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Store Ownership Rules & Guides

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If you are a store owner, you are responsible for following the shop rules and making sure your stores are stocked at all times.



Following items should be stocked on your stores at all times:

1. Repair kits

2. 3 Different Types of Food

3. 3 Different Types of Drinks

4. Bandages

5. Phones

6. Vehicle Contract Forms





Please Note:

- These items may change in the future, check back on a weekly basis.

- If Compulsory Shop Items have been changed, there will be a grace period of 1 week for existing shop owners to update their catalogue.

- Depending on how long a store is unstocked with these items they may be removed from ownership and resold back to the market.

- Any Illegal items sold in shops (drugs/ammunition etc) have a chance of being seized by police. 

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