. Would it be possible to do so, as of I am hoping to make not just this one movie, but if this is successful (which I see the potential it is), we will be filming more in the future, and therefore this UI-change would make it easier for us for the future filmings too. - Mr J