New Changes: - Introduced back in Hunger & Thirst with new Custom Hunger & Thirst UI - Multiple characters finally brought in! - Due to multiple characters feature being brought in, removed F10 character options. - New updates to U.I for a simpler  - Minimap (on top left) will now only be shown when inside a vehicle for realism purposes. Use the escape menu map for navigation while on foot. - Server tutorial (on the first login) has been removed due to it not benefiting many people. - Brough in additional measures to stop combat logging when dead. - Parachute to gun store added. - Heavy & Quick repair brought in for mechanics. - Weapon pricing revisions have been made - A bug with player load-outs not working due to a different armoury system has been fixed. - A reoccurring bug with player outfits have been fixed - A bug where U.I disappeared when deleting a character has been fixed - A bug where radios were given to everyone has been patched - Changed the server name to match both light & dark UI for clientside. New Planned Additions   - We will be bringing in an in-game radio, there is one major glitch with the system and the author has been notified. - New movie cinema coming in some time soon. There is an issue with our FiveM base, and the FiveM Developers have been notified. We are looking to do movie nights every Friday once this system is in. - We will be bringing additional garages / moving around current garage spots to different locations.