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Ivan Milat

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  1. Ivan Milat

    Can we add a mazda RX7?

    Hi Team, Love your work, Can we please look at perhaps adding an RX7 to the BOG dealership list? the asian cars are falling a little behind the euro and this would be a ncie addition. i founds this puppy and a livery for it. https://www.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/2002-mazda-rx-7-spirit-r-type-a-series-iii-fd3s https://www.gta5-mods.com/paintjobs/mazda-rx7-f3ds-ahegao-stickerbomb-livery Cheers
  2. Ivan Milat

    2017 Ford GT Performance

    Can i suggest when you fix the Ford Gt you also fix the police cars, if we are talking realism none of those cars are going to exceed 300k's or handle particularly well Considering the amount of police on in peak times perhaps they can use the guile and communications they have to orchestate the apprehension of fellons rather than unbalanced vehicles. People with "realistic" performaing cars are deterred from engaging the police in pursuits. Just a suggestion mind you.
  3. Ivan Milat

    Fuel Prices

    I have to agree with Loyal here, the cost of fuel is breaking the economy worse than the price of impounded cars from glitches. $900 to fuel a car and $600 to fuel a motorbike?
  4. Discord Username & Steam Profile Link: Tredds & 11000010b5a7cca Time & Date the bug occured: 29th September 12:52pm Description of Bug: Location to exit vehicle is behind gate, gate does not open. the gate attempts to open but only moves a couple of mil. How can the Dev Team replicate this issue? you will need to own an apartment and attempt to park it in the garage Detailed Screenshots/Video:
  5. Ivan Milat

    Ammunation not working

    Was this resolved? i still experience this problem and the guns i purchased have dissapeared from on my person. Cheers
  6. Ivan Milat

    Hello Neighbour

    Hi All, Let me introduce myself, I'm Ivan, long time listener first time caller. Like meeting lonely backpackers and spending time in the woods with my shovel. Hope to establish myself in the city without to much attention from the local bacon. Might need a crib to crash in while i find means of making some dough so hit us up! see you on the freeway. Ivan.