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Soapy McMuffin

Mining: May aswell sell your body

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I don't really know where to start here but mining is single handedly the worst thing I have done on a RP server period. The bugs make this incredibly frustrating, if you drive over a marker and press e when in the vehicle if you go to hop out you will float next to the vehicle, cannot move and gain the mass of the solar system combined . I say this because I tried to get my friend to hit me with a truck and see what happened and I just caved in the front of his truck like it was like butter and will have to drive back to depo then to the rocks again to start mining. You have to disconnect to fix this bug and you then immediately loose 2K because you are no longer on your job, losing your truck security deposit. If you press E to wash or smelt it will sometimes use all the rocks/washed rocks but not give you any product from it (this always happens when smelting but I think that's because you are full on everything else but not diamonds).

One copper is worth $5... you can only hold 56 before you have to load it into your truck, Iron is worth $8 and can hold 46, gold is worth $18 and you can only hold 24 and diamonds are worth $125 and I have no idea how many diamonds you can hold. But, from one smelting run to full stacks of all bars not including any diamonds it takes up 128.0/300.... That means so in three runs you have to go for a 10 min drive around the city before you can come back and smelt more. On top of that the fact you can't get your truck into the smelting factory so you have to run out and inside to drop off produce. 

For one washed stone you get 8 copper 8 iron and 6 gold. If you calculate it one rock is worth $212 - $40 because copper is just not worth going out of the way for or taking up space in the truck so, $172 a rock (I would honestly say iron isn't worth too but let's say it is). But, one rock has to be mined, washed, smelted and then sold. So if you divide it into actions. One action is worth $43 which may sound not terrible but then you consider how damn long it takes to do these actions and travel time. This job just straight up is not worth the time. I ended up dropping 170 washed rocks that took me about two and a half hours to acquire because it was going to take so much longer to actually smelt and sell the rest and yes the smelting and selling is the longest part. From one full truck run I made about 2.5K and that took me 10 mins maybe longer to drive everywhere sell them and then back to the smelting factory.

In conclusion, this job needs at least some if not all of the following: Reduced weight/capacity of produced bars so it doesn't fill after 3-4 smelt runs, fixed named bugs, increased sell price of produce because the production time is not worth the end result (one diamond for $125 like what!?),  honestly this job needs to be temporarily removed until it is fixed because it is just straight up not fair on whoever is doing it. I'm actually annoyed at how long it took me and how little I made.

Hope you appreciate my feedback.



Soapy McMuffin

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Forgot to add but levels should be a thing and you get more for selling each product and can carry more product at a time

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