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Main Garage - Loitering

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- Discord Name & ID: Tafft#3572

- Short description of your suggestion: Ban loitering at main again

- Suggestion Photo(s)/Video(s): N/A

- Examples of already implemented code: (URL to FiveM Forum Releases/GTA 5 mods etc) N/A

- A detailed description of your suggestion:

So for the last couple of night i have been in the city on the "Criminal" Character and the level of player interaction is extremely low unless 1. I am working at the dealership (even then its high quality RP bvut very infrequently.) or 2. I go down to main garage as that is where 90% of the city is.

A good example of this was tonight, I was driving around with another player looking for people to interact with both friendly or otherwise.  We drove around for 1-2 hours and the only other player we encountered was the mechanic who we called out after crashing.  We went down to main and counted out 20 player.  So when you do the maths, there were 20 players at main, then there are 4 police (who just circle main), 1 mech (parked outside main), 1 EMS (parked out the front of main), 3 in Prison and 2 in the car with me. That leave 1-4 players (depending on if all 3 were still in jail or not) that were in the city.

People bang on about realistic RP all the time and the way I see it, to have the entire population of a small city (300,000 - 450,000) people in one parking garage is extremely unrealistic.

Other than banning loitering at all garages across the city I dont see another realistic RP option.

Feel free to hit me up in Disc to discuss further.

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Good Morning,

We are currently looking into this, I will provide you an update once we have decided best cause of action.

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Hi Tafft,

As you are aware we have moved the location of the main garage and plan to continue to move the locations to keep the city active and moving rather the hanging out in the garage locations.

If you have any questions, I am sure you will anyway but please feel free to hit me up in the discord.


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